25 May 2008

lame shanks and other goodly delights

hand dyed sock yarn

I think the blog is going to be [even] quiet[er] for a while as we're at the pointy end of semester and I have essays to panic over, plus an upcoming market to knit and dye for not to mention some little knitted thankyous still to complete. I've also lost my blogging mojo somewhere. Seems like after nearly three years I've finally run out of things to say and, you know, a blog filled with nothing but yarn photos could get dull. Who woulda thought?

Speaking of yarn photos, up there you can see some rather delicious sock yarn that was a present from Nicole dyed with Kool Aid sent to me by various generous Americans and Canadians (see what I mean about all the knitted thankyous I owe?). I love these skeins; I'm on quite the sock kick (hahaha me so funny) these days.

In other news, the overnight temperature was forecast to hit freezing two nights ago so we kindly left the ageing cat inside for the night, an act of generosity she repaid by peeing on the hall runner. Mr Soup is out buying carpet shampoo this afternoon and I am sitting by the fire with the laptop, researching cars because I'm embarrassed to drive the 16 year old smoke-belching bomb any longer I'm investigating the perks of salary packaging* and trying to concentrate on the scent of lame shanks** wafting from the slow cooker rather than the abominable feline odours coming from the hall. Oh, and guess who I had coffee with on Friday night? Hooray!

That's it for now. I'll try and remember my bloggy third birthday (because hey! remembering it would be a first!) and return here with a competition or giveaway just to ensure you don't all forget me. Till then, auf wiedersehen (pet).***

* Honda Odyssey or Toyota Avensis; all anecdotes and reviews welcome
** lamb shanks but I prefer Son #3's spelling
*** they should totally bring that show back


meggie said...

I don't find your dyeing tales boring.
I am about to go Internet hunting for 'how to get blue eyeshadow -not mine- out of Cream Carpet' Grandson having fun with makeup, & Gom will not understand!!

Stomper Girl said...

From my experience you tend to blog more, not less, when your deadlines start looming. We can only hope, anyway.

Frogdancer said...

Oh no!!! You're meant to stop blogging as the end of semester looms??? Why hasn't someone told me this before? (I thought blogging was going to save my sanity.... I hate writing reports...)

Eleanor said...

Ooo..turning three is so much fun!

You've passed the crying all night stage, the trying to walk but falling down a lot stage, and the tantruming at the drop of a hat stage. Congratulations!!

Now you get to wear a pretty party dress, and a sparkly tiara, and then you can eat lots of fairy cake...with pink icing and sparkles.

You are so lucky!!

P.S. Did you by any chance arm-wrestle Bec for La Blanchett...and did she by any chance win???!!!

blackbird said...

We don't have that Toyota here - but if the Odyssey is a mini-van then I'd tell you that people LOVE IT. My neighbors have it and are thrilled.

Good luck with the deadlines and such. Oh, and the cat pee.

herhimnbryn said...

I understand the loss of blogging mojo, indeed I do. Good luck with the essays.
Lamb shanks a la Jamie Oliver are cooked in this house......by me, a vegetarian....but I do it with tongs!
My car is 30 years old...yar boo sucks!
Happy Three btw.
Take care.

willowcaroline said...

Hoping the mojo returns, because i enjoy it all.. the tales of life far far away from me, seeing the seasons in reverse, and delighting in all the wonderful colors of koolaid dyed socks!! I also love the socks you knit with it.. but I must say, in your last post, the lace on you petticoat/slip/underskirt also sent an envious thrill...

Must try the koolaid thing this summer. I spurn it as a drink choice for my kids... but as a dye...hmmm.

Elizabeth said...

It's funny how the mind works because I read the Lame Shanks as Lame Hanks looking at the wool photo at the same time. I was thinking they didn't look lame at all.
We have had Toyota vehicles before and loved every one and our next one will be a Toyota.(I'm not familiar with the one you mentioned) However, I have heard only good things about the Odyssey. You really can't go wrong with either car company.
So helpful, yes?
Happy 3!
Of course we expect more posts as avoidance strategy.
Carry on.

Badger said...

Look, don't make me come down there, you. Post the yarn pictures. Post some more backyard photos. Hell, post a photo of the lame shanks. We don't care. We love it all.

Lesley said...

Hi Suse,
Doing a medicine dance over here for your mojo. She'll be right!
Re the cars: can't go wrong with the Japanese manufacturers. I admit to a bias against the Odyssey. It is every-bloody-where near where I live (Soccermomland, US). Have you thought about the Subaru Forester?
But hey - what do I know?

Sarah said...

I'm looking forward to introducing Hels to kool-aid dyeing this summer. We have an Odyssey--it has 185,000 miles on it and we've hardly had to do a thing to it beyond regular maintenance. It's a tank. I sold DH on it by showing him a photo of a guy fitting an 8' sheet of plywood into it.

Jen said...

Personally, I'd be very happy looking at your gorgeous yarn and dyeing photos until you feel ready to write more again! Keep posting!

Rose said...

Catching up I see you read Ann Patchett; try her newest, Run. It was great! Love the socks and good luck on the end of semester stuff!

katiecrackernuts said...

I so love that you are using your slow cooker. I've been banned from using mine. No one likes the dishes I can find. We don't eat red meat in our household and haven't yet found a good easy chicken slow cooker recipe that everyone likes. A Danish dish proved popular but there was so much effort I thought it negated the purpose of the one-pot wonder. Some of our veggo dishes haven't been that fab either. Any good recipes you've enjoyed would be a blessing.
PS: No wool pics aren't boring us.
PSS: Happy blogging birthday.

fifi said...

Well as mistress of the Casa Cat Wee, I can say yoiu do get used to it...

Dont stop bloggin! Thats what deadlines are for, to force you to find displacement activities like blog posts!

*Honda Odyssey: Mr and Mrs Smug perfect round the corner have onbe so no doubt it is the most perfect and economical vehicle in existence.

*** I used to put on the TV on UKTV while I painted, just so I would have the murmur of talk. I ended up listening to hundreds of hours of that show, never quite knowing what was going on or who anyone was, but it seemed to go quite well with funny little suburban landscapes.

BabelBabe said...

i have koolaid to send you too. someday.

and i have a honda odyssey. LOVE my honda minivan. would marry it if i could....before that, i drove a toyota matrix and toyotas are also great cars. i don't think you can go wrong with either, honestly.

alice c said...

Eeeek! I finally say hello - and you decide to stop blogging. I could become the most unpopular person in Blogland if this becomes common knowledge.

MsCellania said...

I have a 2003 Odyssey.
Love It.
2004 is a better year.
Mine is all skinned up as I drive by braille it seems. Any therpist who comes to the house has no problem yelping "I'm in back of the SUV (car permanently parked in our driveway), I know it'd be difficult to hit me, but you've done it before..." And they are serious.
I am taking a break, too. It must be something in the air.
And for the record, NONE of your posts have ever been boring.

manda said...

i cant put my elderly cat outside in the cold either. and she repays me in the same way. nice hey. burn incense. lots of it.