19 July 2009

sock yarn for sale

lime kool aid sock yarn

Lovingly dyed by me, this skein of fingering (4ply weight) Superwash sock yarn is in my shop now.

It would make a lovely shawl, baby item, or ... shock horror, a pair of socks.

Anyone want it? My paypal account needs topping up so I can buy a part for my spinning wheel :)

SOLD! Thank you.


Isabelle said...

Back from hols, catching up: have you read "The Jane Austen Book Club" by Karen Joy Fowler? It's piffle, but entertaining and well-written piffle. I got it in an op-shop (listen to me pretending to be Australian) when I ran out of reading material on holiday. (A near-disaster averted.)

Karen said...

Now that's sweet. Thanks for showing it to us!

greenknitter said...

I'm in love with this yarn.