26 May 2008

in which the blog becomes the baby book

you lot know me so well. of course i will ramp up the posting now that i have a deadline.

i've also decided to liberate myself from capital letters cos i'm currently carrying an injury (left pinkie, terribly challenging when one types for a living).

it's rather freeing actually, not bothering with that shift key.

anyway, the lame shanks and a post over here and another over there and a great one seen here prompted me to do something i've been meaning to do for ages, and that's record more of the children's quirky baby sayings because i can't put them in their baby books because, of course, the only baby book that was ever filled out with those dates of first smiles, first wobbly steps and first wobbly teeth was son #1's. the other two remain blank, oh the shame the shame. i can't even remember how much the third child weighed at birth i'm so slack a mother. he is however, the most laid back, centred and well adjusted member of the family so clearly benign neglect is a perfectly valid method of parenting.


low-too (yellow) - say no more, our eldest was/is weird
viloin (violin - he was obsessed at the age of two)
fock (fork) (if given a spoon he'd wail 'but i neeeeed a fock!')
went through an endearing but brief phase wherein every word had an L after the first letter, as in 'shlut the glate we're going to the shlops'
also, and you must wipe this from your memory after reading, his younger brother's name is Patrick, but son #1 gave it a looong A sound, so he was referred to as Paah-kick. sometimes we still refer to the middle one as Paaahkick. we also sometimes call him kirtap, but that's another story (it's patrick backwards. i am known as nasus. mr soup's is by far the best but i've already given you one real name this post and it's freaking me out enough).

headcups (hiccups)
seagirls (seagulls, blogged elsewhere years ago before i had any readers probably, oh yes here. took him years to ask why all seagulls were female)
old macdonalds (when we passed the golden arches)
his best one: he asked me 'mum what does god look like?' and before i could open my mouth (heaven knows what i would've said) he answered himself with 'oh yes i know, she's blue'.

pirate (parrot)
when asked to write things on the shopping list:
- lame shanks
- grunure (tuna, i know, wtf? i stood in the supermarket aisle for ages pondering this one) - this one has gone into the family lexicon. we now say things like 'don't forget to buy a tin of grunure when you get milk' and reply 'big tin of grunure or small?'

it's like they invent their own creole isn't it? my cousin worked in PNG for a few months and can do a great pidgin. i love to listen to her. on a similar note, you might enjoy this LOLcat translation of the bible. Ceiling Cat. took me a minute ...

and now i'm off to get the chainsaw sharpened. cos that's legitimate procrastination, right?

gratuitous yarn dyed with food colouring shot. pretty huh?

Red Sky at Night


Cookie said...

"legitimate procrastination"

What a great thought. I'm going to ponder that one. Does that count if it's a mind exercise?

Also, the yarn is lucious.

I adore your blog. It is just....

innercitygarden said...

My kid is only just starting to learn words. Some of them sound very much the way we say them (Nanna, Mum and Dad, for example) and some of them are a total mystery.

Bo-Bow is bread. I couldn't understand why he'd suddenly started asking for bottles, the Bloke said "he's been calling bread bo-bow for ages".

Bo-bow is also butter, peanut butter and jam.

Nana is banana obviously. Except when it's an orange. Or bread.

I've started making sure we have a few days a week where there is no bread in the house. It's the only way to get him to eat something else.

The Bloke and I are both middle children. We're not planning on having three children, so we're neglecting this one straight out.

Melanie said...

'Oh yes i know, she's blue'. That is *great*!

My eldest called hedgehogs 'hoggaboggas' for *ages*. It was so cute we didn't want to correct him!

Good to know I'm not the only one who works deadlines like this :)

daysgoby said...

I love the Ceiling Cat. And your yarn, nasus.


(and I'm ashamed to tell you how long it took me to type that backwards!)

willowcaroline said...

Bawahahaha!!! Our youngest does "old Macdonalds" for the arches too. Even still at 7, he will ask, "When can we go to Old Macdonalds" Lol... who knew it was international!

Stomper Girl said...

Ha! I knew it!

Also, you say headcups, we say haircups lets call the whole thing off.

And the shlops had me giggling out loud.

bluemountainsmary said...

Now they are worth preserving - you'll be glad you have.

I just bought a large tin of grunure for a mornay tonight.

I am in love with my slow cooker.

We had an Odyssey. I loved it. We only sold it because I thought I needed something tougher for the mountains. Someone local bought it and I still get a pang when I see it.

Anonymous said...

sorry, brainfreeze..Ceiling Cat....don't get it??? Can someone enlighten me??

M said...

Love all the kiddy words, especially the ones that make it into your family's lexicon. Most weeks the term "Cat Fud" makes its way onto our shopping list.

My son still says Nightnares rather than Nightmares and cannot be convinces to change.

Anna said...

First of all:
I do beg your pardon, I totally missed your lovely comment on my green dress the other day! Thanks!

But more importantly:
I'm so thrilled to have found your blog! Your yarn and knitting are sensational! I love the picture of your sock and petticoat from the 19th.
Kiddi tongue is the cutest - in any language, obvisously!

blackbird said...

Oldest: lellow - yellow
mock - camera
iddle mommy - raisins with a
woman on the box

Middle: "is him coming with us?"

Youngest: neglected.

Hope the finger is healing, noticed it hasn't effected yarn dyeing.

Elizabeth said...

My Littlest always used 'l' in place of 'y', like 'lellow' and her dad tried to get her to say as many y words in one sentence as he could think up.
We still use all the baby words of our own kids and my nephew and niece.
Some of the best:
spiggy - spaghetti
waterlemon - watermelon
"Don't you say me that!"
"Soft the kitty" Pet the cat
and our fav,
"Doh-Doh Ba!"
We have no idea to this day what this means, but now we use it when we have said or done something rather stupid.

Keep blogging, I mean studying.

Janet said...

I miss the day when all food was "bean" and that grace has begun to say blackcurrant (as in cordial) properly. We also oscillate between slackarseness and hypervigilance, probably the worst of both worlds....
but oh deary me, i'm so glad you're not going into hibernation. nothing like a deadline and blogging is so much better than lots of crap telly.

Zoe said...

Sage used to have bingers on the end of his hams. He still says hostable at 5 1/2.

Jethro's speech at 16 months is extremely precise and consists mostly of "get out!" "stand up!" and "outside!"

fifi said...

dont get me started on Lungsh " or "dinger".

yes. Happy I am. hooray hooray. another posty.

Thimbleanna said...

I love that you put those "baby book things" on your blog. I thought many, many times -- if only I'd had a blog when my boys were little. It's such a wonderful way to record all those memories!

meggie said...

Our daughter used to say cukabarb, for BBQ, & Hoatkanger, for coathanger. We still use them occasionally.
Nephew always called a lawnmower an Eezy-giddar, & we took almost years to work that out!

Fun Post!

jorth said...

Grumbles just said "Moooooore!". Quite a boring first word, really.

Alison said...

Oldest still says hostable for hospital as well, and also thinks that Macleans children's toothpaste is made from smashed up trains because that's what it has on the tube....[I honestly don't have the heart to correct that one]
Youngest says God for dog. Close....

Suse said...

Thanks everyone, it was fun hearing your kids' funny words.

Anonymous, if you follow the link provided, you'll get the ceiling cat reference. Enjoy.

Miss Eagle said...

Loved the lower case - very archie and mehitabel. And for those who don't know about archie and mehitabel see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archy_and_mehitabel

Blessings and bliss

Hoola Tallulah said...

I never filled in those baby books either, I think I completed the first page (burst of newborn enthusiasm) and promptly forgot they even existed.

Kid's so say the funniest things, my youngest (age 7) still says Upposed instead of Supposed, and used to call Burgers, Buggers!
There should be a Kid Talk A-Z...
would make funny reading...

boodely said...

My brother said cockshitt for chocolate. We still use it even though he's 6 foot 7 and in his thirties...

Thimbleina said...

Just thought I'd leave a comment on your great blog as you had visited mine.

On reading some of the things your boys said as littlies I thought I'd tell you that my 4 year old daughter is also convinced that god is a girl, she is quite adamant about it.