4 November 2008

Kitchen poetry : : 1

sunlight on the oven

A week of kitchen poetry, hosted by Simple Sparrow.

You can play too.

Note: I'll keep comments open in my giveaway (scroll down a post) for the rest of the week while I'm participating in Kitchen Poetry. Please feel free to enter if you haven't already!


cristy said...

I love this idea so I have jumped on the bandwagon. Thank you!

docwitch said...

Beautiful image!

I love this idea, but have to admit I'm a bit dubious about doing it myself. I think mine might turn out to be bad kitchen poetry. I may give it a try...

Eleanor said...

This evening
In my kitchen
The counters are a mess,
My towels dirty,
To this I must confess.

As I sit down at the table,
Sticky jam crumbs,
Putrid plate,
I imagine different kitchens,
Different lighting,
Different fate.

Then I frame these different kitchens,
In my teatowels of delight,
And I hang them from the ceiling,
Watching them
As they take flight.

For kitchen photographs
From elsewhere
Can be very entertaining,
When it's late,
And very messy,
And I cannot complaining.

P.S. I just noticed that you do not have word verification!

Eleanor said...

"cannot STOP complaining."

It is past my Tuesday bedtime, sorry.

eurolush said...

Love the kitchen poetry idea.

Your photo is quite nice with the shaft of sunlight spilling across the room.

Here's a shout out to the poetry goddess, Eleanor...yet another amazing poem!