2 December 2007

First Sunday of Advent 2007

advent first candle

The first light of advent,
it is the light of stones.
Stones that live in crystals,
seashells and bones.

Previous first Advent posts here and here.


Sassy said...
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KreativeMix said...

happy Advent!!!

bluemountainsmary said...

So lovely Suse - I read your previous post and then your previous advent posts and just love learning about how other families celebrate this time of year.

And that photo of the basket bathed in sunlight is glorious.

Jodie said...

Beautiful advent posts - ours was more like a mad rush for chocolate which tasted like soap. hmmm. Must improve on that.

telfair said...

Happy First Sunday.

I can't believe this is the third advent I've "shared" with the Soups!

Very lovely.

Ex-Shammickite said...

What a glorious Chrismas pud in your previous post. Good enuf to eat IMHO!
Happy Advent to all the Soup family, and enjoy your Advent Calendar.

Lazy cow said...

I'm with Telfair. Three Advents in a row!
I remembered to pop into Target between my daughter's ballet performances yesterday to pick up the last four church pillar candles. The kids and I read out Robert Louis Stevenson's Christmas poem, it's beautiful (I'll post it when I get a moment).