14 October 2009

The Answers: installment II

A couple more answers tonight ...

What surprising thing made you smile this week?
This is a great question, which is why I didn't want to just stick it on the end of last night's post. My first thought was ugh, nothing made me smile this week (glass half full I am not right now), but then I pulled myself together and it became a rewarding and worthy exercise. Kind of like that choosing joy attitude. So, some surprising things that made me smile recently:

• An email exchange with my boss (not my immediate boss of whom I have spoken fondly on the blog before, but our bigger boss). I tend to be quite formal with the big boss, and I had politely requested some information, to which he replied he and his colleague would wrestle for it, which made me smile. I responded "Thumb wrestle?" and one replied "No mud!" while the other said "Jelly, thanks". His next email even included a smiley emoticon. Gosh, they're human after all.

• Clue no. 2 of the Through the Loops Mystery Sock turned out beautifully, not that I expected any less. It's pleasingly similar to the Artichokes socks I am still plodding along with three times a week during my work lunch hour.

• Son #3 announcing that he thought instead of Celebrity MasterChef (with which he and I have become slightly obsessed), they should hold a Celebrity MasterDoc in which famous doctors battle it out in front of Ministers for Health (ok I came up with that last bit). Ladies and gentlemen, you have one and a half hours to cure this patient; your time begins ... NOW. [...] Tick tick tick, etc. Bzzzzz! Step away from the slab. Sorry Karl, your patient carked it, and Cindy yours is scarred for life but Fiona! You go through to the next round!

• The sunrises this week. Silver and blue and soft apricot, with ribbons of mist in the valleys.

Spring morn

• The totem tennis spiral thingie that always manages to show up in the photos I take of our view, but which I never notice until they're already uploaded (hint: bottom right of shot).

There were several other lovely things that made me smile I know, because I was mulling this over on my drive home last night and I remember that I thought of a plethora of smile-inducing moments. However they're gone from my head.

Anyway, I might try and do this on a regular basis. As I said, it's an exercise that deserves a regular airing.

What's your next big knitting project you're longing to get started on?
That one's easy. I am hanging out, yet simultaneously terrified, to cast on for a Gail (aka Nightsongs) Shawl (Ravelry link).


Louisa said...

Hi Suse,

Your "things that have made me smile" responses reminded me of "Three Beautiful Things" - http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com/ - taking joy in the small yet wonderful bits of life.

I've noticed that since I've been reading Three Beautiful Things, I've been constantly constructing my own in my head and it's made me notice them more in my everyday life. :)

fifi said...

such a beautiful landscape you have there. I love it.
and , as for the other stuff, oh I am lolling. Jelly indeed. Doc wars....bahahaha

peppermintpatcher said...

Interesting work place. I am inagining that you have a mud pit and an enormous jelly bowl on hand should they be required.

pinry said...

your answers made me smile! particularly the totem tennis one - from the sublime to the prosaic. Oh, Gail is a lovely shawl - you can do it! (thanks to your encouragement I managed to do the cast on for the shetland! now up to third repeat!!)

Fioleta said...

:-) I used to be addicted to MasterChef, the Doc version would be hilarious, but a bit scary at the same time.

Gail Shawl looks beautiful, you can do it! :-)

Universities are funny places, I suspect that you are working in the same one I used to few years ago.

craftydabbler said...

The Gail Shawl is lovely.

Bells said...

It is an excellent exercise. Pinry asked me the same in my QandA and I like your responses very much.

jelly wrestling. *giggle*

And Gail! Oh yes! She is on my horizon!

Stomper Girl said...

My friend tells me her 9yo is bitterly disappointed with celebrity Masterchef because he was expecting all the guest chefs like Matt Moran et al to be duking it out for the cameras, and was rather miffed to find a while heap of people he knew nothing about.

vaguelyspecific said...

Things that make us smile are always good! ;-)

dillpickle said...

Can't wait to see the finished shawl - it looks amazing on Ravelry! I understand the terror factor though - I think you're brave just planning to attempt it ;-)