13 October 2009

The Answers: installment I

Lots of lovely questions. Thank you! The blog lives another day!

What's your fave thing to knit?
These days, shawls and socks.

What do you do as a career? besides knit?
I work at a university, in the governance and policy secretariat. Once upon a time I was a writer in an advertising agency.

Any chance you might come to Ohio, USA? Barring that, how would you feel about a very long distance swap?
I think I can safely say it is extremely unlikely I will experience the joys of Ohio in this lifetime. However I have a modest selection of hand dyed yarns that could feasibly participate in some kind of swap. Have your people talk to my people and we'll commence negotiations.

(Someone was greedy and asked ten questions. Good thing she's a pal, eh?)
1. What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

Porridge. Although that fancy pants toasted muesli that comes in "clusters" and costs about $6 for a tiny 500g box is pretty fine. Unrealistic, but fine.

2. How do you drink your coffee?
You haven't been paying attention lovey. I don't drink coffee; haven't done for years. Tea all the way, with a hot chocolate occasionally if I'm feeling decadent.

3. Caramel TimTams vs. Original TimTams: Is it possible to neatly slam a caramel TimTam? Does the resulting mess even matter compared to slamming a regular TT? Discuss.
It is not possible. Yes it matters. No discussion entered into. One only slams with Classics.

4. Can we talk about candy bars? You guys have Cherry Ripes - I could eat those ALL DAY LONG. Why don't Americans have better coconut candy bars? What are your most/least favs?(I guess that's all several questions...)
Yes it is. Yes we can (we call them chocolate bars though). I have no idea why Americans don't have better coconut candy bars - perhaps you should direct your question to an American. Maybe Americans aren't overly fond of the coconut flavour? Do you have Bounty Bars? I do note that Americans thoroughly enjoy peanut butter as a flavour, while (warning! generalisation ahead!) Australians and English generally don't. I mean, we will eat the occasional piece of toast with peanut butter slathered on it, but the idea of peanut butter mixed with chocolate and consumed as a sweet is not overly popular. (I've tried those peanut butter cup things sent over by a friend, and nearly gagged, as did my children). Also, that peanut butter and jam sandwich thing you lot do? Not done here. Ick. Yeah, Cherry Ripes are ok, except for that whole fake cherry flavour thing. My favourite chocolate bar? Currently the Twix is a favourite, but I also love Picnics and Chokitos. If we're talking blocks of chocolate, I love Lindt milk chocolate, good old Cadbury Fruit n Nut, and the rarely spotted but highly prized dark chocolate and raspberry blend. (Those of you who ask what's a tim tam, what's a chokito, what's a cherry ripe? Remember, Google is your friend). My least favourite - American peanut butter flavoured chocolate.

Do you have a fail safe quick supper when everyone's tired and hungry .... and you're the tiredest and hungriest of them all?
We had this exact situation tonight as today we were all at work and school and there were no leftovers in the fridge. The absolute quickest and easiest is a simple pasta. Put the water on and while it's coming to the boil, chop an onion and throw it in a saucepan with some olive oil and garlic. Open a tin of tomatoes or roughly chop the last of the tomatoes in your fruit bowl, and together with a splodge of tomato paste, add to the saucepan. Add some chopped silverbeet or spinach and a handful of whatever herb you have in your garden (tonight it was parsley but in summer it would be basil) and stir until the pasta is cooked. Serve with lots of parmesan. The whole process takes 10 minutes and honestly it is sooo much nicer than a jar of pasta sauce, even the good ones by those five brothers or Mr Newman.

[slight digression.]

Speaking of Mr Newman, on the way home from the Elvis Costello concert the mister and I had a dispute over whether Paul McCartney was dead or not. I was convinced he was, and googled the minute we got home, only to find him alive and kicking. I always get him mixed up with Paul Newman. (For the record, despite hating to be wrong, I am thrilled that the McCartney Paul is thriving). (Also for the record, vale Paul Newman).

[/end digression./]

Jeans or skirts?
Both these days. However I went through a phase when I was about 19 or 20 when I gave up jeans and trousers of all sorts and only wore skirts for a year or two. I eventually went back to pants. Over the last few years, until relatively recently I didn't own a pair of denim jeans, only corduroy jeans. Then I found a black denim pair that are really comfortable and I wear them all the time. You can see them in some of the shawl modelling shots. The back pockets curl up so my t-shirts don't sit neatly, but they're comfortable so I don't care. (God it's wonderful not being 18 any more and caring about that sort of thing. The other night in Lygon St when a friend and I saw Mao's Last Dancer we came out of the cinema to find it witches' tit freezing. Real coat and scarf weather. And there on the footpath were two teenage girls in teetering heels, shoestring strap tops and skirts so short you could almost see what they'd had for lunch. My friend turned to me and said My lord aren't you thrilled we're not that age any more?)

And that was a much longer answer than you were after I suspect.

More tomorrow.

ps. Janet, natch is naturally.


India Daisy said...

LOL - i loved reading this, you so comical in answering the questions.

Janet said...

why of course! Silly me thought it was one of those gangsta words.

Janet said...

ps I think I saw that raspberry chocolate in the supermarket last week and wondered whether it would be nice or not. But reached for the old faithful fruit and nut... now I know eh?

Badger said...

You get Paul McCartney confused with Paul Newman? That amuses me way more than it should. You are a unique and delightful woman, Miz Soup.

Sarah said...

I'm also a porridge girl. American chocolate is beyond terrible. I'm always thrilled when I get involved in some far away swap that involves decent chocolate arriving in the mail :)

Jen said...

Terrific! I have no problem distinguishing between Paul Newman and Paul McCartney, but for the longest time I couldn't tell Mel Gibson from Harrison Ford. That is, until Mel Gibson...really set himself apart from HF.

As for Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, no one will ever convince me they're not the same person.

BabelBabe said...

dearheart - I wasn't being greedy, i was being *helpful*: you could have gotten an entire b log post just on the candy bars alone, silly girl.

zephyr said...

i thoroughly enjoy discussing different food tastes and products in other countries--like the western half of the US compared with the eastern half--let alone the UK or AU and the entire US.

Peanut butter in/with candy: it only works for me in that marvelous Take 5 candy bar. Oh yum. As for pb&j...i like it only in spoons, or on saltine crackers, not on bread. Like it even more with simply pb jammed into the slot of a celery stick.

As for other famous faves from across one pond or the other: just the thought of beans on toast makes me wanna gag. And while I cannot live without chocolate, Cadbury never does it for me. I'll pass it up everytime. Give me US--even Hersheys-- or Belgian or Swiss or Italian chocolates any time over that Cadbury stuff. It never tastes right on my tongue...compared to Lindt, or even M&Ms.

As for coconut: i loved, as a kid Pot o' Gold with a little tossed into all that chocolate and "cream". And i really like Almond Joy...and Mounds are good, but i miss the nuts.

Moorecat said...

I'm an Aussie putting her hand up to say she loooves pb&j, and even more, pb&honey, mmmm....

As for coconut, I used to love Coconut Rough in the gold wrapper, although I was often torn between that and a Mint Pattie - or Turkish Delight.

Great, now I'm hanging out for chocolate before 9am, and my raisin toast has lost its appeal.

Ooh, that reminds me, try pb on raisin toast. If you like fruit n nut chocolate, you'll love it.

And the USA Food shop in Moorabbin has pb-filled pretzels: don't knock 'em until you've tried 'em :)

Anonymous said...

A few years back I had a brief but instense affair with the Chilli Tim Tams. Chocolate and Chilli - sublime! Then they withdrew them from the market. Mongrels.

I'm with you when it comes to PB. It should stay well away from chocolate and go and play with the savoury stuff like satays.

Mindy said...

Have white chocolate tim tams only just come on the market, or only just come to my backwater? Seriously good.

Kate said...

I don't like raspberry chocolate, because I can't stand fake berry flavours, no matter how much real berry is also in there. I prefer dark chocolate with orange.

I think most people have a sweet thing with peanut butter thing. In our family it's peanut butter sandwiches with sultanas. Others I have met prefer honey or banana with their pb. I am not a fam of pb&j, but then, despite my rabidness for chocolate, I have a fairly low sweetness threshold, and it's just too sweet. And the texture is weird.

travellersyarn said...

I disagree on the peanut butter chocolate combination - had some peanut butter Ghiradelli chocolate in San Francisco that was divine.

I am very glad not to be in my 20's - especially glad to have left behind my taste in men at that age.

Stacey said...

Fantastic questions and even better answers! Well done, Suse!
Peanut butter and chocolate - I love it. I shall have to send you a batch of my PB & chocolate brownies. So bad, yet so good.

Lesley said...

Are you all candied out? I cannot say the word candy without an American accent.
IMHO, US candy was not a patch on all the lovely Australian stuff. Lots of fake berry flavours, lots of fake cinnamon flavours. Gag - just remembered the fake grape ... Everything sickeningly sweetened by lashings of high-fructose corn syrup.
When a country eats marshmallows with baked sweet potato (THEY DO!), sells canned mashed pumpkin and jars of chemical goop called "marshmallow fluff', and strawberry cream cheese, and its people EAT IT ALL UP, you can imagine what their candy is like.
The saving grace was Hershey's special dark chocolate. Everything else was too sweet. When friends came to stay with us in San Diego, they had to bring us Madura teabags, Minties, and, for my husband, slabs of Cadbury's hazelnut chocolate (which I hate here as well in the US, where it was, my husband says, like cardboard).
Enough. My tongue is sticking to the roof of my mouth just thinking about it — and don't get me started on the bread ...

Stomper Girl said...

I have a really nice biscuit recipe which blends peanut butter and lemon with surprisingly good results!

Stomper Girl said...

Also. In my early weeks of pregnancy I would get intense cravings fro peanut butter, my friend tells me this is a fairly classic craving and has to do with needing to fatten yourself up.

Meggie said...

Blech to peanut butter in any guise. Also, Cherry Ripes... disgusting. I also dislike Lamingtons..
Ducking, before the lynching! It is the dessicated coconut I hate.

BabelBabe said...

i agree re: everything but the canned pumpkin. it IS pure unadulterated unsweetened pumpkin - just cooked and cleaned, so i dont have to wrestle with the dang actual pumpkin. it's GENIUS.