22 December 2007

random Saturday afternoon

• Apologies to my lone male reader for the gross generalisation in my last post (excuse: tired and emotional).

• Is my life complete without a salad spinner? I’m resisting but a certain relation is wearing me down.

• I just watched three ravens have an all-out barney on the steps outside the front door. They squawked and batted each other with their wings all the way from the bottom step up to the top (twenty-two steps) (yes it’s a lot of steps isn’t it?) (yes hauling seventeen bags of groceries from car to house down twenty-two steps in the pouring rain is not much fun thanks for asking) (yes we bought our house on a[n emotional] whim). Oh sorry. The birds. Well … at about the halfway point up the flight of steps, one bird kicked the other. I’ve never seen a bird kick before. (We breed ‘em mean here in the hills).

• (Too many parentheses)

• We still have wires hanging out of our kitchen walls. (See the date on that? July, people). If you live in outer eastern Melbourne and need an electrician I can tell you who not to get.

You’re welcome.

• This rain is too much. I know I know it’s good to have a soak at the start of bushfire season, but enough already. My garden is washing away down the hill and I want it back.

• The relief felt upon hearing the plop of forty-seven [handmade!*] Christmas cards landing in the postbox was quite out of proportion, really. I don’t think they’ll get there in time, but they will get there. (As in, "it won't happen overnight, but it will happen"). Any of you foreigners hoping for a card, sorry. I didn’t do international this year.**

* so proud and smug
** not so proud or smug

• Heard the CFA siren at the end of our road go off on Thursday afternoon. Vaguely thought oh dear, something’s on fire, hope it’s not serious only to learn the next morning when our friend turned up to collect our children for (last day of) school that it was at their house two streets away. No one hurt thank goodness but a lot of property damage and a good deal of trauma and tears. My friend said six trucks from three local CFA stations turned up and it was full on.

The kids got in the car, I gave her a [handmade!] Christmas card and a little knitted acorn decoration and felt woefully inadequate.

Might make some mince pies today and take some over. Also woefully inadequate but you have to bake in a crisis, don’t you?

• On a brighter note, Son #2 got a place in Class 6 at his elder brother’s school. So happy.

• Here, have a look at some tawny frogmouths.

tawny frogmouths

See the baby squished in between the over protective first-time doting parents? They perched there on the tree outside my bedroom window for about three hours, despite the antics of three excited boy-children and an overly large dog.

I always thought tawny frogmouths were owls, but they’re not apparently. They look like kookaburras in this shot, don't they?

• Dinner here last night. Ooh it was good.


Cathy said...

Hello there

You don't happen to have any of my mulch do you - last seen swirling away down the street. The other half is in a huge pile at the bottom of the garden lol


bluemountainsmary said...

Suse I have one of those fancy pancy salad spinners. Resist the relative. It annoys me and I end up doing it the old fashioned way, drenching the leaves in water, putting in a teatowel and windmilling that around. Very satisfying!

As was this post of miscellania.

sueeeus said...

I think life would be less full without a salad spinner. Of course, it would have to be a good one, else it would be very annoying. I got mine at a thrift store for 25 cents. Sure, it's bright banana peel yellow, circa 1972, but man, does it do a great job! Now, there are schmancy pretty ones around, but they cost $20 or more, and I'm just not so sure they'd be as good as mine. Surely your op shops will have one?

Congrats to son's acceptance!!!

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Oh, the tawny frogmouths! I love them and had to show my husband the photo too. To imagine them right out your window, with a baby to boot. I've only ever seen them at the zoo. I can't wait to get to Australia some day!

Jodie said...

err ummmm excuse me but what in the world is a salad spinner?

Stomper Girl said...

I always bake in a crisis too. (I'm not much good for anything else in a crisis, to be perfectly honest)

shula said...

Salad spinners are stupid and bulky.

I love your bird story.

And an acorn is always a Good Thing to Have in a crisis.

blackbird said...

Those bird look like dryer lint on a branch to me...but I'm sure they are very exotic.

Salad spinners are silly and take up a lot of room in the pantry.

Well done Son #2!

tut-tut said...

Well, lots of opinions on the salad spinner already! but I admit we use ours almost every day.

Congrats on the school admission! That takes some pressure off, doesn't it?

h&b said...

I don't have a salad spinner, but I have admired some of the more purdy ones in shops.

I also thought the frogmouths were an owl variety.

And my topsoil and mulch is out in sympathy with Cathy's. There's a high tide mark of it on my green, green grass.

My watertanks overfloweth.
Yesterday I did a load of washing and went into a crisis of angst as I *let the water run straight down the plughole*. I still feel awful about it, but there was just *nothing* I could do with the 20-something buckets a load normally yeilds...

Joke said...

It was due to a properly designed that our evolutionary forebears came down from the trees.

Not only will you dry your salad greens better, but it also helps with anything you have been salting in order to rid of excess moisture. Finally it is THE way to properly dress a salad: drench the thing in dressing and spin it twice. The excess dressing flies off to fight another day and the leaves are coated perfectly.

You're welcome.


fiona said...

random works for me!well done on the cards, i totally opped out this year, very liberating!dont you love how tawny frogmouths stick together!we have twins that live next door. so cute...merryyy christmas!

Pen said...

Your post has given me extreme nostalgia. You could be describing the house I grew up in at Mt Dandenong. Right down to the tawny frogmouths (who do not do well when the doted upon child drops to the ground unexpectedly). I so rarely read about the hills.

Hope the CFA has no need to visit (beyond a desire for mince pies)


Victoria said...

I want those tawny frogmouths for my backyard, ok?

elena jane said...

they do look like owls, who knew? (not me obviously). no birds come close to my house. i think it's the very loud boy-children (mine that is) ;-)

there can never be too many parentheses....