12 December 2007

stuff. in dot points.


No time to blog properly so bullet points will have to suffice.

• work work work end of year work but not long to go now

• a fancy work celebratory dinner, evening dress [!], an unusual venue, speeches [mercifully brief], exquisite food, chocolates to take home and as we were leaving the 'events' chap thrust a beautiful flower arrangement into my arms

• still fiddling with my hair. I cut my fringe myself yesterday, very short (and slightly crooked I now notice). And although when I exited the hairdresser with the bouncy bob it was behaving itself, it now flips out at the ends instead of under. So the ultra short fringe kind of works. I don't expect all of you to follow that, so don't worry

• not doing so well with the buy handmade pledge when it comes to the boys. Because I cannot sew authentic soccer tops (Melbourne Victory) nor can I knit an i-pod dock

• any good vibes would be appreciated. Son #2 has a rather important (and exciting) interview tomorrow at 10.00am

• beach holiday is booked. Note to self: book the dog and cat into various accommodations

• anyone want to buy an acorn bookmark? I have several available at AU$15.00 each plus postage. Email me if interested at suseinthesoup[at]gmail[dot]com

acorn bookmarks wip


BabelBabe said...

have been meaning to tell you that Terzo absconded with my strawberry bookmark and sleeps with it now, in addition to Curly the bear and his penguin. Sigh. Nothing is sacred. Loved, yes, sacred, no.

blackbird said...

I love self-chopped, crooked, slightly too short fringe - so now I want to see you!

bluemountainsmary said...

Bullet points are good.

Completely get the bob thing.

Margot has a short , choppy fringe. I adore it.

sooz said...

. Oh isn't it?
. No such luck, though I went to a function there once too and it was totally ace.
. Yeah I cut my fringe too and now even though I really need a proper cut I'm too scared to go to the hairdresser and get told off for cutting it too short...
. Me too, but a DVD is a film someone once made...
. Vibes are being vibed right now
. oh goodie - which beach?
. I saw your strawbs again when I bought Delicious yesterday - too cool!

cheeseontoast said...

Wow! We have the same Christmas tree, the same red bobble decoration, and the same boy-made pom-pom on our tree!
I had a haircut today. Too blow dried, too straight. Hopefully I will look more normal tomorrow.

Kris said...

Nice pompom!

I too, get the short fringe - flipped bob look - can be that winning combination of perky and sophisticated.

I also get the work, work, work as the holiday deadline looms. Wildly busy, but with the promise of liberation at the end. Fantastic.

Stomper Girl said...

My soccer boy desperately wants a shirt with a number on it like a real soccer shirt, but his fixit grandparents baulked at the cost. Are you getting yours official Victory shirts or cheap knock-offs? I need to know...