7 November 2008

Kitchen poetry : : 3

raffle tickets, school newsletter, apples, clutter

sundowner apples, raffle ticket butts, school newsletter ...

my kitchen bench is frequently all of a clutter


Gina said...

Clutter is a necessary part of the kitchen - well it is in my house anyway!

Emma said...

Clutter and kitchens are made for each other. I have a bunch of raffle tickets on my bench at the moment too.

serenitymeadow said...

Your kitchen poetry is lovely...and what a sweet little blue tea for two pot in yesterday's post. I LOVE the ritual of tea....just making a pot calms me down.

Isabelle said...

Very very pretty. (But where's the Gorgonzola?)

seed said...

I love your practice skirt.

Am wondering if you would care to answer some questions regarding Steiner education.

Suse said...

Sure. My email address is up there in my sidebar if you would like to contact me.

Eleanor said...


I begged
His pardon
In that secret

We both knew
What was said
Cleaned the kitchen
And made the bed.

The bed I made
I slept there too,
The linen washed
For comfort true.
I dreamed
And planned
To stop one day,
But that same true
Got in the way.

Raffle tickets
Printed paper
Family photos
Later, later,
Kitchen counter
Hearth and home
Careless thankyou
Time-rushed poem.

Until one morning,
On a screen,
I saw beyond
The neat and clean.

I saw
A smiling woman
In a house
Beside a tree,
A tiny apple
And posting it
To me.

Stomper Girl said...

Hmm. Your kitchen bench clutter gives poetry? I just get clutter.

eurolush said...

I like this kitchen poetry idea... especially when Eleanor's involved. She adds poetic flare to your photos.

PS- Do you mind if I take a large bite from one of those apples?

Maria Rose said...