19 April 2008

woolly wonders

From the dyepot this week ...

'Boysenberry Ripple' colourway
a little 50g skein of 'Boysenberry Ripple' colourway in a bulky 12ply. I'm thinking it can be paired with two other balls of mid brown 12ply I have in the same yarn to make a chunky winter hat.

'Midnight Velvet' colourway
'Midnight Velvet', a 100g skein of DK 8ply. Originally a grey, this yarn was kettle dyed to make a scrumptiously dark purple.

'Rainforest' colourway
Two 50g skeins of sock wool, purchased undyed from Live2Knit and kettle dyed by me with a mixture of two different greens and not much mixing, so the colours would be intense in some areas and light in others. I'm keeping these. Mmmm, on a sock roll these days. (Son #3 named this colourway 'Rainforest').

'Desert Bloom' colourway
This yarn was originally a 1970s caramel colour. It was handpainted by me with Kool Aid (brought to Australia by the generous Sueeeus. It's 100g of 12ply Patons Jet, now renamed by one of the children 'Desert Bloom'.

'Luscious Plum'
Kettle dyed chunky wool yarn, dubbed 'Luscious Plum'. Yum. This is that huge 16 or 20ply wool that Steiner schools buy in for the children to learn to knit with. I bought some from our craft teacher years ago for Son #1 and he knitted most of it up, then ripped the whole lot out and gave me back the wool saying he'd had enough.

Speaking of Son #1, we get him back from camp in about half an hour. I'm going to hit Publish and jump in the car. This last hour has gone soooo slowly ... I'm aching to have him home again.

Before I go, this is what I did today. Please be impressed, cos I am.

My very first handspun!

My very first handspun.

It's thick, it's thin, it's overspun, it's totally terrible, but it's mine.

Thanks to the Spinsters, who got my wheel up and running and my fingers a-spinnin' again. I feel a whole new addiction blooming.

And now I'm off to fetch my babe.


peppermintpatcher said...

I love the names as much as the colours.

Hope the camper wasn't too chilly over the past few days!

Kez said...

I'm loving the wool - but so impressed with the spinning! Well done!!

blackbird said...

I don't know a thing about wool so I say your first handspun looks gorgeous.

Don't forget to tell us what happened with the tent!

tamara said...

So impressed with your handspun over here!

My mum recently gave me a bag of her handspun from the '70s, and it's exactly the same ... with the crucial difference that this was her last lot, made AFTER she'd been spinning for years.

Hope your reunion is cosy - and that his return to his own bed is, too!

SadieandLance said...

Your very first hand spun is a whole lot better than mine was. But like you I loved it all the same!

Enjoy having #1 home.

Laura Jane said...

Hope your boy is fine.

Your yarn is delicious!

Your handspun is also very encouraging and has great potential. ENJOY!

Laura Jane said...

PS - I'm sure there will be a dyelot soon called Pea Soup!

Eleanor said...

Oh, the Spinsters! How good is that name. Oh, a new addiction blooming, how good is that phrase. Oh, kettle dyed, how it makes me think of a hot, steaming, bubbling cauldron of colour. Oh, Kool Aid, are we talking about the actual cordial? How funky, crazy is that! Oh, midnight velvet sounds soooo sensual and secretive. Oh, a CHUNKY winter hat, perfect, not cozy, not cute, not warm but CHUNKY. Perfect.

But my favourite is DYEPOT. A little bit like an inkpot, but to die for.

Thanks. Brilliant. Spin on you good thing you!!!

Donna said...

wow, I never thought of dyeing wool that was already another color, "Desert Bloom" is lovely!

Frogdancer said...

Gorgeous colours. You're making me want to spend my day knitting. Must resist... I have to finish off hand sewing the borders around quilts for boys. I'll bet number 1 son will sleep most of the day today!

bluemountainsmary said...

Could you just stop it with the beautiful wool? I have enough wool - I do not need more wool (repeat repeat)!!

Hope you are having a joyful reunion with your son!

tut-tut said...

Oh, it all looks terrific! Isn't it fun to actually spin. My efforts are still very consistent, but it's amazing, isn't it?

Suzie said...

The colours are just FANTASTIC! I love every single one. If you every get a chance to listen to podcasts there was one last week on craftypod all about dying yarn and it was great. Made me really want to try the kettle dying thing but until I luck upon a cauldron I am sadly denied. But yours have filled me with envy!!

Carson said...

luverly luverly handspun! looks pretty squooshy from here!

Elizabeth said...

It will be good to have your son home. That empty space in the house when one child is missing can be so large.

Spinning now? You.Are.In.Trouble.

Blossom said...

ohhhhhh my...........all your colours are just divine..I esp like the green and purple ones.

Hoping your babe had a wonderful time and was safely sucked up on someone elses tent!!!

Victoria said...

It's nice that you have a new addiction, I like that about life.
I love that purple color very much. Cannot even imagine sending my son away for camp - I will not be ready for such a moment!

amy said...

It look beautiful. I love all of those colors.

plumsource said...

You've inspired me to collect the wool that's stuck in the hedges and fences round here. I just need someone to hand-spin my half carrier bag full! I love the colours of yours, hope I can come up with something half as pretty. Thanks.

shula said...