27 October 2007

turning ...

... to the internet.

shot tower

Does anyone know an online bookseller that accepts PayPal payments? Every one I try (Amazon, AbeBooks, Book Depository, etc) wants me to pay by creditcard.


Update: Thanks so much. You are a swell bunch. And the photo is of the Shot Tower nestled in its glass cone, at Melbourne Central.


M said...


Sarah Louise said...


you have no idea how much I needed a beautiful picture this morning. As yours arrayed itself on my screen, my mouth formed the word "oh..."

And I love that your "avatar" is you in red shoes...we must be kindred.



p.s. I have no idea re: your question.

daysgoby said...

Barnes and Noble,

check this page out:


(If you can't get there, e-mail me and I'll cut and paste)

Lisa said...

my favorite bookstore, the City of Books (Powell's bookstore, headquartered in Portland, OR) accepts paypal now - and they have both new & used books:

Jerry & Maxy said...

Daysgoby beat me to it, but I'll say it again, www.bn.com . I just used paypal there a few weeks ago - I love that feature about their site.

Happy shopping!

K said...

What an amazing photo... is it a radio telescope?

Anita said...

Half.come will get you used books and can use paypal. :)

sherry said...

I'm with Lisa. I don't know what they charge for shipping to Oz, but Powell's (powells.com) is a phenomenal independent bookseller.

Asiya said...

hi Suse, like your new banner!
Seek books Australia accepts paypal.

claudine said...


And they have free shipping on orders over $50. And they're in Australia, so shipping should be quite fast!

sue said...

Fishpond is great which I use all the time now because they also use direct deposit on the internet. I am not sure if emporiumbooks.com.au uses Paypal but they are in NSW.

Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

This place is really small and I think does mainly second hand books. Don't let the title fool you, its not "Just Romance". You just might be lucky enough to find what you are after.


They have also just opened a shopfront in Como Parade, Parkdale - about 150m from my house. Yay!!!

Frogdancer said...

My first share house was in Birdwood ave, which runs off Como pde in Parkdale. Small world..

Suze, thanks for visiting my blog. I thought that the photo was fantastic.... it reminded me of Melbourne Central.... am I crazy?

ludwiglk said...

I just found out that amazon.us does direct bank drafts now.