9 December 2008

I don't have time to blog

bird in cage, from Jodie

But I'm here anyway. I need to break up the Advent posts or we get a bit same old same old around here. So here are some unrelated snippets for your edification.

The little birdcage ornament was a gift from the gorgeous Jodie at ric-rac (ages ago). Thank you Jodie! (Reasons to love the internets #873).

What else? I finished my Luminare socks and have already cast on and done several inches on the next sock, which will be a pair for the mister. I'm in denial about how ugly they are turning out to be. It's the thought (not to mention the hours and hours of knitting) that counts, right? Photos to come, unless I frog them due to aforementioned ugliness problem.

The smallest person in the house is happier. Thank heavens.

I seem to have something on every single night for two weeks, with the exception of tonight hence the not really having time to blog and should be being in bed status.

Posh work dinner last night, for which I purchased clothing! I haven't bought a new frock or anything for a function for years, except from the op shop. I was at Magnolia Square market on the weekend and when my friend heard about the dinner she decided we should look for a dress for me. I stroked one at a stall nearby and nearly fainted at the $850 price tag. At a market! Do people really go to markets expecting to pay that kind of money? Clearly they do, in Malvern. I was looking for something hovering around the $60 mark, personally, and there's still guilt at that price when I can get perfectly good at the oppy ... sew it myself for fraction of ... etc etc yeah you know the rest.

Yikes. Anyway I ended up in Myer buying a beautiful white linen and cotton cross between a jacket and a blouse, with lots of pleaty gathery bits and two of its three buttons missing so got it for 20% off although the price was still guilt inducing, not to mention the jacket I also bought because it will be 'so useful for work'. Ahem. Anyway, a quick dash to Spotlight to purchase three magnificent mother-of-pearl buttons for the white blousejacket, and I was all set. Teamed it with my long black velvet (op shop years ago) skirt, and the posh black shoes and felt rather swish. Son #2 took a photo of us all gussied up for the dinner, however he positioned me carefully in front of our stained glass window and I look like I have a halo in all the shots. I also looked like the wait staff but in higher heels. Oh well.

Tomorrow the elder two finish school for the year, but the youngest still has a week and a half to go. As you might expect he is seriously pissed off at this gross injustice. He felt better when I announced that his brothers have dentist appointments tomorrow after school break up.

The booklists for next year have come home, reminding us that they will all be moving up a year after Christmas. The grunting teenager will be in Class 9 and I am kind of in denial about that. Again. The middle child starts high school (Class 7!) but this feels less of a milestone as he's already at the school so it's just a shift to the room next door (he got a coveted place at the school at the beginning of this year). And littlest will be in Class 4. Again with the yikes. How can this be? And he'll be ten soon so they will all be in double figures. Where did those nappy and pram days go? When did I get so old?

Nearly the witching hour; time for bed.

Although that reminds me I have some things to say about my current audio book, Tobsha Learner's The Witch of Cologne. I hadn't read any of Learner's books before, but it had good blurbs from respected critics on the cover so I picked it up. It's kind of compelling but there's rather a lot of sex. I'm subjected to copious descriptions of pendulous breasts and aching loins at around 9.10 am each day on the freeway, which isn't really my cup of tea. Plus it's read by an Australian actress with exaggerated dick-see-yun, desperately making sure the vast sums spent at ello-cue-see-yun lessons and drama class weren't wasted. One can almost hear her leaning towards the microphone, throat thrust forward, emoting passionately. It's tiresome, frankly. But as I said, the story is compelling. And historically interesting, with lots of tidbits about midwifery, witches, Inquisitors, Jews, heretics et al.

Prior to that I listened to In My Father's Den by Maurice Gee. Excellent, moving, and beautifully understatedly read.

Two minutes till the witching hour, let's see if I can hit PUBLISH before the clock ticks over.

Edited to say, that time stamp is wrong. It's not 11.17 it's 11.58pm. Must fix.


tut-tut said...

I almost never go on ravelry, but for some I know, it's an obsession . . .

Sarah said...

I worry that my Advent posts will all be the same as last year! I had forgotten that our kids are the same age. Lou is almost 10 and in 4th, Hels is in 7th. What are the book lists?

fifi said...

ha. I have always looked at the Tobsha Learner and put it back down hurriedly. Don't know why, exactly.

I can't seem to get christamssy at all. The year ending is a big one, and the little person unhappy, and I don't have a tree.

I think you would have looked lovely in the new outfit: I, on the other hand , can spend vast sums on clothes and make them look like they are from k mart, whereas you can do quite the opposite, evidently.

hmm. yr 9 eh? we could marry off our eldest(s) and save them and us such a whole lot of trouble and worry. Great idea.

Stomper Girl said...

I've heard that the Magnolia Markets are tres posh. I don't think I could even pay that much for a dress in a bridal boutique, it would just feel so extravagant.

Who is the over-enunciated actress?

Jodie said...

My grunting teenager is in yr 9 next year as well. He seems to have had all his consonants removed and can only reply with varied vowel sounds....I'm sure it will pass.
Who can justify paying that much money for something just to cover up their bits??? Seriously!!! (ooh I nearly typed what is the world coming too - but it sounded like my mother so I stopped myself just in time)

docwitch said...

Good to hear your boy is feeling happy again.

I was disappointed by The Witch of Cologne. But I never have had much patience with bodice-rippers - which to me is what it felt like on the whole. And I felt it really lost its way towards the end. Having said that, there are some really interesting moments, and I liked the midwifery history bits.

Now I too am curious as to who the narrator is!

The Maurice Gee novel is one I really enjoyed. I'd love to get it in talking book format.

tamara said...

I am still somewhat scarred by reading that particular book a year or two back. Don't know if I could have stood it narrated.
Do tell: who is the over-enunciated one?

Jo said...

suse, I love it when you 'don't have time to blog', so riveting!! When I don't have time to blog, I just don't blog ~ your way is much. more. interesting :D

eurolush said...

Love the bird cage ornament...

It's been so long since I've "dressed-up." I would kill for heels and a beautiful dress.

Glad you had such a nice grown-up evening out...

fifi said...

I have never paid that much for a dress. I meant to ask, what kind of dress was it for goodness sakes? I'm intrigued.

oh, just so you know, I bought a pair of heels on sale and actually wore them, for a whole day: god, I felt so grown up. As opposed to grown old.

The Awakened Heart said...

Wonderful. Love the advent stuff. Must try and get into the Christmas Spirit. I've nominated you for an award. Pop on over to my blog for a squiz at what it is.

Mon said...

I've been admiting that birdcage gift, lucky you, it's adorable.

Thanks for the heads-up on The Witch of Cologne, will give it a miss methinks.

Don't know why, but I'm always fascinated by people whi listen to books. *shrug*

Victoria said...

Yes, there is something on nearly every night right now - I feel so grinchy about it. Need to stay home!!! more!!

shula said...

I had a long and complex dream, last night, that you gave the Smallest Person to me.

Interestingly, he was quite a bit smaller than in Real Life.

busygnomes said...

I've being reading you wonderful blog for about 2 months now, so I thought I would say hi,All of a sudden I've just realised that my boys are growing up, and that I'm getting older, sometimes I see first time mums, and I envy them, what they have to look forward to, I keep thinking this phase I'm in, will pass,(because I can't keep having babies to pretend I'm young) but after reading this post, I'm not so sure! carpe diem

Jess said...

Thanks for recommending In My Father's Den - I'd never heard of it before, and my library just happened to own the audio (but not the book!) and you're right - it was a beautifully understated reading.