16 December 2009

Advent :: Week 3

Advent :: Week 3

The third light of Advent,
it is the light of beasts.
The light of hope that we may see
In greatest and in least.

This week brought a couple of rather elderly looking sheep to the Advent table. These sheep were made years ago from a pair of old fluffy pilchers outgrown by the third and final baby and too knackered to be sent to the op shop. Each year the poor sheep get a little more splay-legged.

Son #3 ran to the lounge room this morning to see if the donkey had shown up yet. (He hasn't but he'll make an appearance any day now). It warms my heart to see the littlest boy still feels the magic - youngest children always seem to get the shortest childhood, don't they?


TheMadHouse said...

I think the sheep are wonderful

Tania said...

I only wish I had thought to morph the old fluffy pilchers into annual sheep appearances. What a waste!

LemonyRenee' said...

How very lovely.

Merry Christmas.

innercitygarden said...

While reading a Christmas story yesterday the lad here became completely obsessed by the wolf outside the stables. He kept interrupting the story to ask about the wolf, and I kept trying to explain that the wolf wasn't relevant, there's no wolf in the story and the illustrator has just done lots of different animals to show everyone turning up etc etc. "But what is the wolf going to doooo?"

So we read the book about the Human Body instead.

peskypixies said...

aww how sweet of No 3.

Karen said...

Beautiful. So enjoying spending Advent with you!

Tania said...

Gulp. Really? Please do throw me in to the mix – I'd be most chuffed to stare at those pics for a year (I confess to a somewhat dodgy habit of stalling the family on, say, May for eight months just because I like a pic).

victoria said...

I love the concept of the elderly sheep.
p.s. Stuff on every night is so full on isn't it?
p.p.s So impressed by your photos on the red bubble site. Love looking at them all as a collection.