23 December 2008

tiny knitted acorn pattern


Finally, a little Christmas gift for you knitters.

These little whimsies make lovely Christmas decorations, bookmarks (early prototype seen here), or just delightful additions to your nature table. (Sorry about that last link - you have to scroll down quite a way through all sorts of waffle to find the acorns ...)

Anyway, wanna have a go? Ok.

To knit this in the round:
scraps of fine yarn, set of four 2mm dpns

Using the colour for the body (not the cap) of the acorn, cast on 6 stitches, place 2 stitches on each needle.
Round 1: kfb all around (12 stitches)
Round 2: knit
Round 3: kfb, k1, kfb, k1 etc all around (18 stitches)
Rounds 4-9: knit.
Round 10: Change to cap colour yarn, kfb all around (36 stitches)
Round 11: purl
Round 12: moss stitch (that's seed stitch, for you Americans)
Round 13: keeping moss stitch as correct as possible, decrease by two stitches per needle. Best decrease is p2tog, so you keep the little nubbly acorn-cap type lumps. (30 stitches)
Continue in moss stitch, decreasing by two stitches per needle until you have 18 stitches.
P2tog all around (9 stitches)
Stuff with wool fleece or polyfill.
P2tog all around (4 stitches)
P2tog (3 stitches)
Knit a tiny 3 stitch i-cord for a couple of rounds to make a stalk. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

You can make a little hanging loop if your acorn is to be a Christmas tree decoration, or continue the i-cord to make a key ring decoration, or even longer and finish with a tassel to make it a bookmark.

Enjoy. Please let me know of any errors or if anything's unclear - I'm unused to writing out patterns. And if you make one, please leave a link in the comments so I can come and see!

The pattern is on Ravelry here.



Lisa said...

thank you! that is a lovely little thing. happy holiday to you, too. cheers - Lisa

Eileen said...

I can't wait to try a few. Goes perfect with my business name ;)... Maybe we'll hang them all over the childcare room.

ellen said...

Please, is it o.k. to say, "Damn, I am so thrilled to have this pattern...and Damn it, I hope that I can do this?"
I have been an acorn aficionado,a true lover of all things oakish for ever.
My three grand children ranging in age from four through eleven, know so well to bring their Gams anything related to acorns. I was gifted today with a few acorns (though swollen and black with rain water and caps missing) by my nine year old grand son. He was so proud to have found them and I squealed in delight.
Thank you forever!

Gina said...

Very cute! Might have to try this so have printed off the pattern to peruse over the holidays.

Eleanor said...

So...it's not a give-away? I see.

Well...I have read your acorn poem and translated it (for myself and anyone else out there in your commentboxes who does not knit):

Cast on six,
Then place two,
Pick up sticks,
Don't have a clue.

KFB must be a code,
Purl then
Moss stitch
One for the road.

Acorn caps
She likes quite lumpy,
But mine I'm sure
Would just look frumpy.

Lettered numbers
Leave me in a
Peasoup fog.

Truth be told
I cannot knit,
But still Suse's acorn
Is a hit.

Maybe one day
She'll visit my home,
She'll teach me to knit
And I'll knit her a poem.

Anna said...

Oh, it's adorable! Thanks for sharing it while there's still time to make a few before Christmas!

rhubarbwhine said...

I am *so* with eleanor! It's divine, I am clueless.

Sarah said...

I'm going to try!

Mon said...

I'm with Eleanor, that was gobbledegook to me, but I plan to learn soon. I really like this little acorn as a decoration.

Isabelle said...

I shall speak nicely to my newly-knitting daughter... That's so pretty!

peppermintpatcher said...

Very sweet!

Stacey said...

Too cute! I've loved seeing your knitting and beautifully dyed wool this year.
Merry Christmas!

Wendy said...

I'm going to have to beg Jan to teach me how to do this. That ban on knitting and crochet for myself? Must have been for 2008...

Mary said...

thank you so much for the pattern, happy holidays o you and yours

molly said...

love this pattern! i've been crocheting little acorn caps, but i'd love to knit a few. thanks for sharing! i think i have just the right scraps of yarn for this project too.

littlerikagirl said...
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littlerikagirl said...

My cousin sent me this link while I was trying to learn how to knit bobbles for a bag. Never having knitted in a round before (or even used double pointed kneedles) I thought that this little acorn would make the perfect introductory project. I like a challenge! To see the finished product,
click here.

Kelsey-o! said...

Aaww. That's so cute!

Elisha said...

I usually detest DPNs, but I have to say, I am going to make this wonderful little acorn. I love acorns, and I am going to make the keyring version asap! :D

Elisha said...

I made my acorn keyring, though I felt there are a few too many rounds knitted, rounds 4 through 9, I think I will shorten to rounds 4, through 7, and my yarn for the cap was too thin, but I have it made and will be making more!

[url=http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b365/Elarielle/Crafted%20Items/IMG_1548.jpg]Link to a photo of my new keyring[/url]

Suse said...

Hi Elisha,
Wow it's lovely! Yes yours is a slightly different shape to mine (possibly because your yarns are different weights), but it's beautiful!!
Thanks so much for coming back to show me!

ps. if you're on Ravelry, please add your project to the pattern page!

Naomi said...

I love these adorable patterns!! I'm making this into a bookmark for a friend. For some reason I get a line of the body color after the new color starts. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Naomi said...

I just figured it out. The inside popped out the other way and I accidentally reversed my knitting. Went back and fixed it. Looks great now!

Molamola said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful pattern. I needed some acorns for a Totoro project I am working on and these were the only knitted ones I found (crochet is still kicking my rear).

Here is the link to my Acorn project on Ravelery: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Molamola/acorn

DarkestBlaze said...

Love this! I am making one that is baseball sized! Thank you for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I love this pattern! I taught myself to knit to make this. I have tried making 4 of these so far. Two came out great, but with the other 2 I seem to struggle with dropping stitches around row 17 and 18. Any hints on how to consolidate stitches across the needles without doing this?

Julia said...

hello, this is a wonderful work.
thanks so much for sharing.
I'm from Barcelona, Spain and I'm not very familiar with the patterns in English, in fact this is too complicated for me. Could you make a video tutorial? please, I'm in love with this little acorn, and I want to make my own.
thanks so much in advance.
Smiles from Barcelona

Homesteadgirl said...

Friends and I do advent sticks each year...we each make 5 each of 5 different little gifties, then get together to tie 25 different little items on a stick, each one wrapped in tissue paper. Our kids love them! So this year we've decided to build up each others' nature tables! Yours was the first acorn pattern I stumbled across...wrote it down on an envelope (no printer!) and am taking it to the beach today! Thanks! They're lovely.

Heather said...

Thank you so much for sharing your acorn pattern. I have an acorn-loving young friend and I've just made this for her birthday. I'm sure she'll love it.

Jan said...

Hi! I've had this little guy on the back burner for a while... so finally got to make one. I will be making more! Here's a peek :)



Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks.

Peggy said...

Hi Susan, thank you for this pattern! I made one today and just posted it on my blog. xoxo

Peggy said...

Susan, I fixed it, don't know how that happened! Come visit.