19 October 2009

reason #957 why I love the internet

Do you remember this photograph, taken in the depths of winter this year?

along the road

Soon after I put it up on flickr, a friend asked if she could paint it. (I said yes, very hurriedly).

Bringing the new day

My friend the artist (I love saying that) painted it, and then it went in an exhibition! You know, in a real gallery. With other paintings and pieces of glorious artworks, both by Michelle and other artists.

Yesterday I went to visit the painting and see it in the flesh, so to speak. It was quite thrilling to see it up on the wall - familiar, and yet not. *

My travelling companion (Son #1) had piked an hour before lift off so I had a rare day to myself. Quite lovely. I even went to the beach, which was cool and silvery and soft on this Spring day, with gentle plooshing waves instead of the blazing blue skies and crash and blast of summer.

sand in my shoes

It was quiet except for a few fishermen trying their luck.

tea tree blossom

Apparently when the tea tree is blossoming, the snapper will be biting, I overheard a fisherman tell his young son.

tea tree

I love tea trees and their twisted, gnarled ways. They remind me of the beachside suburb where I grew up - we used to make cubbies and hideouts in the tea tree between the road and beach and have all sorts of daring adventures. Until a local perve put paid to our innocent fun and we were banned from going there.


I watched the overlapping waves for a while and marvelled at how they reminded me of [knitted] lace. (Everything reminds me of lace at the moment. I even dreamt about silk lace the other night).


* If you want to catch this beautiful exhibition before it closes next Sunday, you can find it at Gallery 775 in Red Hill.


Rose Red said...

The painting is very cool. As is the photograph!

And I love your shoes!!

gis said...

Oh the beach! I live in the middle of the Po plain, and I'm missing the sea so much (even though I grew up at the feet of the Alps). I especially love your last photo, with sea grass in the wind, and grey skies.

The painting is different from the photo but captures the misty, fairy atmosphere...

Renee' said...

Oooh, it's like I went along with you. You have no idea how much I needed that, so thanks!

Mousy Brown said...

Those photo's are stunning - really beautiful, a moment of calm for me in a very busy day - Thank you!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How lovely to see someone else's take on one of your photos and I can see why she picked that one .
Meanwhile your seaside outing fills me with envy . Beautiful sand !

eurolush said...

How amazing...to see your photo come to life in a painting!

V. cool.

PS-So many of your photos are works of art...

freefalling said...

I'd never thought of the last bit of a wave as lace - but you're right - that IS what they look like!

librarygirl said...

That photo of the waving grass would make another beautiful painting.

k said...

how exciting! and love the rest of your photos in this post too.

blackbird said...

Those are wonderful photos - will you tell about the shoes?

Bells said...

Oh nice shoes! What are they?

To have a photo turned into a painting is quite an honour!

And I see knitted lace everywhere too. Snap!

Stacey said...

How lovely to have one of your pics turned into a painting. Such a shame it wasn't the photo of the yellow sock in progress. Now that's a painting I'd put on my wall.
I too love the twisted trees. There certainly are plenty of them in that suburb you lived in.

Uli said...

Nice shoes (you can see where my priorities lie).

Both the original photo and the painting are beautiful, not to mention the photos of the day. I especially love the last one.

Eleanor said...

Pure magic.

michelle said...

So glad you went Suse!

Thanks for allowing me to paint your photo, it was such fun for me and such a beautiful, inspiring photo.

Wish I'd been along for the ride, looks like you had a perfect day. :)