17 January 2009

long way up

I'm still sorting through photos so you're going to be bored with inundated by delighted with! Suse's Holiday Snaps just a bit longer before we move on.


On our last day, a couple of hours before hopping on the plane, we decided to go up to the top of the twentieth tallest building in the world.

Le Corbusier

Those in charge use famous quotes to make us believe the building is art.

Q1, 20th tallest building in the world

I'm not sure whether it's art, but it's impressive. And certainly very very tall.

South Pole, from Q1

Not to mention very very far away.


We stayed up there for quite a while, and became all thoughtful-like,

reflections on the floor

... and slightly competitive over size.

Dad's coffee

Then we had a coffee that cost almost as much as a small car,

Melbourne, from Q1

and went home.


K said...

Even on holiday, your toenails are done. Very impressive. (Nice sandals!)

I meant to say how much I liked the picture of the shiny red plane, but I don't seem to have...

Pavlov's Cat said...

I too noticed the toenails. When does a mother of three growing boys get time to do her toenails, even on hols? Or have you got them trained to do them for you? (If you haven't, I think you should get started on that one. Today.)

Natalie said...

Lovely pictures. It looks as though you've been some place wonderful.
What amuses me is this... you are writing from the future! Your today is my tomorrow... err... My today is your yesterday. Easily amused me.
Thank you for visiting my blog, for commenting. I look forward to having a look around Pea Soup.

sueeeus said...

I'm coveting that coffee sans price tag right now! And those are gorgeous sandals! Is that son#3 at the window looking so TALL?

Blue Mountains Mary said...

That height would have made me feel sick in the tummy.

And dizzy.

And fighting an impulse to jump.

peppermintpatcher said...

The view of the ocean is just spectacular.

Le Corbusier had nothing to do with that building - how random to put his quote there. Who know if he would have considered that particular building as art.

Suse said...

It's Son #2 being pensive at the window.

And I only ever paint my toenail while on holiday. The rest of the year they don't get a look in.

M said...

Oh, I think holiday toenail polish is a must. Blossom and I had our toes done last week in Perth. It's just what you do.

I'm not so good with heights - I would've stood a couple of metres from the window and asked others to describe the view.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Looks at you in your glitzy thongs!! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them with us!

Isabelle said...

Where on earth are they? I wondered. Where is the twentieth highest building in the world? So I Googled it. Ah yes, here it is: 20th highest building in the world. Click. And I got your Flickr page. Such a help!

But I've found it now.

All that blue sky! It's sunny here today, but it's a wishy-washy blue compared to that. However,I suspect it would have been rather too hot for a rosy-cheeked, burny Scot.

Welcome home.

BabelBabe said...

me too with the jumping urge...

and your toes are lovely. we never seem to see them, what with them being encased in socks and mary janes and such...

shula said...

Well, the tan thing did wonders for the feet.

They look gorgeous.

Badger said...

The sandals. I WANT.

The big tall building, not so much. Although the view of the beach is spectacular.

tiennie said...

Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for taking us along!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Good grief ! Surfer's Paradise has changed . I spent a week there in 1966, sleeping in someone's garage , and living off bananas and the odd 4-Square pie . Thankyou for the chance to wallow in nostalgia over a nice glass of wine !

meggie said...

How very neat your feet are!! I have to say... I hate the sight of the those tall buildings ruining the coast line.