24 October 2009

saturday sunrise snaps

merry merry king of the bush is he

early morning sunlight

early morning sunlight

early morning sunrise

The morning light has been sublime lately.

Thanks for all your sweet words for Son #3 yesterday. Today's he's less vomitty but still fragile and now with a bonus headache, which I have as well. So he and I had a lovely quiet day today at home while the others went to the school spring fair. The kookaburras cackled all around us and our resident echidna toddled about blissfully ignoring us.

This evening they're all at the soccer match in town (Son #3 dosed up with paracetamol and a chuckbag close to hand), I've got Ishbel blocking on the floor beside me and I'm about to have a cup of tea and indulge in a movie.


Melody said...

What peaceful 'Australian' photos. Thank you for sharing.

Uli said...

Beautiful photos.

Love the kookaburra silhouette.

I'm glad #3 is feeling better, gastro is awful.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That bug sounds very unpleasant . But you can rely on a chap to brave it all when there's a match to watch !
Your photos are , as always , sublime . Thankyou !

Sue said...

Love the photos

Renee' said...

All the photos are amazing, but I really find the wooden chairback absolutely enchanting. Thanks!

Eleanor said...

Good morning! I hope both you and son #3 are feeling better this morning.

I'm beginning to collect a few photos for my living and dining room walls which have been bare for far too long. If they were on Etsy I'd purchase these on the spot, but they're not. So I'll email you asap.

E xxxx

peskypixies said...

I love the last pic...just gorgeous!
So glad DS is doing better.

cant wait to see your Ishbel!!!!

SharonH said...

Oh suse nothing worse than a vomitty thing.... I am glad to see he is on the mend... Beautiful photos!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, such lovely photos.
The second one, with the chair has an almost medieval feel.
In my maiden persona I would sit there.
Cough. If there was a Society for Creative Anachronism round these parts I'd be in. For sure.
Cheers, Susan Morgan

gis said...

What beautiful photos, I love especially the kookaboora silohuette and the fog in the hills!

eurolush said...

Those photos are divine. Glorious. Spectacular.

I bow to you, Photo Queen.

Quince and Quire said...

Your photos are gorgeous. I love the blog. So glad we found each other, electronically, of course!