6 April 2009

Roy G Biv : blue


the blue of my glass fruit bowl ...

blue stitches

... blue stitches on Son #1's hat (getting my money's worth with this one) ...

garlic and ginger

... the ramekin that holds the garlic and ginger.


Kirti said...

love the hats and love love LOVE those socks down there...finally finally I am about to knit socks with that gorgeous wool I bought from you LAST winter...!! I must admit I am afraid of knitting projects that aren't flat...but I WILL have strawberry socks before the 1st of June! Happy camping!

tut-tut said...

Nice blues!

Re: Twitter. It's only fun if it's interactive! You are signing off whenever I'm signing on, I find.

docwitch said...

I think the blue is my fave so far in the Roy G Biv series. Divine.

And those hats are indeed awesome.

I'll know I can really knit when I can watch something and knit at the same time. My counting goes out the window if I do. Ravelry I must join.

Surfing Free said...

Beautiful blues and beautiful hats. You live in such a beautiful world!!!