29 October 2008



I don't know what kind of bird laid this egg, but the colour was exquisite.

impossibly tiny

I do know who laid this unbelievably tiny one though.

A Welcome Swallow (they are also known as House Swallows). That pair of tiny birds that live outside the laundry door in their little striped mud nest are now proud parents. They fly in and out all.day.long and every now and then when I venture out to the clothesline with a[nother] basket of washing I catch a glimpse of a fluffy wee head or a gaping beak poking above the rim of the nest.

When she takes one of her rare breaks on the shed roof, I swear I can see exhaustion in the mother bird's eyes.


fifi said...

oh, oh oh,

how completely wonderful.

this morning I found a tiny abalone wit all the outside part missing, and only the nacreous part remaining. Strange, and fragile also.

M @ EasternMax said...

Poor little mummy. Same the world over, no matter the species.

eurolush said...

I love tiny speckeled bird eggs.

Please give my best regards to your new feathered friends.

shula said...

Some things are Truly Universal.

Eleanor said...

Lucky you to witness it all!

Judi said...

Isn't springtime wonderful?
Welcome swallow indeed!

blackie said...

wonderful. i used to collect little eggshells like treasures as a girl.

congrats on the mixtape article.

BigCat said...

It sounds truly wonderful to see. That egg is beautiful isn't it.

Char said...

Do you have robins? In the US a blue shell like that one is normally laid by robins.