5 November 2008

Kitchen poetry : : 2

Turkish trivet

A nightly ritual.

The little two-person teapot sits ready, just waiting for the mister and I to take a cup of tea and our books (me: The Virgin in the Garden by A S Byatt; him: Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem by Peter Ackroyd) to bed.

The pretty blue and red trivet was a recent gift from my friend L who holidayed in Turkey last month.

ps. Did you all read yesterday's comments? Our resident poet and storyteller Eleanor wrote a poem to go with my first kitchen poetry post. I told her I expect one each day now, so do keep a look out.


Jean said...

It is the simple things in life that I seem to enjoy the most. It seems to me that your evenings end in a joyful ceremony that bring comfort to you both. It will be interesting to see the poetry.

Toni said...

I LOVE to read in bed with my husband...what a pretty teapot. Nice photo!

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Sigh! I wish he would read in bed.

However I think I might adopt the ritual anyway.

The tea doesn't keep you awake?

Pavlov's Cat said...

What classy and excellent reading matter you and the mister have got going there -- they are both brilliant books.

The beautiful photo reminds me of that fabulous shot of the teacup and saucer from directly above in The Piano. And you have inspired me to go to Oxfam, where I know they have them, and get one of those lovely coaster/teapot-stand thingies.

Eleanor said...

Dear Suse,

Oh I do love a poetic challenge. Thing is, your photographs are already so poetic that they practically dictate the poem to me.

So here is today's kitchen poem, sent to you quickly, because I have to go make dinner now!

Tea for two

Every evening
Every evening,
Every single time,
I remember his reciting of
That nursery rhyme.

O, you know the one,
With the handle,
The spout,
With the shout
And, of course,
All of that
Pouring out.

Then I go to the entrance
Of his now-private room,
But I do not go in,
No, I don’t even knock,
For my grown up boy’s
Little boy time clock’s
Run out.

But I do not despair
(For it is nature’s law)
And I know that behind me,
Down the dark corridor,
Stands a man who is waiting
(Perfectly on cue)
With a couple of books
And a teapot for two.

Zoe said...

Don't you have to get up and wee if you have tea in bed?

Curious minds and all that.

BMM took five years of training my partner to read in bed, but it's been worth it ;)

eurolush said...

There's nothing better than a good book at the end of a long day...except maybe reading that book while lying in a cozy, warm bed feeling a little sleepy. I get some of my best reading done at night.

Glad I seem to post my comments later than Eleanor's--that way I don't miss out on her poetry.

PS-Cute tea pot and trivet!

M said...

I love tea and book in bed. It's what I do when Firegazer is away. Bliss. That pot is making me thirsty.

docwitch said...

Exquisite teapot, and likewise nightly ritual.

I have to admit to not being able to get through A.S Byatt. I have tried. Wish I could. Which of hers do you most recommend?

I know, I am a philistine. Or maybe just a bit of a slapper.

btw - I still have my beady eye on that cherry ripe wool...

sherri s. said...

Heaven...reading in bed with one's other; the pattering of rain would make it perfect (I live in Calif. where that doesn't happen very often so when it does we're gleeful!). Lovely trivet...