12 July 2009

Do you have this yarn?

textured shawl wip and a request!

I'm turning to the internets for help, as per usual.

This, my second shawl, is so very nearly complete, but for another half dozen rows and I've run out of wool. The yarn is the Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply 'Rustic' in the colourway called Mariner. I only need a little bit and so it seems crazy to order another huge 200 gram skein for the sake of a few metres.

Does anyone out there have part of a skein left over or lying around? I'll happily pay, swap, or trade for it. I've put the word out on Ravelry too, but with no bites so far.

In other news, I've already cast on for my third shawl (for a friend this time), we lost internet access for six horrific days, and I'm sick.

I think that's all. Back as soon as I pack these children back off to school after two weeks of shenanigans holidays.


sue said...

Hi there, just saw your message on your blog about the yarn. I am pretty sure that I have the exact same yarn in my stash (will have to look tomorrow and let you know okay) it might take me a little bit to remember which container it is in.

willowcaroline said...

I wish I did... the yarn is beautiful. Hope you find a source soon!

Hope you are feeling better..wasn't sure if the internet being down made you sick, or if you were in fact ill. I know I get a little freaky when our internet goes down.. I both feel guilty for the withdrawal I feel, and realize how often i need it for looking things up, research, communicating with family, finding recipes...it is hard to remember not having it!

k said...

Well I can't help you, but hope you get your yarn to finish the shawl - the colour is beautiful.

Karen said...

Wish I had that yarn for you--and I sure hope you get the amount you need. It's beautiful. What a color!

kgirl said...

have you found some yet? send me an email (address is on my blog) if you haven't, I can help

Stacey said...

It sounds like you might have found some people to help you.
Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

RW said...

Look at that.
Ask and you shall receive.

Mary said...

Love the swap you two are doing - a match made in heaven!