17 August 2008

post-it notes in my brain

: : shoot that fecking Tawny Frogmouth (ooo [pause 3 seconds] ooo etc etc from 4.00 am to 11.00 am nonstop)

: : wrist still sore but cast on for new knitting project anyway

: : children playing table tennis all weekend long (net strung over dining table, cheap bats from K mart) excellent

: : made a sensational [tasting, not looking] lemon cake for afternoon tea. Totally suck at icing ... abandon idea of icing any cakes ever again

: : also made bread (success), quince muffins (iced with remainder of lemon icing)(success), and tomorrow night's dinner (chicken and asparagus/cauliflower casserole in the slow cooker)(hopefully will be success)

: : alstromeria in vase by front door, check


: : something digging up citrus trees at night. possums? wallabies? rabbits? bloody hell if it's not the dog it's the wildlife

: : patched Son #1's jeans. now he won't wear them

: : all the blogland babies are starting to arrive. one down, three to go (two are silent, perhaps already underway?)

: : just found out Kate Atkinson speaking at Melbourne Writer's Festival next weekend (or weekend after? check) now have to go. must book

: : Helen Garner speaking (free!) at work next month on new book (which have read, feel smug). must book

: : borrowed Twelfth Night for Son #1 to watch - the not terribly good Helena Bonham Carter version but presence of HBC makes Mr Soup happy and rediscovery that Richard E. Grant is in it makes me happy. Who does he play? Can't remember. Sir Andrew? Watch and report back. That bloke who played Gandhi is Feste (memory freeze, can't remember name of actor, someone in comments will advise if can't be bothered to Google)

: : Cat on a Hot Tin Roof getting excellent notices. Must book.

: : sigh ...

: : excellent score at op shop on Friday night after work: damask table cloth, stack of books, 4mm very old plastic knitting needles in fetching shade of apple green with white knobs, set of four wooden sock needles (3 x 2.75mm and 1 mysteriously at 3mm, beggars can't be choosers), and a long piece of white cotton, about 3m long and a metre wide, with a crocheted lace edge along one long side and cross stitched red flowers - what to make? gather it around the top with some elastic and make a summer skirt? make a kind of curtain valance out of it? no. skirt wins. photograph and make blog banner from it too

op shop linens

: : bit obsessed with making blog banners. new cherry banner up, bored with strawberries already

: : 100g of pure wool 8ply, dyed with Kool Aid. Rather vibrant! understatement. $20 if anyone cares to purchase

candy shop

: : owing to a series of misunderstandings between the mister and I that you really don't want to know about, we now have enough bacon in our fridge and freezer to sink a small battle ship. Or at least a schooner. need best bacon recipes!

: : mulling over blog giveaway. shamefully aware that have had three blogiversaries and not once given away a celebratory gift. what to give? skein of yarn? acorn bookmark? strawberry bookmark? red hat? await advice. (and bacon recipes)

IMG_5519knitted acorn bookmarkknitted strawberry bookmarkRobin's Egg Blue [red] Hat


Penni said...

Do you own Stephanie Alexander's cook's companion? Because her bacon muffins are to die for. Secret is pouring the bacon fat into the mix. Yum. Bacon fat. Let me know if you don't have it and I will test my touch typing skills and give you the recipe.

(p.d. these are my touch typind kills.)

Penni said...

p.p.s. One day I will not be poor and I will possess your yarn.

Kirti said...

Hmmm, that would be Ben Kingsley as Feste.....

CurlyPops said...

I'm chuckling to myself reading your post it notes. I didn't know tawny frogmouths were noisy...very interesting....I think there's an icing gene and I don't have it either.
PS I found a whole blog full of bacon recipes last week after they posted on of the recipes from my blog.

bluemountainsmary said...

If chicken / asparagus/cauliflower works would you please consider sharing recipe.

Sick of my slow cooker food but do love the slow cooker!

hazeljoy said...

kirti's right, it was sir ben kingsley. and if the hat doesn't fit (or you don't like it) give it away.

ThirdCat said...

You can freeze bacon.
If that helps.

Rae said...

I think a skirt out of that would be BEE youtiful. :) There are birds here in our jungle that I may need to shoot, also, but unfortunately I don't know what they are called or what they look like.

Joke said...

1- Do NOT give up on icing. If I can do it, anyone can. (There IS a trick to it, though)

2- Bacon. By bacon do you mean the streaky bacon we have in the US? Is it whole or sliced?

3- The charms of HBC have always been a sealed book to me. I look at her face and all I can think of is "pumpkin." I'm sure she's quite nice, though.


SadieandLance said...

I had no opinion of HBC but I'm a sucker for the peer pressure so now I don't like her either.

As for bacon it would seem the sadieandlance family tree are quite partial to the odd bit of smoked pig. The good old ever-recycled Zuchhini Slice is always a hit (I use grated carrot instead of bacon in mine but with your surplus you could do both):

And I don't suppose you've got any Nigella? Her carbonara in "How To Eat" is fab.

Now, about that wool is it still for sale?

blackbird said...

A shame, really, that Ben Kingsley will only ever be Ghandi for me. I only thought of his name because you asked.
As for HBC, I used to love to look at her face and now can only picture her in Planet of the Apes. Such a mistake on her part.

Janet said...

mmm bacon, you could make egg and bacon pie, ye olde family recipe here .... http://muppinstuff.typepad.com/eater/2006/08/egg_and_bacon_p.html

would be even nicer with more bacon in it.

am starting to resent bacon free life as a result of cohabitation with vegetarian.

Badger said...

A recipe? For bacon? Just fry it and eat it, yo. Or send it to me; I'll make quick work of it for you.

sue said...

Egg and bacon pie sounds great, although perhaps a tad boring if you already cook it. My kids love it. All those giveaway goodies look so nice, and your yarn is just beautiful.

alice c said...

My dog loves bacon and would be prepared to help out if you are struggling. I know ... she has a kind heart.

Isabelle said...

I loved the brief sojourn into your brain. You wouldn't like to be in my brain just now. Not a happy place. Sigh.

MsCellania said...

Line bottom of any baking dish with bacon. Add taters, onions, fresh herbs and VOILA! Dinner! Hell, add bacon to bottom of almost any vegetable casserole and you've got a yummy dinner.
Make rumaki using chicken livers or any vegetable chunks - wrap slice of bacon around it, secure with toothpick, broil. Bite size lunch, appetizer, snack.
bacon, avocado, tomato sandwiches,
Here's a website -

MsCellania said...

Oh, and can I move in with you until the bacon is gone? There is no such thing as Too Much Bacon.

sueeeus said...

Who's the first baby?! Why did I miss this?

Didn't you have another porcine post recently? Maybe you should make a sizzling porky blog banner.

Jen said...

Anything situation that results in a surplus of bacon implies a very happy ending, in my book.

joke said...

Oooh...how about you -- stay with me on this -- knit some bacon bookmarks AND then make a blog banner therefrom?

OK. Fine. I need my caffeine.


Mirjam said...

Keep life simple!
A:forget about icing, cake made with love and attention is delicious as it is
B:why the give away hesitation? I for one would love a skein or an acorn. A handcraftet gift from abroad in the mail: how much better can a day get?

Frogdancer said...

Re the bacon: Corn chowder. If you don't have a recipe I'll email it. It takes 10 minutes to prepare, and it's delish. (That's my sort of cooking!)
Re the giveaway: I think that the skein is the most "Pea Soup" at the moment, but why don't you just let the lucky winner decide?

tut-tut said...

I'd love to hear both authors . . . bacon is the bass note for everything; everything that isn't iced, that is.

herhimnbryn said...

Is your son going to wear 'crossed garters'?;)

Ben Kingsley

The only bacon I have mistakenly eaten in 25 yrs (I don't eat meat) was diced in very small pieces, cooked with double cream and poured over lightly cooked brussel sprouts, believe me when I say it was HEAVENLY.

Red hat.

Kirsty said...

I can totally relate to your post its. I've enjoyed leap frogging with your mind...much like my own.

And I've got a fail safe icing trick I'll share this week.

And you made me giggle about the undies.

katiecrackernuts said...

Oh I love these posts of yours. I think if I tried something similar, actually I fear, I would not be able to stop. The chicken crock pot recipe. Was it a success? Can you share the recipe. I also cook ahead and would love this one. Sounds good.

sooz said...

Bacon. The joy never ends. Personally a good Caesar salad is always welcome, green pea and bacon risotto is hugely popular with all members of the family and the kids love macaroni cheese with bacon bits through it. Oh and a saturday lunch blat (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) sandwich goes down a treat. And I think the cherry banner is the best yet.

Elizabeth said...

Strawberry bookmark! Bacon and spinach salad: heaps of baby spinach leaves, 2-3 rashers bacon finely diced & fried crisp, good lump of fetta cheese, 1 x spanish onion. Rinse & cut any stalks off spinach. Cut onion into fine rings & soak in milk for 20-30 minutes. Drain & rinse. Mix it all up and add vinaigrette. If serving to small kids, re-arrange salad to hide some of bacon and fetta under spinach & onion, so that grownups have a sporting chance of getting a bit. Don't overdo fetta as this will oversalt the final taste. You should probably use less bacon too, but 2-3 rashers allows for bacon piracy by assorted persons during preparation.

Gina said...

hope your wrist feels better! Love the cherry banner : )

Blossom said...

icing is wonderful.....
Wool is gorgeous.........
bacon yummy

Eleanor said...

Oh.my.god. Is that Journeymama who commented above? You know Journeymama? Her comment sounds very informal, like YOU KNOW HER. I am stunned and envious.

Now, you know I can't help you with the bacon issue. Sorry...never even tasted it...ever.

Suse said...

Yeah, I meant to title the post


And yes, Rae is JourneyMama. (?)

Thanks everyone for myriad wonderful recipes!!

ps. Joke, I've seen knitted bacon. I kid you not.

fifi said...

I was thinking you could throw lumps of bacon at the frogmouth, or leave it about for the digging creatures.

There are many uses for bacon. So so many.

My daughter is reading Twelfth Night. I must get out that film. If she even looks like thinking about myspace she is diverted by Shakespeare quick smart.
I certainly wish she was in some kind of production of it.

helen garner:
she is speaking at my uni later in the year.
So am I.
To say I am shitting myself would be an understatement...:-0
perhaps I will wear my lucky scarf!

Joke said...

Whatever you do, do NOT discard any bacon drippings.

These can be refrigerated/frozen and added to other, more neutral, lipids (say, canola or "vegetable" oil) and without really any major health concern.


jenny said...

hi, if your bacon is sliced like the american kind,
line a baking sheet with a single layer and sprinkle a good bit of brown sugar on top. bake at 350 degrees farenheit until crisp but not burnt!

oooohhhh, billionaire bacon!
we call it pork candy in my house.

sherry said...

It's winter, right? Twice backed jacket potatoes with bacon and cheddar. Potato and leek soup with bacon. Pea soup with bacon (duh.) My mother-in-law takes the cheapest kind of baked beans, washes off the tomato sauce, then throws them in a pan with LOTS of sauteed onions, cooked bacon, a generous amount of brown sugar and a very liberal sprinkling of black pepper. It goes over very well at BBQ's. And there's the broccoli and bacon salad with the sweet dressing that was all the rage 10 years ago.

peppermintpatcher said...

Cherries look fabulous.

Could it be the owl digging up the trees? You already know it's up all night...

427 bacon recipes here:

Do you have enough bacon to make them all?

Elizabeth said...

Okay, late to the party (again) and so am enjoying the comments as much as the post.
Have bacon recipes.
I love that commenters all unabashedly love bacon (including vegetarian)
Who is this Journeymama and why should we be envious?
Love the cherry banner.
Strawberry bookmark, skein of yarn AND Tim Tams.
Well, you asked...

Angela said...

Ah, Suse (aka WiseOne), teach me the ways of blog banner making. Consulting the oracles (books at the library, Google and Blogger Help) have resulted in brain fog turning to brain freeze.

All blogaspheric assistance, advice, pointing me to more knowledgeable Oracle sources would be greatly appreciated!