12 December 2008

T and J, I can't believe we are now in our forties

Supper Club.  Wednesday night.

It's a good thing isn't it, catching up with old friends. Like, really old friends.

Friends from those golden olden days before kids (mine), divorces (others') and wrinkles (all of ours). T (of the sugarbowl), J and I met at work about 17 years ago when we were the three young bloods of our department, and then again on Wednesday night, only slightly more crumpled and thickened around the middle.

We gossiped about old work colleagues and swapped stories of who had turned up where (we all still work at universities, just different ones) and who still has a job (ha! not funny considering ...) and who beats whom on Wordtwist and who knows about elven bloodlust and generally had a marvellous old time. We probably bored the crap out of J's partner - I noticed her eyes glaze over as we embarked on yet another story about work.

We watched the light on the steeples fade and the sky turn a brilliant deep blue. We lounged on the old leather sofas and spoke of how we should be drinking cognac, not tea.

T told more of her famous anecdotes. I reminded her of my favourite one thus far, about how Helen Garner, with whom T had a passing friendship, told her that when she was naming the protagonist of Monkey Grip chose Nora specifically because it can be shortened to an unflattering Gnaw. Just as Helen is abbreviated to Hell. So T told me another literary anecdote which is now my new favourite. T doesn't have a blog (but by golly she should, it'd be bloody fantastic and you would all go and read it, wouldn't you, yes you would. You tell her that in the comments, ok?) so I will tell it here. When we all worked at our previous university in the city, we would all go to the Vic Market in our lunch hour and get our weekly fruit and veg. One day T had done her shopping when a friend in publishing rang her and suggested drinks after work, casually mentioning that a couple of "author folk" would be there. T agreed, and, burdened with several bulging plastic bags full of veggies, looking hot and dishevelled and much like a bag lady (I'm embellishing here, cos T doesn't have a blog so can't defend herself and she probably doesn't read my blog anyway any more anyway), turned up to the venue.

It turned out to be the Hyatt.

And the author folk? Whom T met, while juggling her plastic bags of fresh produce? A.S. Byatt and Vikram Seth.

Love it.

And by now T will be back in Perth and online again, so please excuse me while I go thrash her at Wordtwist.


trashalou said...

Wordtwist??? What is this? Some wordish game of twisty fun? I think we should be told more!!!

Btw - would totally go and read that blog!

tut-tut said...

Beautiful photo; I think it illustrates your evening stupendously. I would read T's blog, especially as she seems to have just fabulous connections!

Pen said...

Yep I would read that blog.

But if I keep adding blogs to read I'm going to have to give up my day job.

docwitch said...

Great pic - and it's a very pleasant spot up there when it's not too crowded.

I love old friendships, and travelling through the bumps of life with those connections intact. Although it was sobering to realise that two of my friendships are 25 years old, (considering I'm 37 - that's a long time).

Perhaps more amazing than anything is the fact that you've all survived, and continue to work in the university industry. Sheesh - that's quite a feat. Any tips? How's about youse three write a book about it? The title should have the words 'university', 'hell' and 'not dead yet' in it. Please include anecdotes about vegie shopping and horribly famous writers.

And here's a message for that blogless friend of yours: get a blog please. This instant.

Jen said...

What a beautiful night sky. I've never seen anything like it here in Chi-town.

Isabelle said...

Enjoy being in your forties, because horribly soon one is in one's fifties and in my case, not even there for very much longer.

I have a friend whom I've known for 53 years now. Which is quite scary.

Victoria said...

A.S. Byatt - I would die. I am also a serious fan of Helen Garner even though it's uncool to admit it.

Victoria said...

p.s. forgot to say my email isn't letting me send any messages, I'll send you my address when it starts working again... I'm excited!

Backwoods Boogie said...

Thank you for your blog. It is my first time reading & I love it!!