20 April 2008

all the chicks back in the nest

The boy is back and as everyone predicted, had a wonderful time. It didn't rain. Nor was it even particularly cold. No one was homesick or injured, no one had to be airlifted out (don't scoff, it's happened before) and the best bits were the evenings when they all gathered around the campfire. It was, however, very sandy and desertlike and everything, including the child, has returned covered with a layer of fine red talc. He reports that ancient rock art is very cool, feral goats are not so cool, there were a number of roaming emus as well as roos (we're quite used to those; so blase), no one had a shower in the entire seven days they were gone, and everyone slept under the stars, even those who'd remembered their tents. (Tents are just for storing luggage in, didn't you know).

I fully expected him to sleep the day away today but he was up bright and early to tune his violin, requesting he be dropped off at the local market to busk and earn enough for his next iTunes card. Life goes on in teenworld.

More dyeing?

Yep. I forgot to show you these.

"Octopus' Garden" skein
This one's called "Octopus' Garden" and it's 100g of DK 8ply, handpainted with Kool Aid. I think I'm going to have to hunt down that USA Foods shop that's somewhere over here, the one that caters to homesick Americans who can't survive in Australia without regular injections of Pop Tarts, Kool Aid, peanutbutter flavoured sweets and iced tea in plastic bottles (blech) although I think we sell that last item here these days anyway. Still blech. Tea should be served hot and in china, I believe. Anyway, must.have.more.Kool.Aid.

'Lolly Shop' skein
Yep, more Kool Aid. This colourway was dubbed 'Lolly Shop'. Most of these yarns I've been transforming were rescued from the op shop and although up till now I've been lucky, sadly this one had a certain amount of moth damage. I gave the whole bag 24 hours in the freezer to kill any remaining creatures and then started winding it into skeins but quite a lot had to be cut away. As a result this skein has too many joins to be sold or given as a gift so, (how sad), I will have to keep it. It's an 8ply DK and the colourway is growing on me. I didn't like it at all, at first.

And just because I can't stop showing off and what else is my blog for, here are a couple of dye jobs that recently left my house and crossed the Pacific. This one is the 'Sacred Jewels' skein shown before on the blog, now on its way to a lovely Texan knitter,
'Sacred Jewels' skein

while this lot is also off to the US, to another very impressive knitter, (and who said no good ever came of a blind date?),
'Plum Trees' colourway, for Jen

who paid for the dyeing, with, what else, more yarn!
malabrigo worsted
Three beautiful skeins of the delicious Malabrigo. Wow, this stuff is like butter. I love the internet.

I'm looking forward to seeing what these talented women make when those parcels arrive.


Badger said...

Yay! About all the chicks being in the nest, and your boy having a good time in the desert.

And I am feeling well chuffed about my matchmaking skills. I KNEW you and Jen were a match made in heaven!

Kool-Aid is super cheap here. I bet you have a few American readers who'd be willing to send you some. In fact, I know you have at least ONE reader who'd be willing to exchange Kool-Aid packets for strawberry Freddo Frogs, she said coyly.

tut-tut said...

I'd also be happy to send you some Kool-Aid; just let me know!

Jen said...

Oooh, how beautiful! I love it. Lucky, lucky me!

willowcaroline said...

SO glad all was well with your son.. I have been dying to know all week!
Anyway, also want to send you the You Make My Day Award! So check my blog!

The yarn is so lovely as well!

manda said...

such awesome dyeing! beautiful colours... im going to have to try it with my girl Veda. seems its also addictive like gocco printing. fun!

Frogdancer said...

That shop is in Bentleigh, just down the road from me. (You've never seen so much processed food together in one one place in your life!) Do you want me to go and proice the Kool Aid for you?

Blossom said...

I'm so glad your boy came home well and safe.(if a little bit dirty..LOL)

your wool as always is just delicious!!!!!!!!

bluemountainsmary said...

Live2knit here in Oz sell Koolaid over the net and look to have some fantastic dyeing stuff at the moment too.

Have I commented on your new banner? Is it that new? Anyway it is fantastic!

Stacey said...

Congratulations! How very exciting for you. My boys were the first to tell me about it as they saw the cover and told me it looked just like their peg bear Waltz. Youngest took it and Waltz for show and tell this morning!!

Stacey said...

Your yarns are just gorgeous. Is that Etsy shop up and running yet??

Gypsy said...

Wow, I love your yarns ... they are like knitting nirvana. So glad your boy is back safely. My 17 year old cousin did 'Outward Bound' recently - 21 nights including 3 solo, in the bush, and only sometimes allowed tents. They survived ... and seemed to absolutely love it, like your boy!

peppermintpatcher said...

I am in love with the octopus garden yarn - beautiful colourway.

You should use the red dust from cmping as a dye - it never ever came out of my daughter's socks and t-shirt after her camping trip!

zoesquid said...

I'm absolutely loving your new found dyeing passion. Keep it up its inspirational - Cheers
Lilbby :)

M said...

Why are we mothers destined to waste so much of our time fretting about our children while they are having a whale of a time?

I agree with Tracey - use the red dust to dye some yarn and call it "Mother's Worry". :-)

bronchitikat said...

Loooove the Octopus Garden yarn. May just have to invest in some Kool Aid myself, now that summer is acumin in.