25 June 2008


There's been all sorts of woolly stuff going on lately.

baby socks for Nina

More baby socks, this time for a client. She wants a green pair too.

baby socks for Nina

Aaaw, so wee! I love knitting these.

kettle dyed 12ply

A dye session with Sooz yielded three 200g skeins of this bulky weight 12ply (originally from the op shop, blogged here and I just re-read that post as I linked to it - that was a doozy, wasn't it? Sheesh)

3ply sock yarn, hand dyed

Also from the dyepot came these two skeins of sock wool. I am particularly enamoured of the two-tone one at the bottom (that's Moss and Bloodwood, aren't they fab shades?) and can't wait to knit it up. It's 3 ply sock wool though, not 4 ply, god help me.

granny square shawl

Keeping me warm these days is this little beauty, purchased at the Twilight Market recently. It was on the stall next to mine and I was eyeing it off right from the start when we were setting up. As the market began and customers started arriving, various people tried it on, thought about it and went away saying they'd come back. One woman even buried it at the bottom of the basket of woollies so it would be there later if she still wanted it. The longer this went on the more I realised I was starting to think of it as mine so I stopped giving people the evil eye and just forked out and bought it. I love it.

granny square shawl with op shop green cardigan

Love it. The other night I was wearing this shawl while sitting by the fire spinning. I kid you not. I tell you, it's like a fairy tale around here some days.*

birds nest brooch

This little darling called to me, all the way from Etsy.

birds nest brooch

Isn't it divine?

I was getting dressed for work the other day and Mr Soup said Are you going to wear a birds nest pinned to your breast all day then? To which there was only one reply. Too bloody right.

*You know I'm joking, right?


peppermintpatcher said...

the little socks are beautiful.

Who wouldn't want to wear a little nest on their breast all day!

Stomper Girl said...

Yes, but Suse-aurora, please watch out for vengeful relatives who maybe were not invited to your christening, as they have a tendency to poison the sharp bit on the spinning wheel. I don't know what you would could call that bit, (a spindle?) only that you SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU SPIN IN YOUR PRETTY PONCHO.

Stomper Girl said...


I'm sorry to shout. I forgot to take Caps Lock off and I can't be bothered re-typing.

blackbird said...

Love the shawl, love the nest - you knew I would.

Must consider the "this bucolic life" post tag. Must try to work out the bucolic-ness immediately.

thimbleina said...

Love those socks, makes we want to knit some now

Kathleen said...

Ah I see yu have an Etsy shop now. Love the green combo and can see some socks in that yarn. My son was recently in Australia. He is a university student and was there for 4 weeks, did Queensland with Professor and 21 other students. Trip of a lifetime. He is now going around with Aussie Hat, he brought back Tim Tams, big hit here at home in TX. He has plans now for a return visit as a grad student. Residents made him feel very welcome. I would also wear the birds nests all day, love that, I got an acorn off of Etsy last year. Take care

Sarah Louise said...

love the nest!

Jen said...

Cutest nest ever!

katiecrackernuts said...

See. My response would have been: "Where would you like me to pin it, hon?" Of course that would have been said with the same attitude as: "I'll show you where you can bloody well pin it." I'm sure he's a darling. Ooh, and that green. Yum.

docwitch said...

What a beautiful post! I'm thoroughly drooling over everything there. Love the shawl and the bird's nest. And the wool is seriously luring me to start trying to knit beyond garter stitched scarves, (something I find somewhat daunting).

Any recommendations for some good 'how to knit' books, (particularly ones aimed at uncoordinated, numerically challenged oafs)?

Also, I think a nest on the breast is a Very Good Thing.

Stacey said...

Those wee socks! So cute and much more practical than booties that fall off and inevitably get lost.
Lovely shawl too - well worth the vengeful looks thrown at market shoppers.

bluemountainsmary said...

That shawl reminds me a little of the haverhill throw.

And it IS a little fairtaleish!

bluemountainsmary said...

PS my second loaf of No Knead is on the rise as I type this !!

shula said...

That bloodwood and moss?

Is Really Good.

And spinning by the fire...I'm sorry... is there another way to do it where you are at this time of year?....is about as good as it gets.

shula said...

ps. I think I finally have to try the baby socks. I have three (count them, three) babies arriving in the next 2 months.

Elizabeth said...

You can tell it's winter where you are, all the lovely woollies being produced.
(Still waiting to hear you say something like" farnarkling"
You have the technology!)

Philippa said...

Suse - the colours in the wool dyes are fabulous. They are what draw me back to your blog more than anything! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - hope you'll visit again. Have you ever done any dying of mercerised cotton? I was buying it from Stef Francis but she has stopped dying that thread so on hunt for more for my quilt stitching. I think you'd be a natural.

MsCellania said...

Yup, that's your life all right.
A phacking phairy tale.

But on a Serious Note - that shawl is lovely. On a slip of a thing, like yourself. On me? I'd look like a wide, sailing ship with sails unfurled and flapping.

The bird's nest is compelling somehow.

I always love coming to visit here. The colors! The textures!

elena jane said...

great nest, love the shawl...always pretty :)
and baby socks too :)

fifi said...

I have to give in to this uncontrollable WOOL urge you have given me. I have sent you an email, should you decide to accept this woolly mission, regarding what I wish for. But now of course I am plunged again into desire driven indecisiveness looking at the purple, oh...
Now it's just me, but when I saw that brooch I thought it were some spider eggs nestled in some pubic hair. I guess that says something about my unattractive imagination, but just watch out nothing hatches out of them.

JuicyFig said...

oooh! the more I see your lovely socks and wool, the more I want to knit some myself!

by the way - your winter solctice celebrations must have been better than our summer ones, it hasn't stopped raining here since!!!


Isabelle said...

I do enjoy seeing your knitting but I shall probably not knit myself, not having the patience. But I love the shawl and indeed everything.

That bread also looks nice. (Have you tried it with gorgonzola?)

h&b said...

I love love love the robin's nest pin, and Stomper cracks me up, especially in shouty CAPS.

Kylie said...

Love the shawl - that is something that I can not do - crochet and that one little hook scares me LOL

Love the little socks too - they are very cute!

Steph said...

The birds nest is cute but now that you've mentioned the pubes thing, that's all I can see too. Too funny.

You have great shoes.