10 June 2008

Minutes of activities undertaken between 3/6/08 and 10/6/08 inclusive (AMENDED PENDING CONFIRMATION)


The Chair welcomed Ms Soup to the week, declaring this one of the busiest weeks in the year. The Committee received the agenda and the Chair invited the inclusion of additional items for consideration under Other Business, noting that the agenda was already crowded. It was agreed to add the following additional items:

Item: two children’s birthday party invitations received at extremely short notice, necessitating emergency expedition to hideous local shopping mall to facilitate the purchase of age-appropriate gifts.

Item: printer broken immediately upon return from hideous local shopping mall, necessitating emergency return trip to hideous local shopping mall. Vacuum cleaner broken (again). It was agreed this matter was of minor importance as due to the aforementioned crowded agenda, there is little opportunity for housework.

[Secretariat note: delegate to Mr Soup].

Item: head cold, irritating cough. This to be added to late nights; children requiring transport to and from inconvenient locations for soccer matches; and teenager’s forgotten homework.

[Secretariat note: participant observer 'Third Party Commenter' requested delivery of a powerpoint presentation to facilitate full visual comprehension. The Chair reminded Third Party Commenter that participant observers do not enjoy voting rights on the Committee, however agreed to accommodate the request. Stills from the full presentation appear below where appropriate].


The Committee received the minutes of the previous week and agreed to confirm them as a true and accurate record of proceedings. It was noted that last week felt like a lifetime ago so the minutes may or may not be ‘true and accurate’ but following robust debate it was agreed to just sign the bloody thing.


Item: Twilight Market

Ms Soup reported that the Market was unanimously deemed a great success. Members commented appreciatively on the convivial atmosphere, the prevalence of class stalls selling hot chocolate and soup, the outstanding quality of the products available (in particular adorable tiny baby socks, exquisite hand dyed yarns and magnificent felted items and the overall increase in the number of youthful and enthusiastic musical buskers.

Sub item: Busking
The Committee agreed to recommend that children be encouraged to attend at least three music lessons prior to commencement of busking. The Committee engaged in a spirited discussion over whether The Cuteness Factor should be included as a Key Performance Indicator or if financial outcome should remain the sole KPI. It was resolved to defer the decision pending further investigation and the possible convening of a working party to undertake the task.

[Secretariat notes for 2009 Market: (a) it is dark by 6.00pm in winter, consider recommendation of candles; and (b) investigate naturopathic remedies for stakeholders’ blistered tongues should hot chocolate enterprise be run by 11 year olds again].

baby socksbaby socks with light green toesbaby socksbaby socks with dark green toes


Item: Essay
Ms Soup reported that this is complete and has been hand delivered to its destination. Champagne would normally be consumed but the Committee was advised that bed at 7.30pm with a good book and a cup of tea appears preferable.

Item: Nine year old’s homework project
Igloo with caribou and clay Eskimo Inuit fishing girl complete and hand delivered to destination. The Committee agreed to seek professional advice to ascertain whether caribou is in fact, elk.

Son #3's iglooelk? caribou?

[Secretriat note: the Committee thanked those participant observers who provided expertise re terminology, geographic locations, etc]

Item: Family
Currently on hold. It was agreed to consider this item at a future meeting when members have the energy to attend to it in an appropriate manner.

[Secretariat note: Investigate benchmarking figures for toothfairies to determine whether five nights of no-show is acceptable business practice. Refer item to Quality Assurance Sub Committee? Option 2: Delegate to Mr Soup).

Item: Knitting
Nil knitting to report.

Item: Work
The Committee was informed that Ms Soup will be requested to continue undertaking of additional hours due to three colleagues being absent through (i) prolonged hospital stay; (ii) long service leave - 3 months in Paris half-his-luck; and (iii) nuptial ceremony [sub species: Extreme Greek, therefore applicant entitled to additional leave in order to cope]. The Chair enquired as to Ms Soup’s progress regarding planning matrix (seek MUDmap or similar?) required in order to achieve these additional outcomes but Ms Soup could not be roused from her exhausted unconscious state and it was agreed to defer this item to a later date.

There being no further business, the week then closed.

[Secretariat note: The Committee was reminded that the next agenda is likely to be just as full therefore members are requested to keep items to a minimum pending resumption of normal business c. February 2009.]


Fuji Mama said...

Hilarious post! Get well soon!

innercitygarden said...

The Tooth Fairy is well known for turning up a few days late. Absolute shocker s/he is.

I prescribe more parkin & tea.

Di said...

Your minutes are hilarious. I hope for your sake that the next meeting/week is a little less jam packed.

Badger said...

Oh God. I need a nap.

Meredith said...

Brilliant post! Sadly, you are speaking my language, as I work for state government. Hope things slow down a bit for you.

Lesley said...

Exhausting. I suggest more of the 'bed at 7.30pm with a good book' on the agenda.

daysgoby said...

Was the meeting closed with the application of a cold cloth to Mrs. Soup's well-deserving head?

And surely Mrs. Soup's feet spoke up and asked for a rub?

Feel better.

Elizabeth said...

The Third Party Commenter moves that 'Eskimo" is in fact, "Inuit" and is the kind of thing that gets shorts in a knot this side of the equator.
Third Party would have badgered Ms Soup for photographic evidence to support this summary but due to unfortunate ill-health of said Soup she is letting it slide.
This. Time.

Elizabeth said...

The Third Party Commenter moves that 'Eskimo" is in fact, "Inuit" and is the kind of thing that gets shorts in a knot this side of the equator.
Third Party would have badgered Ms Soup for photographic evidence to support this summary but due to unfortunate ill-health of said Soup she is letting it slide.
This. Time.

red_swirl / ginevra said...

That so, so much more funny than anyone who is sick could be expected to be ... thank you so much for the good laughs;)

Wendy said...

I loved this.

sueeeus said...


Caribou and elk are different critters, and Inuit is specific to a certain set, but isn't all encompassing for the peoples of the region, whereas Eskimo is maybe a broader or more general term, though there are some who may consider it derogatory.

But what do I know. I believe everything I read on the web!!!


alice c said...

Brilliant - please note a vote of thanks from overseas fan.

Anonymous said...

We were going to attend that twilight market as I have heard that the dyed wool and knitted bits are out of this world - unfortunately due to our own summit meeting anything that remotely looked like leave was cancelled in the hope that all members could be present for at least one across the table meeting...
Good on you suse!!!!
Sharon- Melbourne

bluemountainsmary said...

Oh Suse - you have made my day!

Blossom said...


I love it....
but you need to speak to the darned tooth fairy...

Emma said...

You may be busy, but you certainly haven't lost your wit!

Very amusing read.

herhimnbryn said...

Oh My! Through MY headcold, I laughed and spluttered and that woke the dog, who then went and woke the husband, who moaned and went back to sleep!

Sending you lemon juice, raw honey and paracetamol. Keep warm.

Isabelle said...


Get well soon.

Stomper Girl said...


Well done on the essay completion. And blistered tongues from hot chocolate? Pah! Wait till you've had one from an over-microwaved jam doughnut, I'll show you real blisters.

Tish said...

We lived in Alaska for a couple of years and the preferred term there is Alaska Native which covers Inuit, Athabascan, Aleut, Inupiak, Yupik.... Caribou and elk are both deer. The elk is a wapiti and the caribou is a non-domesticated reindeer. Elk would not be part of the "Eskimo" tableau as they don't range that far north so 9yo son was correct with his depiction of caribou. Hope you feel better soon!

Philippa said...

Urgent notice of motion - Tooth Fairy to determine appropriate timeframe for delivery, dependent on tidiness of childs room - delivery cannot be made if room a shambles and tooth cannot be found! (Well that story has always worked in my house anyway...)

Jen said...

It's well-known in this house that the tooth fairy is a scatterbrained creature who can take up to a week to complete her transaction, and who frequently forgets to take the tooth with her.

MsCellania said...

Saddest item? NO KNITTING.

Di said...

Giggle, snort, cackle!!
I can tell you work at a University- I remember minutes just like that from when I did.

Anonymous said...

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