17 June 2008


I was tagged about a month ago. Finally getting to it.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was pregnant with Son #3 and had a two year old and a four year old also. It wasn’t a peaceful pregnancy but was filled with health concerns regarding the baby. Over the course of the nine months I was told that he was (a) a girl; (b) had two markers for Down Syndrome; (c) was worryingly small; and (d) it would be a quick labour. Ha! Ha! to all four of the above I say.

We were living in an unrenovated weatherboard house in Flemington, just near the Showgrounds and racecourse. I had a gazillion heritage and David Austin roses in the garden including a magnificent Crepuscule that grew to triffid-like proportions over the front verandah. (It's now been butchered by the new owners). The floor of the kitchen was held up by bricks, the bathroom was so tiny two people could not pass by one another and the toilet was Out of Doors. (This was to be our fifth and final year of living in character-building squalor as once the baby was born we would begin the five-month-long renovation [a highly sensible thing to do with a new baby around but I had vowed I would not toilet-train a third child with an outside loo]).

The boys went to childcare one day a week while I did a little desktop publishing and freelance writing and a whole lot of sleeping. I worked on an ancient Mac IILC with flying toasters as the screen saver.

I didn't knit terribly much, but I sewed a lot of the boys' clothes. (Something I rarely do now).

What are 5 things on my to-do list for tomorrow (it’s late in the evening so I listed my things to do tomorrow instead of today)
Deliver five freshly ironed eurythmy gowns to the Class 6 classroom in preparation for the winter solstice ceremony on Thursday evening (Class 6 traditionally walk the spiral and bring the light to the school community);
Buy a large white no. 18 to iron onto the back of Son #2’s soccer shirt (ensure get iron-on version as don't want to sew);
Email members of my committee re 30th September, despite it being my day off;
Bake a boiled fruit cake;
Knit an apple.

Note to self: also ring vet, ring insurance company yet again, book optometrist, book dentist, book Hamlet, take ring to be repaired, ring Apple for Son #1, buy juice and loo paper, collect Son #3 and two others from mid-week soccer practice.

5 snacks I enjoy
Raw almonds
Popcorn (butter and salt)
Rice crackers
Dry Nutrigrain by the handful

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
The usual bourgeois suburban dream stuff. Pay off the mortgage, buy a decent car, invest for the children, donate to several worthy charities (Amnesty, Save the Children, investigate maybe three more), take the whole family to Zanzibar, London and Siena.

5 places I have lived
Islington, Beaumaris, Idaho, Flemington, Falls Creek.

Random meme!


willowcaroline said...

Ah yes... get the iron on. I just hand sewed a gazillion boy scout merit badges and gunk onto new uniform shirts for eldest.. apparently he is addicted to growing.

Too funny about the loo. We have an outdoor loo here, but also one small inner one. We call it our bath and a path, rather than the usual real estate speak of a bath and a half.We have never used the outside loo.. hence the tree growing out of it. I had thought of rejuvenating it this summer, for boys playing outside..but have to fight the brambles growing over it first.

fiona@fab said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months, brought here by your child's slipper pattern. I made them (purple with orange crocheted flowers on the front) and my five year old loves them so much she wears them to bed because she can't bare to take them off.
Ten years ago I was also pregnant, with daughter no 1. Two and 4 years later more precious daughters arrived. We lived in an unrenovated weatherboard in Brunswick with the most beautiful persimmon in the garden I have ever seen. Unfortunatly we were soon to learn that the house also had a pool of water beneath it because the pipe from the laundry was not connected to anything!
Soon after we returned to Sydney after 10 fun years living in Melbourne. I still miss the Vic markets on a Friday morning.

alice c said...

Ah! Siena! Just the thought of it makes me want to rush out and buy a cheap ticket to Italy. I prefer Perugia but I am sure that I could cope with a weekend in Siena.

tut-tut said...

What a nicely diverse group of thoughts. And I remember that flying toaster screen saver . . . it makes me think of another time, as well.

Eleanor said...

You are the only person I know who has "knit an apple" on their to-do-list,and I LOVE that.

P.S. I'm going to see Hamlet this weekend.

bluemountainsmary said...

Random memes are the best!

I am thinking I need to see Hamlet.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh God. I have to hold myself back from eating dry Nutrigrain by the mouthful.

peppermintpatcher said...

DID you knit an apple today? I hope you did!

louise said...

Hi Suse...I have just finished Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking, and, although it is horribly sad, it's wonderful. Also Breath by T Winton, which I found alarming, but good. Now reading His Illegal Self, P Carey, which I am not loving yet...although,great cover!
And have you ever listened to Alan Bennet audios..all fantastic esp his poetry talks.

Krafty Keely said...

Thanks for leaving a comment re my givaway.

I have had a look at sonnet 116 and think it's lovely, quite touching. I didn't think to ask her who will be reading it just hope it won't be me I don't think I could do justice to Shakespeare.

By the way your boys are beautiful you definately do make pretty ones. There are going to be some very lucky girls near you!

Keely x

Keely x

Green Kitchen said...

Uh. So, did you know of our idea of having an outdoor loo? We've pretty much committed to it, as we have already torn out the bathroom and extended the kitchen. I figure in 600 sq. ft. you can't get far enough away from the bathroom. ;p I guess we're still in the character building stage.

Sarah Louise said...

Yep, I don't think I know anyone but you that has "knit an apple" on their to do list, but it seems so normal for you that it didn't even register.

Thinking of you, as I have just finished reading a book about knitting teenage girls: Chicks with Sticks (it's a purl thing.)

I suppose all the leaves are getting brown, your side of the world?

Jen said...

I think I should get extra credit for knowing what Eurythmy is.

Jen said...

I think I should get extra credit for knowing what Eurythmy is.

Isabelle said...

I have no idea what Eurythmy is (though it contains a pleasing run of consonants) but if you like to look at my latest post, you can hear what "Gorgonzola" sounds like in an Edinburgh accent...

Deb said...

Well, my Google Reader "recommended" your blog to me-- no doubt due to the great knitting content! However, I have already added 3 new words to my vocabulary-- though I'm not sure they all qualify for American use. So: The triffid ate the delicious parkin and then began whingeing for some wine!! Guess I need to subscribe-- you are rounding out my didn't-know-it-was-so-provincial vocabulary!

Suse said...

Hi Deb, thanks for commenting and welcome! I had no idea google reader 'recommends' blogs. How flattering! Re the words, don't Americans whinge? I'm sure they do, but p'raps you know it by another name like complain, or gripe. I'm quite sure you drink wine, so am presuming it was the whinge you were unfamiliar with. Triffids are from John Wyndham's classic, The Day of the Triffids. Parkin, well that's a Yorkshire thang.

Fiona, so glad to hear your daughter likes her slippers. My boys still all wear theirs all the time.

Yep, leaves are brown or gone already. Yep, I knitted an apple but then packaged it up and realised I hadn't photographed it before its journey.

Alan Bennett - I could listen to him all day long. But am very much enjoying Alan Rickman. In fact I think my next blog post will be a book review, with girlish squealing. You should hear him say 'Eustacia'. Makes me sigh every time.

Suse said...

PS. Bonus points indeed for knowing what eurythmy is.

And a prize for being able to pronounce it.

meggie said...

How nicely spaced your children are! haha.

Great Random you have!

Deb said...

Americans "whine," which adds a dimension to Tom Hanks' line in Bachelor Party "I want some w(h)iiiiine" as he is serving his girlfriend. Our whine has a long i sound just like wine (I'm assuming your g is pronounced like a j? Is your i long or short?).
Of course we have also been known to complain, grouse, gripe and grumble. Some have, that is. Not me.

Suse said...

Oh yeah, we whine too.

Whinge is a short i as in win, and the g is soft as in j or jump. So, win-j.

Suse said...
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