9 April 2008

don't you find coming up with post titles the hardest bit?

The menfolk are at a soccer match tonight so I'm eating minestrone straight from the Tupperware and downloading random thoughts.

These boulders at Mt Buffalo reminded me of sleeping lions. Or buffalo. (Buffaloes?)
like sleeping lions

I swatched the hand dyed yarns to see what they look like knitted up. Very pleased. I think I'm going to try selling them because a) I want to share the love and b) my stash is already reaching monumental proportions. Look out etsy, here I come. I wasn't in front of the computer when I was winding them from skeins into balls, so didn't have ready access to all your wonderful suggestions for colourway names, but Son #1 helped with the winding and dubbed them clockwise from top left: 'Sacred Jewels', 'Northern Lights' and 'Forest Floor'. The book was a birthday gift from a dear friend who had no idea I'd been lusting after that particular title.
'Sacred Jewels' swatch'Northern Lights' swatchnew book!'Forest Floor' swatch

The dog has an infected tooth which needs to come out. It will cost $500. I pointed out that we could purchase four new greyhounds for that.
Good thing someone loves him.

I'm still knitting baby items even though I don't have a baby on which to display them.
Golly models the pixie cap
I do have a politically incorrect toy though. Pattern here.

Feeling wistful tonight.
love rock

In other exciting news, I bought a crockpot last week.

We are now eating a lot of brown meals.


tamara said...

Love the yarn titles - Imagination: terrific by-product of a Steiner education, don't you think?

...and commiserations re: the vet's bill. Good thing your greyhound is so photogenic. ;)

Badger said...

Oooh, the yarn is lovely, as are son #1's names for them. And I can relate to making baby things when there's no baby. There's a dress and bonnet in the latest issue of Interweave Crochet that I'm DYING to make, but it's toddler-sized. I only know one girl toddler, and she has two older siblings, so they'd need something too, which pushes the whole project over into Too Much Trouble territory.

Poo. Maybe I'll make it and hang it on the wall, all artsy-like.

Ooo, and have fun with the crockpot! I don't use mine as much as I should, but I love having it when I need it. Keep meaning to try overnight oatmeal in it, for breakfast.

Bird Bath said...

Nice photos...I love the top one.I didn't notice the sleeping herds until you mentioned them..then pow there they were. Good luck with the etsy endeavour.

Liss said...

I love the colour tones in your Mt buffalo photo. Nice Shot

Eleanor said...

Etsy? Etsy! Why did no-one tell me earlier that such a thing existed?

I've only looked at this Etsy place for a minute and I am already coveting many little, beautiful creations.


digitalscrap.net said...

Etsy is a blast! I agree I have to brainstorm a lot when I create titles for my digital artwork :) Added youre lovely blog to favorites!

Isabelle said...

Hope wistfulness has passed. I agree about Kate Atkinson - my very favourite is "Emotionally Weird", which is a tour de force. I think.

herhimnbryn said...

Your son's wool titles are spot on.

Want to remove the 'browness, from your meals? Add sweet potato or pumpkin!

herhimnbryn said...

Me again!

Saw this gorgeous wrap and thought of you and your knitting and your dyed yarn.


Oh, and while you're about it can you make one for me too:)

herhimnbryn said...

Me again!

Saw this gorgeous wrap and thought of you and your knitting and your dyed yarn.


Oh, and while you're about it can you make one for me too:)

Laura Jane said...

Love the yarn. Love the names. LOVE Etsy infinity!

Rats about the greyhound's dental woes!

Knitting for babies is always a pleasure.

Crockpots...yes, its always easy to make something 'Brown' isn't it.

Try a can of cream of chicken/mushroom soup to lighten the brownness, with celery, and green capsicum...just a thought.

M said...

You've just given me my first giggle for the day with your "politically incorrect toy" comment. Excellent.

Love your yarn dying. I want me some forrest floor.

jorth said...

$500? Did I read that right? Wow. That sure is one loved dog!

sueeeus said...

Isn't it criminal, what pet expenses can be?

I hope the wistfulness has passed.

LOVE the yarn titles!!

peppermintpatcher said...

Dog surgery is more expensive than people surgery!

good luck with etsy, I'm sure they'll sell like wildfire.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh, poor dog ... aren't vets horrendously expensive.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Take care, Meow

blackbird said...

Imagine me thinking poor dog?
But I am...
poor dog - that must hurt.

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

We got the package today!!! Lou is already sucked into the Greek Myths. Thank you so much. I wrote about it on my blog.

crafty said...

Fuck! You mean I missed the last Life on Mars? FUCK. Am I allowed to say that here?

Your hand dyed yarns look fabulous, of course.

You just reminded me why I do not want a dog. Thanks.

Pavlov's Cat said...

What an amazing coincidence -- I drop by here for the first time in a while and the first thing I see is that India Flint book ... which I saw for the first time ever only yesterday afternoon, when I went to an exhibition of her fabrics and garments that's on here in Adelaide at the moment. They are quite beautiful and magical.

Jodie said...

Ouch ...vet bills.

manda said...

funnny, but not funny about the dog. that stinks.

Joke said...

Two words: 1)Valium & 2)Pliers

That is all.


Susan said...

Splendid photos.
Vet visits=expensive. I find dogs have less vet visits than cats. The ailing chooks are...despatched.

Wish I was a knitter!