22 October 2009

A leaf and a couple more answers

gift from the middle child

Son #2 walks his dog every morning and usually returns with a little treasure for me. Often a leaf, sometimes a seedpod or a nicely shaped stone.

Ok, continuing the blogfodder answers.

Linda de-lurked to ask ...

guilty pleasures? (the kind you can talk about, of course)
Buying these lollies and hiding them in my car so I don't have to share.

if money and time didn't come into it, would you prefer to travel by train, plane or ship?
I love the cliched romance of train travel. When I was 12 my family travelled from Melbourne to Perth by train (wait, have I answered this already on the blog, or did I merely compose this answer in my head? gah!). Anyway, I loved that trip - four days on a train, sleeping in those impossibly tiny cabins where everything folds away into the walls during the day, and magically reappears in the evening while you are in the Dining Car (Second Sitting). My brother and I spent hours roaming the carriages, up and down the winding corridors (yes, train corridors wind as the sleeping cabins are on opposite sides of the carriage), and played cards and board games and pianola in the Club Car every afternoon.

Ever since then I've been mildly besotted with long haul train journeys and have researched and dreamt about all the famous trips - the Iron Rooster (thank you Paul Theroux), the Ghan, and of course The Orient Express (thank you Agatha Christie). The Hogwarts Express looks pretty cool too.

best advice you have ever been given?
My mum always said do a touch typing course because you'll never be out of a job. I always resisted it, believing I'd be forever stuck in a secretarial job, but then I went to London to work as a 'temp' for a few months to fund my backpack-around-Europe-trip and the range of jobs available to someone who couldn't type, was limited to say the least. Upon return to Australia I caved and did a typing course and lucky I did or I would be even more crap at WordTwist, a less verbose blogger, and not to mention much slower at my job. Lots of my work colleagues are typists of the hunt n' peck breed and I just know they look enviously upon my superior skills. Shut up, they do.

did you follow it?
Oops. See above.

ETA: Yes the Trans Siberian Railway too.


innercitygarden said...

My Mum never learned to type, for exactly the same reason. I resented typing lessons at school immensely, but later, when I needed to type essays for uni, it was quite helpful. Also, I AM freakin' stuck in secretarial work, but it's slightly preferable to being stuck without any job at all.

My Mum told me to study occupational therapy. My career might have been rather more stable, but ya know, not so much fun.

Kate said...

What about the trans siberian? I LOVE trains.

I never learnt to touch type. In our first computer lesson at school we were given a book and told to type the home keys, over and over, for a double lesson. That's an hour and a half. This is to a group of kids who couldn't remember not having a computer. I still don't touch type 'properly' - I don't look at the keyboard much and I type fast, but I am prone to those hip mispellings like 'teh' and 'form' instead of 'from'. And putting the 'g' in front of the 'n', in any 'ing' word. Recently I appear to be leaning to the left, since I always type ; instead of ' and > instead of ?. Is extremely annoying!

Stomper Girl said...

I bought my kids the Spongebob Squarepants Touch Typing CD-ROM because clearly I am in tune with your Mother. They've only played with it a bit. I did a computer teach yourself to touch-type, but never got as far as learning the numbers up top properly. I reckon my best speed is about 45 but my accuracy would suck at that speed. But it's still way better than huntnpeck.

matty said...

I love the typing advice! My Mother gave me the same. I am convinced that I received my current college appointment because the Division Secretary asked me if I could type my own tests and I replied, "of course." Hired. :P

Sometimes we should listen to Mom?? I dunno... :P

Janet said...

Have you seen The Man in seat 61 website - all about train travel


Janet said...

Have you seen The Man in seat 61 website - all about train travel


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

After a few months of typing lessons , once a week at the local Adult Education Center , I was told that I was quite good at working out the spacing of a page , but needed a lot more work on speed and accuracy . I took the hint , gave it up , and still type with one finger , in pleasantly arranged lines .

peppermintpatcher said...

I am in absolute awe of the typing skills of my children. This generation are highly keyboard literate. I had to teach myself (and I am a pretty good teacher!)

Anonymous said...

Suse, thank-you for your answers. Love those lollies as well, but saddened that they stopped making the Blinky Bill range a few years back. I have fond memories of my sons licking the backs of the BB's and sticking them on the inside of my car's windows.

Stomper Girl - thank-you for "huntnpeck" - first time I have heard the word.


Siberia said...

Thanks for sharing a lollies story, I will treat is as the best advice ever