13 August 2008

the random wednesday

• one wonders why sporting commentators still refer to the girls' swimming but the men's basketball

• where are the boys and women then huh? Lost in the 1950s?

• septic tanks need pumping out every three years. It takes about an hour and is very smelly but thankfully is over by 9.45am

• a manic moment wherein one creates seven new banners for one's blog, results in too little sleep and an urge to upload a new banner every day for a week but on reflection the strawberry one will suffice for a few weeks

• when the head honcho of the institution takes exception to something you write (which you have to write because it happened and thus must be recorded because duh THAT'S YOUR JOB) and throws a tantrum everyone takes pity on you and someone takes you out for coffee every day thus far since it happened

• the best kind of boss is one who not only takes you and jobshare bloke out for coffee but suggests it would be fun to stop at the nearby op shop afterward where she buys a trinket for her daughter, jobshare bloke buys a 1940s show tunes record for 35c and you score a large bag of crocheted granny squares for $5

• who wants to see the contents of the bag of granny sqaures then?

• wordtwist score is 140; 5th amongst my 'friends'

• monthly broadband used up and it's not even halfway through the month

• are those pains carpal tunnel?

• above three dot points connected much?

• reading Sarah Dunant's The Birth of the Venus love love love edit: finished!

• knitting a green vest why why why?

• stupid dog at next door's compost bin again

• cat terrified of septic tank truck

• sick of clotheshorses decorating the family room. Ready for spring and the clothesline please

• thank heavens the Australians didn't march out in yellow blazers with koalas on the back. Quite liked the blue sucked ice block look but too laconic and we're-aussies-see-how-laid-back-we-are. At least no drizabones and stockmens hats. The French and the Yanks looked good. Canadians' turn to look like they'd vomited on each others' trousers.

• trousers a word not often used these days.

• trews, even less

• rather fond of old fashioned apparel words: bonnet, petticoat, tippet, stockings, trews, bloomers, plus-fours, garter, etc. edit: pinny and breeches too
(segue into)
• Son #1 is playing Sebastian in Twelfth Night and his best friend will be wearing the yellow cross gartered stockings

• bread machine just pinged, washing machine beeped; ah the tyranny of modern domesticity. See you next week.

collection of granny squares from the op shop yesterday

Note to self: polish those boots


campbellgirl said...

Wow, what a score those grannies are, you lucky thing! Loved your miscellany, could relate to so many items only too well, LOL!
Cheers, Diane

Laura Jane said...

Multi-tasking up a storm again, Suse, I see.

MAJOR score on the granny squares! Such cool colour selection! Woo-hoo - can't wait to see what you produce with those!

Stomper Girl said...

The one I hate is "ladies" as in the ladies tennis final. If it's ladies it's gentlemen as far as I'm concerned. I'm starting a movement. It's the semi-finals of the gentlemans hockey.

My apostrophes are all over the shop.

CurlyPops said...

Fantastic score with the granny squares...I can't believe your boss actually took you op shopping, wow!
What is it this month with the internet? Everyone is heading over the limit...very sad.

twolimeleaves said...

$5?? Go YOU!!

You, girl/lady, you!

That craps me out so much, that "girls sport" thing. I blame David Koch.

Don't have carpal tunnel but I do suffer from the Scramble RSI.

Frogdancer said...

How weird! I'm reading that book too.

bluemountainsmary said...

I like the strawberry banner.

I like the granny squares.

I really like the sound of your boss ( and your jobshare bloke!)

M said...

I just have to add:

Why do the beach volleyball ladies wear skimpy bikinis and the beach volleyball boys where baggy shorts and t-shirts? Are we lost in a 1970s soft-porn movie timewarp?

Vent over.

peppermintpatcher said...

Let me know if you find out what that pain is. I have been wondering the same thing...

innercitygarden said...

It's so sad to think someone diligently crocheted all those squares and then couldn't join them up. But so lovely to think they've been found by someone who can.

Work sucks sometimes, glad you've got a good team. My sister out law has been getting the silent treatment from her Communications girl. (who clearly isn't grown up enough to be a woman)

Elizabeth said...

Do folk Down Under not own the evil but terribly efficient clothes dryers?
How else does one shrink clothes by accident?

Do you hate the term Down Under?

Nice granny square find!
Is there enough for a blanket?

blackbird said...

You can work the green vest into your wardrobe, it just takes some planning.
Or applique some granny squares on it and call it a day.

Molly said...

If the person who made those granny squares has died she must have smiled hugely when she looked down and saw who they went home with!

Jen said...

Bautiful granny squares--they made my morning. Funny you should mention a green vest. That's what I'm hoping to make Olive when I can finally prodice a batch of spun yarn that's knitworthy.

Julia said...

I really like your strawberry banner, it definitely deserves a few weeks of air time!

louise said...

I loathe 'a pant'(instead of pants), and I used to wear pinnies, where have they gone?
You might have to wear special wrist braces to bed, but a physio told a friend that those wrist guards for skateboarding (from K Mart)will suffice, and are a lot cheaper.
Lovely squares.

herhimnbryn said...

A fine week of 19-20 degrees here, means laundry is out in the breeze on the Hills Hoist.

Do you rememeber trendy Granny square tank tops?:)

katiecrackernuts said...

I like the strawberries. Spotted it yesterday but was on a manic blog squizz.
Coffee/s sound good.
Does it feel like you've bruised your forearm? Yeap? Seek help. (Well that's what my partner says, I'll let you know when I have actually sought help. I am still hoping it will go away).
I have bush rats in my compost bin.
What are trews?
A bread machine? Oh dear. Really? I had an image of you in the bonnet, petticoat, stockings, bloomers and so forth, tending a wood-fired stove. Poof, up in smoke. I'll have to add some technology to the image.

Suse said...

Trews definition here.

Also, pinnies and breeches, thank you!

Katie, I am a modern working woman remember, perfectly at home with modern technology. (That was a joke. I am technically dyslexic in reality).

Off to K mart.

ps. finished The Birth of Venus and you should all go read it.

belinda said...

I'm with you on the girls/womens business, drives me mad.

As do the womens' beach volleyball uniforms - can they be called a uniform when so little material is involved?

And my last olympics rant - the commentary has all gone to hell when we have to listen to Tom bloody Williams! Geez...

Love the banner, and love the sound of your boss - the op shop? Boss of the year award for that lady!

Great score on the granny squares.
As for pinnies, bring them back I say.
Well maybe just the use of the word, not so much the wearing of :)

myartemismoon said...

Do galoshes, wellingtons, gaberdines or macintoshes make the list? they always make my rainy day.

rhubarbwhine said...

What a busy Wednesday!

joke said...

I'm with Stomper on that one.


P.S. Do the commentators really say men's/girl's? They'd be lynched ovah heah.

shula said...

Good score.

Lesley said...

I'm with everyone on the girls and women piss-off, and the ridiculous women's volleyball thong-wear. They don't have enough curves to merit bikinis!
I seriously disliked the Australians' tacky satin blue bomber jackets — and since when did baseball caps enter our sartorial vernacular, sporting or otherwise? Bet they'll be wearing them backwards when it's closing time.
I've always fancied a furbelow when it comes to ye olde fashions ...

Joke said...

P.S. Just tell people about your faaaaaaaaaaahhhhbulous "distressed leather" boots. Then they'll fawn slavishly over your footwear.

You'll have millions of minions.

Tish said...

Just read a book where they wore braies (trousers). And my first thought upon seeing the womens' beach volleyball "uniforms" was that 1) I don't even want to think about where all that sand is ending up when they dive for those balls and 2) I hope the Olympic Village has good drain traps in the showers! My kids still wear pinneys, but here (US) they are sleeveless, brightly colored (usually) nylon vests that go over a t-shirt (or bare chest) in gym class (or pick-up games or when little Johnny shows up at the game without his jersey...) to identify the teams.

Suse said...

Braies! Furbelows! Galoshes! Wonderful stuff.

Tish, there can't be too many people in the world called Tish, but my godmother is one of them.

Victoria said...

1. The blog banner is so so good. It would be interesting if you changed it every day but beyond the call of duty.
2. I was ranting about that same thing this morning while watching the news - they were calling the women swimmmers "girls" over and over, idiotic.
3. How brilliant is that pile of granny squares you got!
4. Love and adore the socks and shoes pics below.

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