1 December 2007

good things from the week

Walking unannounced into a hairdressing salon I've never been to before and asking if they can fit me in and chop off all my hair. Thirty minutes later I glide out with a chin length bouncy bob.


Decadent cupcakes (not made by me) baked in their own cups and saucers. A treat for the eyes and tastebuds.

sunlight on the hat basket

First day of summer. Wandering around the market buying sunkissed apricots and sweetcorn, while Son #1 earned his keep busking under a shady tree.

plum pudding

Finding a plum pudding knitting pattern on the internet. Liking the result but not thrilled with the seam up the back.

Another lovely crafternoon session with friends, good food and busy hands.

plum pudding

Creating my own pattern for a plum pud in the round (ie. on dpns so no seams). Rather pleased with myself.

purple flower hat

Finishing another little baby hat. This is basically the same pattern as the vegetable hats, but this time it's meant to be a flower.

purple flower hat from the top

I think it looks like a flower. Blocking it before photographing it for the world to see would've been good, yes?

The boys setting up the tree today. Followed by ...

... the traditional digging out of the advent calendar from The Christmas Box and refreshing the Blu-Tak on the windows (to keep them closed until the appropriate night - it's several years old now) in preparation for tonight's first opening. Followed by the first chapter of Mary's Little Donkey. Son #1 strummed quietly on the bouzouki over in the beanbag as the other two boys and I curled up on the couch and reacquainted ourselves with the little donkey of Nazareth. It was the first time in ages that all three children have had a bedtime story together (the eldest being a teenager and therefore too cool to usually remain in the room - note that he played the bouzouki so he could pretend he wasn't really listening).

Tomorrow we will set up this year's candles, the Advent Fairy will bring the stable and we will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent.

Note to self: must sew camel.


telfair said...

I am always childishly thrilled to be the first commenter...it makes me feel like a kid who has jostled their way to the front of the pack to stand at the adult's elbow and pluck at their sleeve.

Your plums are gorgeous! Your photos are gorgeous! You didn't post a picture of your hair but I am sure it is gorgeous!

daysgoby said...

Or a LOVELY eggplant....

Those cupcakes are gorgeous.

K said...

I think the hat might be a Canterbury Bell, maybe?

It's lovely, anyway.

meggie said...

You paint such lovely pictures with your words- & your lovely knitted treasures!

Isabelle said...

Love the hat and all the fruit. Just wish I had a grandchild to put under a hat like that...

Today I saw a splendid book with patterns to knit all sorts of famous people such as HM Queen, Elvis, Gandhi, Bruce Lee - and I thought of you. It was a hoot. I think it was called "Knitted Icons".

SueeeuS said...

You tease us with all those other fabulous pics, yet none of the new do! Must see the bob!

amy said...

I love the pudding pud. You make such lovely things. Today I saw a knitted baby rattle and it reminded me of some of the things that you create.

manda said...

your pears are my favourite..so cool. you are so clever.
and funnily.... the other day i rang a random hairdresser from the phone book..an hour later im walking out with a bob too..