8 March 2008

The Report

Sue (Sueeeus) and I met when I spent a year in the US as an exchange student. Twenty six years ago - a fact that makes me feel rather old. (Forty-four years old in fact. Today!)

Six years ago I flew back across the Pacific and we picked up right where we left off. We attended our twentieth year high school reunion, caught up with old pals and visited the neighborhood. We played tourist in the big city where Sue now lives, talked and talked and talked and talked until I flew away and we continued our friendship via email and later the blogosphere.

It's a friendship I treasure, and one that has remained close despite the distance. Last week we hooked up once again when Sue braved the airways and came to my part of the world finally, after many years of nagging encouragement.

What a wirlwhind! We walked, talked, admired, played tourist, met some other bloggers at Federation Square, hung out, knitted, met the wildlife, strolled along the river, played on the beach, escaped to Wye River for the weekend and generally had a totally awesomely cool sick time. (Trying to not sound like a forty-four year old and failing miserably, that's me).

I'm still dealing with all the photos, but here's a selection for you to go on with. The rest are on my flickr if you're interested.

Mr and Mrs King Parrot
King Parrots at Wye River

He was having sweet dreams. Look at the smile on his face.
sweet dreams

Wye River beach and rockpools
sandrockpool decorrockpoolWye River rockpools

Sand games
Suse and Sueeeus

Two grown women trying to conquer the technology ... and finally discovering the self timer setting on the cameras.
IMG_5001Suse and SueeeusSueeeus and SuseSueeeus and Suse discover the self timer

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go bake my own birthday cake.

ps. I just had a funny conversation with Mr Soup who tried to assure me I can't be forty-four, because heavens! that would mean he's about to turn forty-five and he's quite quite sure that's not true. It took us a good ten minutes to recalculate and decide that yes I'm right.


Kez said...

Happy b'day Suse! Enjoy your b'day cake!!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday. At least your man is older than you. I'm the oldest in our family.

bluemountainsmary said...

Happy Birthday dear Suse.

If you can judge people by their friends then you must be truly lovely.


shula said...

Happy birthday, equally old woman.

I'm reliably informed that liberal use of the word 'dude' increases street cred immeasurably.

Kris said...

I love those photos. Even when you're both focused on the cameras there's an intimacy between you; it's always lovely to see friends together.

Happy birthday. You look exactly as every 44 year old must want to look: happy.

Lazy cow said...

Happy birthday dear. You must really want that cake if you're prepared to bake it yourself! (I've given up on having one on my birthday).
Still upset about my stuff up re: meeting you all, but glad you and Sueeeus had a wonderful time.

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

Happy Birthday! Ours sound like they were similar--dear husband had to remind me how old I was (43--I was sure I was turning 42) and I made my own cake.

Looks like you had a wonderful time with Sueees. It's so great that you've managed to stay in touch all these years.

blackbird said...

Happy birthday my sweet...the pictures are lovely and the visit sounds perfect.

But you can't be forty-four as that would mean that I...

daysgoby said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

A lovely visit - and you both are so beautiful!

Jodi said...

Have a fabulous birthday! What great photos, and it sounds like a marvelous visit. It's amazing how friendship can not only last, but grow.

BTW, now I want to head back to the Land Down Under.

Badger said...

The happiest of happy birthdays to you, Miz Soup!

herhimnbryn said...

Happy Birthday, You are but a mere Babe!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday & you're younger than me1 Enjoy that cake.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Happy Birthday Suse!
Looks like it was a great reunion.
At least you get cake. Mine is usually Christmas pudding.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad ours isn't the only house where people have to think about how old they are and do calculations.

Blossom said...

Happy birthday hon!!
BTW I'm older than you..;)

Great pics too.

Danielle said...

Have a great day, even if the ages can't be right! :-) I've just decided that it really doesn't matter how "old" I am in terms of years, just as long as my body stays at 30. The first three people I mentioned this to all basically said, "good luck with that." Have your cake and eat it too!

sooz said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear soupy
Happy birthday to you!

Joke said...


You canNOT be my age. Just can't.


Annagrace said...

Happy day to you!

Poppy & Mei said...

Hatty Dirtday to ya! Xxx

MsCellania said...

Happy Birthday - You are young!

meggie said...

Happy Happy My Dear!

peppermintpatcher said...

At least when you make your own cake you get exactly the cake that you want!

Happy birthday. It appears that it certainly was a happy one.

peppermintpatcher said...

At least when you make your own cake you get exactly the cake that you want!

Happy birthday. It appears that it certainly was a happy one.

tut-tut said...

happy belated! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful year.

fifi said...

Happy Birthday you gorgeous thing! What beautiful photos, as usual, such lovely colours.

You still look just like that little girl tripping lightly down the stairs...

And snap ... we have all the same shoes. And age.

fifi said...

btw, just came back for another gaze at the loovely photos and realised I had missed the koala.
you have a resident koala in your garden? wow. I thought I was very outback having recently acquired a possum.

manda said...

:-) we share birthdays , but im 8 years younger lol. sorry. its not my fault. hope your day was pea-ceful

Victoria said...

Beautiful photos, especially the names-in-the-sand and I love the ones of your two together. It's inspiring that you guys have been friends for so long, that is just wonderful. Glad it was a good time.
Was thinking with jelousy of the bloggy get together on the day!!

Bronchitkat said...

Happy (un)Birthday, Kiddo!

Seem to be wishing belated birthday greetings to everyone these days - probably cos I check their blogs so infrequently. Shucks! Maybe I should be wishing you All The Best for next year?

'Tis a bit of a bummer having to make your own birthday cake, isn't it. Still, I expect it was a good 'un.

Have a great year anyhow, even with the the upsurge in 'job-related' stresses.