4 April 2009

catch up

Oof, so much to tell.

• Son #2's indoor soccer team was in the grand final last night. They're a great bunch of boys (the parents aren't half bad either) and they have really come together as a team this season. Eleanor, who rather hit it off with Son #2 when they met the other week, texted me to ask when is the game and good luck! I was clutching my handbag to my lap nervously and actually felt the buzz that meant my phone was ringing (would never have heard it with all the noise and excitement) so was able to text back saying I was watching it right then, and the score was 2 all and oh oh oh it was all too nervewracking! From then on I kept my phone in my hand and spent the rest of the game updating with messages like Oh no, 3-2! and then later 4 all! and 4 all oh god my heart can't take it! with Eleanor texting encouraging smiley signs and ogod's and go go go! etc. Finally I was able to text triumphantly They won! Wow, it was kind of like liveblogging the match. Well, with an audience of one.

In the time honoured tradition of winning teams, all the boys and their families repaired to the local scottish restaurant for a celebratory meal and close examination of their trophies. The mister was pleased too as he was the coach for the season. Kind of. A sort of default situation as I don't think any of the other parents actually know the rules of indoor soccer. He shouted things like Ref! Sub please! a lot, and told the boys where to stand and whose turn it was in gaol goal, so that's being the coach, right?

• What else ...?

• I've been dyeing again. Kool Aid this time, thanks to my never ending supply from an extremely generous pal. Five skeins of sock wool in grape, green and cherry. I think the reds might end up being overdyed because they're candy pink rather than red. They are all hanging on the lounge room walls drying off right now (hooks and nails in odd places everywhere in this house) which makes for an interesting interior design look. Photos to come.

• I've also gone kind of crazy on my ravelry queue this week. Ahem. I think a shawl is up next. (Photo to come circa 2012).

• The middle child came home from a week of school cycling camp. It had been postponed three times due to the bushfires so by the time they actually left they were kind of keyed up. He came home positively grey with fatigue (he doesn't know how to pace himself, that one. It's full on, or unconscious; two speeds only. Soooo unlike my other two) but apparently they all had a fabulous time. At their school the children actually camp in tents and cook for themselves - none of this staying in dormitories and being fed canteen meals - so they work hard. They cycled around south Gippsland, the brave ones swam in the icy Antarctic waters (that'd be my child and a dozen others) and did a big ride into Wilsons Prom, scene of one of the summer's major bushfires. He said it was amazing to be surrounded by black, and yet see the brilliant green baby fronds poking out of the charred tree ferns. Quite a sobering experience for a bunch of thirteen year olds, and one which really brought the scale of the horror home to them. Members of the school community lost homes and loved ones in the fires so it was all rather confronting.

• One of the women in my spinning group lost absolutely everything in the St Andrews fire (she has been restashed with wool, needles, fibre and a spinning wheel now) and she said it's very healing to go up to their property and see the green fuzz appearing on the blackened trees, and new shoots springing up where her front door used to be as the wisteria emerges from the charred ground. Apparently you can't kill wisteria or roses.

• The spinning is coming along nicely, seeing you asked (someone asked in the comments). I think I'm addicted. Must master plying though - not terribly good at that bit.

cherry merino and white silk, handspun

• The boys are now on two weeks of school holidays. I, unfortunately, am not, so Mr Soup and I are tag teaming the parental responsibilities until Easter and the annual family camping trip.

• After a long time of not having much knitting to report, I have in the past few days finished a whopping (prepare to be impressed) three projects. A scarf for a friend's birthday (completed two weeks ahead of schedule, go me!), a hat for Son #1 which positively flew off the needles because when your fifteen year old boy actually requests a a handknit you move fast from the shock and novelty of it all, and a pair of socks for me. Photos of hat and scarf to come.


The socks are Hedgerows. The yarn, Lorna's Laces. Ravelled.

• Must run because it's 11am and if Mr Soup comes home from the grocery shopping and finds me in my pyjamas, blogging, there might be words.


Tania said...

I can only giggle. With a chortle or three thrown in for good measure.

shula said...

those socks are immaculate!

and you CAN kill wisteria.

trust me on that one.

innercitygarden said...

Shula - HOW! We scoured the internet trying to kill it at the old place, apparently blitzing with chemicals doesn't even work. We considered going nuclear.

And yes, the socks are gorgeous (and go you with your teen-hat!).

My partner regularly comes home on a Saturday morning to find me still in my jim jams and unproductive. I try to stuff a whole weeks' worth of unproductive into a couple of hours on Saturday morning.

Stomper Girl said...

Those socks are delicious. Glad the boys won the soccer, how exciting!

M said...

The socks are DIVINE. I'd better go because it's 9.56PM and if the hubby comes up here and sees me NOT in my pyjamas, blogging, there might be words.

Isabelle said...

I do love to get these little slices of lives far away.

My husband would be amazed to find me in my pyjamas at 9.56 pm. Lots of day left at that point.

Lesley said...

Cooee Suse!
I always feel so honoured when one of Herself's top ten most beautiful bloggers calls by AND leaves a comment!
Gorgeous socks — gorgeous colour. And the spinning, wow.
Bet you're glad summer is over ...

docwitch said...

Those socks! The. COLOURS! Oh, the colours.

I wouldn't want to wear shoes with those socks - I'd be showing 'em off the whole time and doing little look-at-me-socks dances all day.

It's heartening to hear about a bit of green renewal in St Andrews. I hear that they are having a St Andrews Bushfire Relief Market on the 18th of April. Gold coin entry. Worth getting to.

Anonymous said...

OOOH! How we LOVE those socks! Knitting socks is still in the "Grad School Level" of knitting to me--all a big huge mystery--I can now spin, felt and dye, but still haven't gotten around to learning to knit...

Anyway, we are still attempting to kill the wisteria that was pulling the siding off of our house when we moved in--in 2001. I am fairly sure that a direct nuclear strike is the only answer.

Prism said...

WHY oh why did it post me as anonymous? I told it to use my name (Prism)--but it is having a techno-moment and refused. Ah, well.

meggie said...

Sob. the dog ate my Wisteria.
I have sock envy so painful I could die.
We have words here quite frequently over the computer.

Elizabeth said...


nova_j said...

ooo love the socks!

great to hear there are some hints of green showing through at last!