7 April 2008

Regular weekly blogging

There's a plethora of babies around here.

And so, knitting.

Mary Jane baby booties

These were quick and fun. The pattern is from here and is a much easier knit than That Other One (which remains half finished on my desk).

mary janes

I liked it so much I made some red ones.

Also for your viewing pleasure, please behold the retina-burning properties of Son #3's new socks.

Son #3's make-your-eyes-water socks

The pattern is the generic Opal sock yarn one, and the yarn was part of a gift parcel, previously mentioned. (And if that post just linked to just showed up in your bloglines, it's because I had to update it before I linked. As you were).

Son #3's make-your-eyes-water socks

I finished these socks at Craft Retreat recently - boy it felt good to actually complete a project. After some discussion about provisional cast on and short row heels, I feel ready to branch out and try a new sock pattern. Living dangerously, as you can see. I'm also having fun slowly exploring and uploading projects over at Ravelry so do look me up if you hang out there too. (I'm Suse3, just like at flickr).

Son #3's make-your-eyes-water socks

Look at those knobbly little nine year old knees. Adorable, no?

Son #3's make-your-eyes-water socks

With guest appearance from Meggie Moo.

Earth Hour

Lucky I didn't get around to clearing away the multitude of candles we had scattered everywhere during Earth Hour, as a few days later Melbourne was hit by horrendous storms and we were without power for 24 hours. All very early pioneerish etc but I was ready to knit under electric light again. Reading by candlelight takes an awful lot of candles too, I discovered.

Also, I forgot to remove the paper from halfway down that green candle up there on the left, so it caught fire and set off the smoke alarm. Good to see the batteries don't need changing yet.

PS. For those of you waiting on the book news, I gave up on The Gathering after skimming the last few chapters and deciding it was all too miserable. Over Easter I gulped down Water for Elephants by the campfire and loved it. Lots of action, atmosphere and characters I cared about. Very visually evocative too - there'll be a film of it soon, you mark my words. I'm still struggling through The Bloody Overrated Mists of Avalon because I HAVE TO, but the Mary Stewart Arthurian trilogy is far far superior and remains my favourite. Am on the final audio tape of Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson in the car and love how once again Atkinson writes about horrible miserable things (incest, domestic violence, time travel [ok, not horrible] and murder) but makes it entertaining, matter-of-fact and thoroughly enjoyable. Unlike Ann Enright who just weighs your spirit down. (As, you might argue, one's spirit should be when confronted with that kind of subject matter. Me? No. I like enjoyable thankyouverymuch). Edited to add: ack! That sounded so flippant. I didn't mean it to, particularly as I listened to the final tape this afternoon while driving around running various errands, and the tone of the story changes considerably. Fabulous though. I think I might be a little bit in love with Kate Atkinson.

PPS. Did you see the final episode of Life on Mars? God. Oh god.

PPPS. Guy of Gisborne is becoming smoulderingly interesting in Sunday night viewings of Robin Hood isn't he, but the American version of Creature Comforts which follows isn't a patch on the British version.


Stomper Girl said...

While i'm waiting for all your nice knitting photos to download (we went through our internet allowance in record time this month, 7 days!!) I will just quickly tell you that my mother's group needed to have quite the debrief about that this morning to work it out. Two of us think the bit where he left the hospital and returned to work was not real, and thus he decided to lapse into a coma from his bed not from a roof top. As for G of G, I so know what you're saying. *swoon*.

Stomper Girl said...

You know I was referring to LOM in my first bit, don't you?

peppermintpatcher said...

OOOHH really stomper? (sorry nice knitting and stuff, but back to life on mars). I thought that he did come from the future - how else could he make those pop culture references. He just chose to return to the past, where he had a real connection with life. I thought it was a metaphor to say stop trying to get away from your life and just live it wherever it is. I am going to buy the DVDs though. I need to watch it again now that the mystery is solved to look for clues in the earlier episodes.

Suse said...

Yes, what peppermint said. And if you google, you will see that there is to be a sequel (sadly minus John Simm) called Ashes to Ashes.

K said...

The sequel's already on the go in Britain, and does give an opinion on what really happened to Sam... but the series continues in the same vein, so you're still free to make up your own theories.

It tells you what happened to him in the past, too.

I love Kate Atkinson too - have you read Emotionally Weird yet? If not... you have to!

K said...

That would be "what happened to him in his continuing life, after he went back to the past from 2006".

This time travel makes writing coherent sentences very difficult.

Amy A. said...

I hope your boy didn't get a sliver in his socks from walking outside! If I ever complete a pair of socks they will be for walking on soft surfaces only. :) You are more likely to finish many more pairs of socks than I ever will.

I loved Water for Elephants, too.

katiecrackernuts said...

Thanks for your thought on The Gathering. I have been thinking of reading it before Sydney Writers' Festival in May. The program for the festival is sooo good and I want to catch up on some reading before I pick the talks I want to see.

herhimnbryn said...

I'm sure that the actor who played GG, married the Vicar of Dibley!!!
But yes, smoulllllllllldering.

Mary Stewart's Trilogy is quite stunning. Have you read Rosemary Sutcliffe's 'Sword at Sunset'? Arthurian too.

Anonymous said...

Candles in front a mirror boosts the light.

Blossom said...

yes Guy of Gisborne did marry the Vicar of Dibley.......mmmm yes he is looking more yummy-ish.(is that a word?)
I am VERY impressed with your socks......I bought some sock wool a while ago but am yet to venture into sock land.I know they would be great here as DD no 3 takes great delight in walking around with only socks on her feet and we have tiles all thru the house!!!

Kate said...

I agree about Anne Enright and Kate Atkinson - although I did finish the Gathering - I am too a#@l retentive to be able to not finish a book. After my first Kate Atkinson I hunted down everything she has written. I too am a little in love!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Ooooh, those booties are just too cute, and the socks are amazing ... great job.

Hope you are well, and having a great week.

Take care, Meow

jessmonster said...

Another Kate Atkinson fan here - I've only got one left to read, and I don't want to finish it and be OUT of KA!

Hmm, now you've got me curious to see the next season of Robin Hood...

scarlettina said...

Kate Atkinson - Love her. Also love those socks. Do you increase at all on the legs for knee socks? Or do they fit slender legs without any increases?

Liz said...

The baby booties, everything- just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Marian is making a serious mistake with that wimpy nerdy Robin. I hope she runs off with that gorgeous smouldering hunk before it's too late and she ends up listening to Robin whinge about the forest and his back ache and...and....and

hazeljoy said...

you watching the bbc's robin hood? my brother looks EXACTLY like that robin hood you know, only ivan has brown eyes and robin (jonas armstrong) has blue. it's a bit freakish really, (they've even met and people went a bit mental telling them how much they were alike) especially as ivan used to dress up as robin hood (a lot) when we were small.
excellent socks.
hazeljoy xx