23 November 2007


I'm breaking my usual rule of anonymity to say, please join us here tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.

It should be a wonderful celebration of a lovely community, an amazing artist, and if you come on the Saturday you can buy beautiful handmade things at the market and vote at the same time!


steph said...

I'll be there tonight!

Kirti said...

thanks suse for that link/invite. We have Beau booked in for 3 year old kinda at YAndell and for Briar HIll later. Won't be able to make it tomorrow but I'm looking forward to meeting the community around there. Hope all. Hope yuo have a lovely time at the exhibition. Happy election Day - here's to a new government eh!!

h&b said...

I used to live just around the corner !

Frogdancer said...

Too far!!! What a shame. I drive near there every fortnight to take the kids to their Dad's, so I'm staying close to home on my child-on weekend.

I've tagged you for a meme. The details are on my blog. Feel free to accept or decline as you wish. (You might be too art-showed out to have the energy!!)

Lazy cow said...

Bugger, I have an insanely busy weekend: my inlaws are staying tonight, have to take them shopping tomorrow morning, working at our school election booth in the afternoon, party at night, ballet rehersal (for my daughter) Sun, then a Church service. I'm looking foward to Monday already.
Have a wonderful time.