21 June 2008

winter solstice cake 2008

solstice cake

Solstice Cake, rich and dark, to welcome the return of the light to our side of the globe.

solstice 2007

A chance to pause and feel the light within ourselves at this tipping turning point.

solstice lantern

Happy solstice, wherever you are.

See other solstice cakes here.


Zoe said...

Oh, Suse, are you doing the solstice cake thingy at confessions of a food nazi? You should!

Happy solstice to you and your folks.

Janet said...

the cake looks scrummy and the lights look lovely, just as you described.

Happy solstice.

M said...

I'm really warming to the idea of celebrating the end of the dark and the beginning of the light.

We are having a Winter Solstice dinner here tonight. Will involve a casserole and something warming, like apple crumble and custard.

Must go downstairs to get it started.

shula said...

Damn that cake looks good.

I tend to stitch on the Solstice. It's a bit of tradition, on such an Important Night.

Now I'll have to go and make some Parkin, and pretend it's solstice cake.

Happy Solstice, Suse.

Jo said...

ahhh, happy solstice to you and yours too suse... that cake looks scrumptious - pitty I'm already full ;)

Annie said...

We are celebrating summer solstice today on the east coast of the USA. My mouth is watering for a piece of that yummy cake!

: )

sueeeus said...

I love that plate!

Lucy said...

Happy (late) Solstice to you, too.

I wondered who else would be makin' cakes. Having made your Parkin 'tother day, I imagine that this must be glorious, too.

Here's to longer days.

Molly said...

Happy Solstice, Suse! We're celebrating the longest day here on the other end of the planet. :)

Jen said...

Oh, yum!

Another Outspoken Female said...

And yet more solstice greetings (I tend to think of them like birthdays - it can last the whole week, if not the month). Go on write up the recipe and mail it to me for the event :)

elena jane said...

pretty cake, pretty lanterns...happy solstice 2 days late!

MsCellania said...

A Lovely cake on a lovely plate.
We were up in the mountains and the little neighborhood had a wonderful fireworks display solstice night.

Glad it's going to belighter for you. I love winter, so I don't mind the dark.