20 October 2008

place marker

I'm back from the most wonderful Craft Retreat at the best ever location. Details to come when all the photos are uploaded. Suffice to say I have got mah sewin' mojo baaack ...

In the meantime, a little housekeeping and linky love for you.

I have been the blushing recipient of three blog awards lately from a trio of amazing women. Thank you so much.

Some more goodness from the interwebs ...

... to make you laugh out loud,

make you weep delicious happy little tears,

or smile happily and nod along.

I was amused recently at the fact that by merely commenting on a blog I managed to be quoted in The Australian. Famous! For blogging!

And I know I'm repeating myself but I just love going back and listening to that gorgeous gorgonzola video. (Made just for me me me.) So here it is again for those who missed it.

Finally, I can't remember how I wandered into the mystical land where the hermitage lies, but I'm oh so glad I did. Because it led to a little mouse coming to live on my kitchen window sill ...

accordian playing mouse in an eggcup

He came all the way from the wilds of Scotland, accompanied by another little fellow who brought his own transport. Thank you Rima, I feel privileged to have these in my home.

button house for a button mouse

And now, back to domestica. How does one bathroom get so filthy? I was only gone two days.


bluemountainsmary said...

Where to start?

The gorgeous banner?

The lovely Rima - I must buy something from her!

Going back and catching up on your previous posts and having my head filled with images of golden light and lemon cakes and colourful boats?

It is SO good to be back and catching up!!

ellen said...

You are a true gem!

meggie said...

That cheese video always cracks me up.

Abouth the bathroom... it is all the males. If there be males, there be messy bathrooms!

peppermintpatcher said...

and how does the floor get so dusty when no one is even home?

Thanks for the reminder that life is indeed good!

herhimnbryn said...

I shall follow all the links, but have to say how pleased I am tha tyou have found The Hemitage. It is a wonderful place!

herhimnbryn said...

Ah, that was good. Have just spent a pleasant half hour wandering through the links in your post.

String Bean said...

Wonderful illustrations!

Thanks for the link love. :)

tut-tut said...

Rima is indeed wonderful. Have you listened to Tui's music?? Get thee a CD (or download).

nutmeg said...

Lucky I checked on the Hermitage link before I commented as I was thinking you were talking about the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg and then I was going to tell you of a novel I recently finished that was set in The Hermitage during WWII - The Madonnas of Leningrad - and it was good, though ended rather abruptly. But now that I'm not going to tell you that ... I'll visit The Hermitage blog instead!

docwitch said...

I'm now convinced that is the only way to pronounce 'gorgonzola'.

Some wonderful links I've been exploring here. I'm in love with Rima's work. The Hermitage is sheer magic. I've had my eye on some of her prints lately. And I covet one of her clocks.

Love your comment that ended up in The Australian - hehehe.

Kirti said...

wow what a place, just made for crafting sisters! you deserve the praise Ms soup, soak it up. Bathrooms....who'd have them?

Rima said...

Hello Suze, I was just pointed here by someone who found me via you, what a lovely place it is, and so pleased you loved these mousie fellows..
I'm going to be ever so cheeky and point out that the link to my blog is a little bit wrong.. it should be intothehermitage.blogspot.com
:) Thanks very much for the nice things you say about my hermitage ... I shall be adding you to my links :)
All bests from chilly Scotland

Suse said...

Sorry Rima. Link now fixed!

Fioleta said...

Love your new blog header.

Rima's work is magical. I have one of her prints, sitting on my desk framed.