12 June 2009

the long and winding weekend

on the way to Lancefield
on the way to Lancefield

There's a particular bend in the long and winding road to Lancefield where the road dips as it winds and the landscape that spreads out in front always makes me breathe out a great sigh of satisfaction.

on the way to Lancefield
there were pretty clouds everywhere on Friday afternoon

I had promised myself that on this craft weekend (a long one, no less, as we celebrated the Queen's Birthday) (heaven knows why, and I believe Lizzie's big day is actually in April so go figure) that I would not be taking with me the essay that was due on Tuesday. But life, and death, and children's concerts got the better of me and so it came to pass that I headed off to craft camp at Sewjourn with my spinning wheel, sewing machine, needles, fibre, fabric, yarn, my laptop and a dirty great pile of books and journal articles and seventeen pages of essay notes.

over the back fence
oh it was cold and damp the next day

This was an "extra curricular" craft weekend that came about when Janet and I decided August was far too long to wait for the next weekend in the regular scheduled programming of craft camps. And so I investigated the options and found that the long weekend was the only available free weekend at Sewjourn. Being a long weekend and at fairly short notice, only a handful of the regulars could make it and while sad, this also meant we could open it up to some others who we'd wanted to invite in the past. And so the new Queen's Birthday Spin Off Craft Camp tradition was born.

lounge room
that's the lounge room and the door with the little heart on it is where Eleanor and I slept. Aawwww, sweet. (My shoes).

I think I'm the last one to post about the weekend so if you've read the other bloggers you are all probably up to date with the goings on by now, as most people kindly listed all the participants and detailed all the action of who made what. (And yes, I made an essay). Eleanor, my delightful roommate, is blogging about craft camp all week, complete with poetry, I believe!

I can't not do a summary though, can I? A feature of the weekend was the wide variety of activities undertaken - leatherwork, sewing, knitting, spinning, writing, tapdancing, quilting, crocheting.

tea time
Eleanor and Janet drinking tea

Eating, laughing, talking, and staying up far too late. Hanging out by the fire, rescuing a frantic bird, grooving to Stevie Wonder, eating soup and other excellent foodstuffs, drinking wine, dancing round the lounge room to Echo Beach, laughing at all the purple (in a supportive way, mind), dodging the rain, celebrating a birthday and taking photographs.

I did put the essay together, but managed to intersperse sessions at the computer with a few sessions at the sewing machine during which I made a smock style grey linen top, complete with homemade bias binding around the neck, of which I am very proud ...

grey linen top

... a blue chenille wheatbag to wrap around my tummy while essay writing, and my feet while sleeping ...

handspun skein

... and a session at the wheel produced a skein of spun and plied yarn. I'm gradually getting the hang of this plying lark.

new skirt

Oh, and I sewed a wrap around skirt in a sort of purply-grey-mauve stretch denim.

over the south fence

The essay is now in, and reading it in the cold light of day I'm pleased with it. There, I've said it. If I now disappear from the blogosphere forever you'll know I failed miserably and can't face you all again, having just said out loud I think I kinda nailed it.

a sunny Sunday afternoon

I've been trying to think of a satisfactory concluding paragraph but have got brainblock. So let me just say a huge thank you to JanetEleanorCarolineEllenMagdaJennySuzieLeslie for coming along and making it so very ace. I'll come back another time and link to all those names. I'm being handed a cup of tea now which means time for bed.

Also, thanks to Jan whose amazing venue is like a dream come true. Every time.


Badger said...

Oooooh. Breathtaking photos. I love that shot of Eleanor. And I need to see more of the smock and skirt!

Tan Family said...

Wow! What an amazing retreat. I love this post. Looks like you had a wonderful time, made beautiful items, and learned lots. How inspirational.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You all get so much done ! That and tapdancing and an essay ....Dear Heaven !! And the best of it is , it all sounds like such fun .

Evelyne said...

A beautiful blog, with tenderness and lovely...thank you .

kmkat said...

What a heavenly weekend! I love the way you framed the photos of the lounge and of Eleanor.

hazeljoy said...

wow, looks like an amazing time. very autumnal

(ps. queen's official birthday is for when she was crowned. you're right, she was actually born in april)

marie*jolie said...

Such lovely photographs. Makes me want to pour myself a cup of tea and read. :)

Lesley said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky. Sounds like heaven on a stick.
You always manage to make so much great stuff — all that AND knocking off an essay. I'm impressed!

pompomrouge said...

Very very cool photos! You made me want to be there, even though it looks cold! Isn't Eleanor beautiful? And I LOVE the gray linen smock.

Eleanor said...

I could tell that you were ROCKING that essay!!

Your post has just brought me back to last weekend, so calming and beautiful.

Thanks again for including me!!

Stomper Girl said...

Firstly let me say thank you for organising it and inviting me.

Secondly: You're making fun of me Riz?

*flounces off in purple huff*

Penthe said...

Love the smock. And home made bias binding *is impressed*.

meggie said...

Envious green. Sounds like bliss!

M said...

Jeepers. You guys get so much done.

Isabelle said...

I'm astonished at how much you got done. Is this what it's like when you don't have to feed people single-handed at regular intervals and then clear up the mess? Hmm.

GUGAW said...

that smock dress is such a lovely colour i adore grey, and it is so versatile and just makes other colours (like cute bright pins!) really pop out x

Jean said...

I enjoyed every bit of this inspired post. The landscape photos were gorgeous and you created so many wonderful things during this craft weekend. I have no doubt you did a great job on your essay - after all look at how you wrote this post - well done!

fifi said...

I got a bit distracted when I followed the link to Sewjourn...I hadn't realised it ws the name of a PLACE!

You girls are so productive. I would have taken about six hours to get down to it, and then of course I would have had to have made a needlecase out of headcloth like I made in primary school. Or a fingerpuppet.

Totally impressed...real, wearable clothes...wow.

Emma Someone said...

Can I come play at some point? I'm in Adelaide but the idea of a crafty weekend just appeals so much! I love your photos and the skirt is just stunning... I have a grey skirt that needs some updating and that's a great idea.

docwitch said...

From that little peek of smock, I know I'm in love with such a garment. Delish. Good to hear the essay is done and dusted, but how on earth you could tear yourself away from the precioussss crafty to do it...well - respek.

And those Big Sky photos are glorious.

It's getting to a point where I am quite prepared to start stalking you for your shoes.

eurolush said...

Beautiful photos! I'm gasping here in Germany.

Sewjourn is a fabulous concept. I absolutely love the thought of women coming together to rest, relax and create.

Reading the posts and seeing the photos has been such a fun, vicarious experience.

I just slightly, almost imperceptibly, resent--in a rather tearful, raging, tantrum-inducing, fashion--not being able to be there myself. That's all.

Kate said...

I love those first two photos so much that it's hurting me.

Mary said...

Sigh. The bliss.


String Bean said...

Ooo - I haven't commented in a while! Sorry! Wonderful pictures, as usual. Your Sewjourn sounds like a great time. I don't sew so I'm forced to live vicariously through you and Jane Brocket.
What a view! Those clouds! That landscape! I'm sighing too. You can have all these damn Evergreen tress we have here. Ugh.

jenny said...

Great pics, reminded me how chilly it was with all that mist and watery sunshine.
i din't see your skirt, when did you run that up? I like the sound of purply/grey/mauve.
Thanks again for your organising, it were grand.

fiveandtwo said...

Deeply envious of your most recent sojourn at sewjourn. I've got such a lot of sewing to do!
Splendid clouds, a visual treat.

Ginger said...

The smock style grey linen top, You complete was gorgeous!
Well done. loved your blog!
Hugs ginger