5 September 2008

cleaning up my act

Perhaps it's the onset of Spring that's inspired me to knit cleaning materials?

In between the tending to a sick child (#2), the parent-teacher interview (#2), the violin concert (#1), the continuing de-lousing (#3), the clearing out of outgrown clothes (#3), the cheering on at soccer matches (#2, 3 and Mr Soup), and the attendance at a blogmeet (me yay!),

I have been maniacally knitting washcloths.

Or dishcloths.


granny's favourite dishcloth

They're quick.

granny's favourite dishcloth

They're easy.

basketweave dishcloth

They're soft and cottony.

smocked dishcloth

They fit in my handbag and can be worked on in odd moments.


And they're ever so slightly ... addictive.

Vital statistics
8 ply cotton in Parchment, from Bendigo Woollen Mills
3.75mm wooden needles
Patterns here and here.


M said...

And they look fabulous.

I too am madly knitting washcloths/discloths/flannels. Aren't we just so depression era!

Must check out Bendigo Woollen Mills.

Amy said...

they are just lovely! This is a project that I have on the back burner right now...too many "baby" items to check off my list first, but I do just adore these little dish cloths!

Thimbleanna said...

And they're very, very pretty!

blackbird said...

Everyone else has beaten me to it -
They are a perfect example of how simple household objects can ALSO be beautiful.

tut-tut said...

I especially like the diamond ones!

fifi said...

I dont know how anybody could even consider plunging one of those little artworks into the pit of sludge that usually resides in my sink. it would be a travesty.

I would have to put them up on the wall. Or somewhere.

I couldn't have them soiled. No.

String Bean said...

I am not a dish/wash cloth knitter, but I still have the one you knit for me. Still love it.

Stomper Girl said...

I've just finished my own basket-weave one, and you are right; they are a thoroughly enjoyable project even for novices like me!

Joke said...

Watch me exhaust my knowledge of knittery:

Those _____cloths remind me of Aran sweaters.

Thank you, please hold your applause.


meggie said...

They do, indeed, look far too nice for grungy kitchen pursuits.
Bathing one's itching body... well, that might just be another matter.

docwitch said...

They are so gorgeous! I don't think I could use them for dirty things. But as I'm not a knitter, if I managed to create any piece of knitting half as polished as that, I'd most likely frame it.

Isabelle said...

My Granny used to knit those. She was one of the nicest person in the whole world. But even in her memory, I couldn't do anything greasy with those.

RW said...

I love the basket weave one. Are they really not difficult?

Rima said...

Hello Suse, wow, what a great blog.. lovely to meet you and thanks for kind words and purchase of concertina playing mouse :)
All the very best to you from Scotland

Fairlie said...

I've never seen as many washcloths in my life as I have around the blog-traps lately! And I never knew before this year that they could be knitted.

Yours are particularly lovely.

kim tori said...

Those are beautiful. The smocked one looks particularly lovely.

Rae said...

They're lovely. I was really, really addicted to knitting those Mason Dixon slip stitch basket weave dishcloths for a while.

So I totally understand.

Lesley said...

Could you sew them all together and have a lovely blankie?

janet clare said...

I've been crocheting mine this time! And I've had to give up on the beautiful white and cream varieties in favour of a more realistic and practical blue and green- it appears we are too scruffy for white dishcloths!

Zinna said...

Well written article.