2 August 2009

in lieu of an actual post

I bring you an unrelated photograph of a knitted (not by me) mouse ...


... and a few of my most recent tweets.

Because it's the same old same old and I have no real post. Dinner needs cooking (see first tweet) and the menfolk are due back any minute from seeing Harry Potter. I saw it recently by mine own blissed out self when my car needed to be serviced (for three hours) conveniently a few doors up from a cinema.

For those of you who don't know (if there are any left on the planet apart from my mister), tweets are 140 characters or less and they appear in reverse chronological order, most annoyingly, so you have to read from the bottom of the page up. I also haven't included all the replies because that would be out of control.

Herewith, tweets from the last few days ...

Is it still pumpkin soup if it also contains potato and carrot (for bulking up)?

Bought a new (to me) chair today. Had to rearrange several rooms to accommodate it, but it HAD to come home with me, no question.

Burnt the garlic bread. Smoke permeated the house. The bedroom smoke alarm went off. Realised there is no kitchen smoke alarm. Illegal much?

The youngest child just opened the front door with his chin. Superior genes, that boy.

Went to the Sisters Market today. Took $15, spent $175. My bad.

Just drank a glass of stout. Soooo good on a Friday night. Am already in my pjs at 8.30pm

I'm thinking matchsticks propping up my eyelids will be necessary. (Pink sparkly ones, natch).

Bear in mind that the same day I have a 7.30am Serious Meeting, then a day of work, then the function. All with many of the same people.

So far the best suggestions are sparkly knickers and elasticised waist.

Big do approaching. Sit down dinner, farewell, end of 15-year-era type thing, MC'd by Rachel Berger. 'Dress to celebrate'. WTF does that mean?

Still bored, and cup of tea nearly cold now.

I'm going to get a cup of tea & chat with work colleagues for three & a half minutes zackly. When I return I expect lots of exciting tweets.

Can you tell I'm bored at work?

And so to bed. Fresh sheets tonight so going early to enjoy them all the more. #mylifeissoexciting

T'was tedious but not the nightmare I expected. Now I'll have enough yarn to finish the shawl :)

Just ripped out half of the border & a whole lace repeat of shawl. Successfully retrieved all stitches & starting again with 1 repeat fewer.

Me? Hmmm, I blogged today. And did eleventy loads of washing. Had a 10 minute nap. Baked a cake, made risotto. God I'm boring myself now.

Decided to not talk to the husband but hang out on twitter instead. So, what's been happening chaps?

Nap rudely interrupted by 2 starlings holding down another bird & pecking it. Noise incredible. I banged on window & 3 birds looked at me.

Might sneak in a wee nap before the children come home.

The chocolate pudding (self saucing) with cream was awesome. And we each had a turn with the mr's birthday present.

I hate tuna bake too. But if he offers to cook, I eat it. I would never cook again in my entire life if I could get away with it.

Tonight's plan. Eat, knit, fold washing, knit.

Plus earlier in the day I made a huge spag bol for dinner on work nights in the coming week

Dinner is tuna bake (husband's effort) followed by self saucing choc pudding (my contribution).

Yeah, you're not missing much.

PS. thank you for your lovely responses to my shawl and my hesitant intentions. It is now wrapped and ready to deliver.


MildlyCrafty said...

I love fresh sheets too! Esp when combined with fresh PJs!

peppermintpatcher said...

Clean sheet day is the very best day of the week.

katiecrackernuts said...

Hilarious snapshot of modern life.

rachel said...

This is the first time I've felt drawn to Twitter. Very amusing.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

So THAT'S why people Twitter ! It's fun !!

tut-tut said...

That mouse is brilliant, no matter who knitted it.

pam said...

Ooooooooo! That beautiful mouse!

Stacey said...

The mouse! He's gorgeous.

Mary said...

Lying in clean sheets typing this.

Still not keen on the twitter. Think I've forgotten my password there and on facebook.


victoria said...

Last night my great aunt asked me what twitter was and I tried to explain.
Not being on it myself, I quite enjoyed reading this little collection of your tweets all together - a bit like a life poem!

louise said...

Hilarious, much funnier backwards, and yes, strangely poetic. Plus, I didn't know what twitter was.