27 July 2008

i feel like a new woman

new hair, new glasses

(But I won't be getting one this week).

new hair, new glasses.

The glasses have only been on for three days so I'm still at that point where the floor seems to slope towards me as I walk. (Driving is exciting and fun!)

Thoughts from the week ...

:: you don't get a lot of change out of a thousand bucks for new glasses when you have a powerful prescription. Sheesh.

:: the good news is that now I'm old (and starting to do the long sighted peer at the tiny writing on the sides of jars, etc), my prescription is going in the other direction and my vision is "improving". Well, that's not what the opthamologist calls it, but I'm being optimistic.

:: the glasses look black in that photo but they're actually maroony plummy kinda sorta. Inside the arm it says both Sangria Swirl, and Moulin Rouge. Which is the style and which the colour is anybody's guess. You also can't tell from the photo but they have gold swirly bits in the corners which sounds a touch Dame Edna but is quite restrained. Your gladioli are safe with me.

:: remember I said the hairdresser replied Just like Posh Spice? when I described what I wanted for my hair? When I arrived at work the next day with the new do, my job share bloke said Just like Cilla Black! and my boss exclaimed at the same moment Just like Mary Quant! which I think displays more about my colleagues' respective vintages and tastes than my hair. (I said as much to which he replied Ah but you knew who Cilla Black was, didn't you? Touche.)

:: Must research how to do acute accents in Blogger.

:: Went to dinner at Shakahari on Friday night with my two oldest friends for a regular catch up (sans partners and children which makes it heaps better). I dawdled in Readings for a blissful twenty minutes beforehand, killing time and browsing. So much nicer than the other one across the road. Every single person in Readings was wearing head to toe black, except for myself (I was wearing brown pants with my everything else black). There's nothing quite like Carlton on a Friday night, is there?

:: I lay in bed until nearly midday yesterday (first sleep-in in MONTHS), ignoring my children and wolfing down Helen Garner's new book The Spare Room in one big gulp. It's very HG - spare, conversational and brutally honest in its tackling of the tickly subjects of friendship, anger, death. Lots of food for thought. My criticisms would be that the only character we really get to know is Helen herself; I would have liked to hear more about the dying friend and then perhaps I would have liked her more? Or at least felt a bit more sympathy. Also the ending felt a bit rushed with its list of one liners about what happened immediately prior and post death, but then one could argue that the story was about the journey towards death ... anyway, it's very moving and lovely to read with its starkly simple prose. And it's set in my old neck of the woods - she mentions Bellair St, Newmarket Station, Racecourse Road, taking the green arrow into Macauley Road, etc. I got a small thrill with each little marker of familiarity.

:: I'm listening to Patrick White's The Aunt's Story in the car right now and getting thoroughly fed up with the pretentious dialogue ("Do you believe in saints, Ludmilla?" "I believe in a pail of milk, with its blue rim" etc). That sort of thing is fine occasionally but it's constant and wearing. Does that mean Patrick White is dated, or I'm just old/cynical? I remember being very impressed with this book when I was about twenty. Let's just say Helen Garner's writing was a breath of fresh air. Time to hit the library for another audio book.

:: Son #1 been sick all week and even a little bit the previous week too. Nasty cough and cold, listless, feverish, falling asleep on the sickbed in the middle of the day and talking in his sleep kind of sick. He's now 99% and itching to go back to school. They've started rehearsals for Twelfth Night and he's afraid he won't get a decent part for being away so long. (He watched Romeo and Juliet on dvd from his sickbed and is all ready for Shakespearian dialogue, he declares).

:: Speaking of Shakespeare, I missed Hamlet. Mr Soup went (it was his birthday) and I stayed home to nurse the ailing child. If it was superb, I do not want to hear about it. Do not leave comments that will rub it in thankyouverymuch.

:: I am so bad at getting myself to bed at a reasonable hour. I finished knitting a scarf last night and immediately (like at 1.13am) cast on the Robin's Egg Hat in a gorgeous red Malabrigo. Which I have now realised will clash horribly with the maroony plummy glasses. Shit. And double shit because I'm now really really tired. And I still have socks and a vest on the needles already so don't need another project to distract me.

:: all my posts lately seem to be Stuff in My Head. So next up, The Festival of Feather and Fan. When they've finished blocking, drying and there's enough light for a photo shoot.

Have a good week y'all.


Leah said...

I like your new look! I just bought new glasses too - over the net. zenni optical, in hongkong for OMG $30. Incredible. I know it's too late to be helpful, but next time?

Jodie said...

Suse , you are a big spunk it mighty expensive glasses !
I have been thinking of buying The Spare Room - I miss that uncluttered sparse language - I might try and grab it this week.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Excellent hair and glasses.

The acute accent works for me in Blogger the way it usually does so maybe the difference is my Mac? Hold down the option key while you hit the e key, and then type the letter you want, thus: enchantée.

fifi said...

ah, ditto the sick boy, and ditto Helen garner:
I have not yet heard of anyone who has NOT read it all at once. I certainly did, and I was exhausted when I finished.

I love both the hair AND the spectaculars...

Suse said...



Suse said...

Oh fuckit.

Elizabeth said...

Love the hair and very expensive glasses- wowsa! Surely the prescription alone does not cost so much?
I have a burgundy pair of reading glasses that 1 month after the warranty expired the arm fell off and I admit I just super-glued it back in. It's holding on a prayer for now. We need a new hot water tank instead.

I did it, I did it! Never knew how before...

Badger said...

I, too, love the glasses AND the hair. And I love that ... sweater? jumper? pullover? ... whatever that gorgeous knit thingie with the bell sleeves is that you're wearing up there.

Glad the sick boy is on the mend, too. Those sleepy, delirious fevers just break your heart, don't they?

Penni said...


I thought that was one of the beautiful things about Spare Room - it was sort of about the containment and relentlessness of your own limited point of view, particularly when it comes to death. Someone I am very close to is terminally ill and I found it especially moving because his approach to it is so not the approach everyone wishes he would have - and yet there is nothing you can actually say or go, no magic collection of words, to alter his own personal journey. And as if any of us know how to die better. The journey to death is so immensely private and incomprehensible - I thought she captured that perfectly.

Good hair good specs. Must get my hair cut.

Penni said...

say or do of course

Blossom said...

wooohooo love the specs and new *do*.
I got new lenses recently and I didn't get much change out of $500!!!YIKES!!!!!!!!!
I have *multi focals* with 3 different lenses in them .I felt sea sick for about the first week!!!

katiecrackernuts said...

I love getting new glasses. Mine are also a plum colour with egg grey inner part. A little turned up because I was having a '50s moment. I'd love to wear a real '50s pair, but they're a bit too much on my face, so these were perfect. A little square, sassy colour. Yeap, I like them. Shame about the coating on the lens. I am yet to have it taken off. Meant to be smudge-free, yadda yadda. I am also off to the library to return Gunter Grass' Crabwalk. I just couldn't get into it. I listened for three CDs and a little more than two hours before I realised I had no idea what was going on and didn't like it. Better was Christopher Kremmer's Carpet Wars. Unfortunately, it was an abridged version and now I want to read the whole thing. Kinda defeats the purpose of books in the car. It's my cheats way of actually reading more than I have time to.

Miss Eagle said...

Love THE LOOK - and being of a similar vintage appreciated the Cilla Black and Mary Quant comments. Appreciated the visit to Readings. Can't afford to pay full price for my book addiction now I am on that arts subsidy known as the Aged Pension!, but when in Carlton I visit Readings and stand inside the front door and inhale deeply. How precious it is to me!

Blessings and bliss

Pavlov's Cat said...

Re enchantée and so on: my fault, didn't explain properly.

1) Hold down option key while
2) striking e key.
3) Let go of option key, then
4) strike whichever letter-key you want.

This also works for a circumflex (where the key you hit at Step 2 is i) and an umlaut (where it's u). So if you want an umlaut over an o, for instance, then you hold Option, strike u, release Option and strike o, thus: ö.

There, was that crystal clear or what?

Stomper Girl said...

Hmm, just tried all the alts, ctrls and windows keys with no success on the vile PC and nuttin' worked. Must be a Mac thing. And an option key thing.

You so don't look like Cilla Black! And I only know sorta what she looks like because of watching the Goodies. No Cilla! Not that high note!

You look fab.

bluemountainsmary said...

Tu est trés jolie. Must be a mac thing. You look gorgeous.

And your attempts at typing accents made me laugh out loud. And I don't often do that when reading blogs.

Despite my tottering, leaning pile of books to be read I will buy Helen Garner tomorrow.

Bec said...

I just zoomed in to get a better look at your glasses and, while I still can't see the glasses I can say that, to me, you don't look like either Cilla Black or Mary Quant, OR Posh Spice...

I think the 'do makes you look exactly like a blonde version of Juliette Binoche as Amelie.

So there.

And I've just realised I owe you an email... Off to write that one, right now.

Joke said...

That is a very, very flattering photo.


sooz said...

You groover! You look great :-)

I don't think you look like anyone I can think of.

Suse said...

I don't think it was ME that looked like those people, it was the HAIR that looked like THEIR hair. Although in the case of Mary Quant, blonde not black.

I too only know Cilla through The Goodies. But I do know that her real name was Priscilla White (Stomper, there's my third trivia night factoid - you'd better book a table for next year).

Also, Audrey Tatou, not Juliette Binoche. Sadly I look nothing like either one.



Bec said...

Too true, Tatou.

I should have Googléed her before I typéed my comment.

(For PC users - you get an accent é if you hit NumLock, hold down the Alt key and type 130 on the numeric keypad, not the upper row of numbers.)

docwitch said...

re your new look: enchantée bébé.
Teehee...I didn't know how to do it either.

Joke said...

P.S. For PC users, there is a program(me) called CharacterMap, found in the charmap.exe file that shows ALL the unusual characters, such as áéíóúñÑæä, etc.

P.P.S. No, really, this is a seriously good look for you.

zose said...

i hear you on the glasses front! I don't have a strong script, but I do so much hand work that I now have 2 pairs. One is german design and fully flexible. If they get sat on/caught/dragged by baby, then the arms just pop off and you can snap them back on. They need incredibly expensive flexi lenses.

My second pair are red and silver and have no rim on the bottom of the lenses so there is no line when i look down at my sewing. I've recently noticed all the tattooists on London Ink have the same style glasses.

I'm tired enough with kids now that I can't read newsprint at all without them on, and I'm feeling like I might like some tinted sunglass ones for summer, but we might not have the budget!

tut-tut said...

You look very au courant; Helen Garner I'm off to find.

meggie said...

Love reading your posts. My new hair looks similar to yours. Of course the face & glasses underneath said hair are a loooot older!

Stomper Girl said...

Mérci, Bec and Joke. I'm not sure that mérci actually has an accent there but at least I know that trick works now.

h&b said...

alt 130 for an accent, you pob-wearing hottie, you.

*Love* the new look, and look at you Vogueing it like a model. Hot.

shula said...

I still say Joni Mitchell.

Which coming from me is a compliment.

Suse said...

Is 'Vogueing it' code for contorting one's body into strange angles all the better to shield the unsightly unmade bed in the background?

If so, that's EXACTLY what I was doing. Vogueing.

Kirti said...

* you look gorgeous whatever vintage the Do conjures
* the stuff in your head is always interesting and/or hilarious
* after a Tuesday day in Carlton I can affirm it is no different (I was wearing green and pink and they could tell I wasn't from around these parts)
* speaking of green and pink, I have untangled my skein into a heavenly workable ball and am ready to rock 'n' roll. Thank you.

Joke said...

¥õü`řê·ŵèļçōɱɇ. I thought it was a "Hey! I'm a new person! Look!" pose, and not some sort of clever domestic camouflage. But what do *I* know...I have a Y chromosome.


P.S. I thought Vogue-ing was that dance from that old Madonna video.

nutmeg said...

Hi Suse. Had to pop in and say I recently read the HG too and I think I am becoming a bit biased when it comes to her writing - I just love it in every way. Maybe I'm just a teensy bit scared of, in awe, jealous of her too....

Also, enlarged the photo to have a better squizz at the hair and glasses - very, very, chic.

sueeeus said...

Lurking your comment strip is SO entertaining! I wish the comments showed up in the Google reader.

Love the glasses and the new you! Still trying to swallow that price tag though. Ouchie!