23 April 2009

This week I have

[ ] had lunch by the fairy tree with fabulous friends (do enjoy the photo of me with my mouth hanging open like a dopey dork if you click on that link)

[ ] sold seven skeins of my hand dyed sock yarn. As fast as I upload them to the shop, they go ping!

[ ] watched the big fellas fly in and eat the little fellas' food

21 April : the cockies take over the birdfeeder

[ ] come to the realisation that the essay due tomorrow at 4.00 pm will not actually be submitted tomorrow at 4.00 pm

[ ] had several insane but ultimately satisfying days at work

[ ] moved into my own office so Job Share Bloke and I no longer share but are next door neighbours. He got the bookshelves but *I* took the couch (and ordered another bookshelf). Contemplating artwork for walls. And a pot plant. (He kept those).

[ ] We have a code: one tap on the wall means Be quiet in there I am trying to concentrate and am very important; two taps means Let's go for coffee; three taps means Ha ha I got the couch.

[ ] delivered a birthday present to a friend

drop stitch scarf

[ ] come to the realisation that that friend has found the blog. Right, Linda?

[ ] discussed DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little at bookgroup and agreed it is unlike any other book we've read before which does not necessarily translate into yes I liked it

[ ] finished my audio book copy of Kate Atkinson's Case Histories and am positively totally bereft. No more Jackson Brodie until she writes her next novel. Hurry up, Kate.

[ ] also finished reading (finally!) Lauren Groff's The Monsters of Templeton and enjoyed it immensely. A cross between a memoir, historical fiction, genealogy mystery but it is more than the sum of its parts and totally engaging.

[ ] not been able to think or plan what to take to craft weekend tomorrow night (tomorrow night!)

[ ] come to the realisation that I will be taking a half finished essay to craft weekend tomorrow night (tomorrow night!)

[ ] along with a sticky dessert of some kind

[ ] and my knitting and maybe even my spinning wheel

[ ] and all the books and journals that go along with the essay

[ ] and a goodly stash of chocolate and wine.


Uli said...

Love that scarf!

And Kate Atkinson's next one is out, but only in trade paperback at the moment. Love her stuff and Mr Brodie.

And getting the couch is definitely the best of it. Have bookshelves and art in my office, but would trade both in a heartbeat for a couch.

Stomper Girl said...

Love your knock system. Sure you can't stay up all night and finish the essay? Seems a shame to ruin your craft weekend...

Mary said...

You looked beautiful to me.

Essay or no essay your weekend will be wonderful.

I will be thinking of you.

Nanette said...

I'm going to try the tapping code with the Frenchman because I am often trying to concentrate and am ALWAYS Very Important.

I'm with you on Vernon God Little.

Joke said...

Are you gasping in disbelief in that photo?

Carolyn said...

i actually DID really like vernon god little, as well as monsters of templeton! :)

blackbird said...

Lucky you- a weekend away with knitting and sticky desserts. Even with unfinished work hanging over your head.

And lucky you to have two more Kate Atkinson- Jackson Brodie books ahead of you. 'One Good Turn' and 'When will there be good news?' Such great books even though very difficult to read in parts.

My sister's newest horse in Colorado has the name Brodie inspired by her books.

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

The scarf pattern is beautiful! Last year I knitted the same patten, but with a border. I just love it. I'm sure your friend will too!


herhimnbryn said...

I do enjoy your newsy poss and am envious of your craft get togethers and weekends!

herhimnbryn said...

That should be 'posTs'!

peppermintpatcher said...

All in all it seems a pretty good week. Except for the essay, but I can pretend to know nothing about that.

eurolush said...

I like your office tapping system. Very efficient. I may have to borrow the first one...for obvious reasons.

Sounds like a busy time for you...reading, writing, selling, blogging, crafting. Why is it I can barely work up enough energy to shower, while everyone else is out getting shite done? Hmph.

I wish you much fun on your craft weekend.

But also secretly feel a pang of jealousy and am forced to say something aloud to the computer screen like, "Nanananana...I'm going on a craft weekend, too. With all MY friends. And we're going to talk about YOU and call you names. How you like that, Pee-Pee Soup? P.U. Soup! Pepe Le Pugh Soup! Hahahahahaha."

Only I'm not, really, so it brings only momentary pleasure.

M said...

It's just hit me that I need you to be my return.to.work mentor. How do you do it and still do all the really important things? I need notes, with pictures.

Oh, and I CAN'T WAIT for my sock yarn.

fifi said...

Well i wish you the most enormous amount of fun i the world and I am dead impressed that you manage to create such fine articles as well as everything else.

It would take me all of my brain power to work out how to make a sticky dessert....and then actually remember to TAKE it.

Julie Nelson Rhodes said...

I'm a long time reader of your blog ... and a long time reader of Kate Atkinson (both splendid reads, i might add!) ... so I must tell you that there are two more Jackson Brodie's for you to read: 'One good turn' and then 'When will there be good news' (I have just finished the latter page-turning-breath-holder and am also bereft). So that's two more good reasons to put that essay on hold! And thanks for the great reads - love your blog!

Duyvken said...

G and I had morning tea by the fairy tree last year when we visited Melb. It was FREEZING but lovely. The photos of that lunch date are so lovely!

Melissa Van Oort said...

You look quite beautiful in that photo, mouth open or not.

Gina said...

There are another two Jackson Brodie novels from Kate Atkinson - both out in paperback over here. Not sure about audio books though. I'm a fan too!

Jean said...

That'll teach me to miss a post on your blog, the sock yarn with the Rose is divine, I would have definately snapped it up. I like your wine and chocolate idea and may go scrounge around for some right now, after if we don't treat ourselves right - who will? By the way is the post expensive if it has to go to the USA?

Isabelle said...

All sounds good (except the essay).

docwitch said...

So many wonderfulnesses here.

I am bereft at the end of Kate Atkinson too. She's The Bomb.

That scarf has to be the most gorgeous thing I've seen in a long time. The colour!

Bec said...

The couch. Yes. I'm with Uli.

I had to give ours up for a meeting table and a whiteboard.