21 December 2009

Advent :: Week 4

Advent :: week 4

The fourth light of Advent
it is the light of man.
The light of love, the light of thought,
to give and understand.

Our shepherd made his appearance last night and tonight I think Mary and Joseph might begin their journey.

We're in final count down mode here. Today I'm making the last two batches of fudge to package up prettily and deliver to neighbours and car-pool friends, there are drinks and nibbles on every night somewhere in the street this week, and I'm dragging out the suitcases and wondering how I'm going to fit in clothes as well as presents. Good thing we're going to Queensland where clothes are minimal and all you really need is bathers and sunscreen.

Yesterday morning began with the CFA truck tootling about the streets blowing its siren as Father Christmas leant out the window and threw lollies to all the kids. Living in the same street as the CFA station means our boys are some of the first to receive a hail of lollies, and if there are still some left an hour later when the truck has done the whole suburb, they get the leftovers too as the firefighters return to the station. Not bad.

Tonight there's another party with neighbours (the ones with a pool and spa, yay!) and tomorrow night I'm hoping that we can all get to the Botanic Gardens for this year's production of Midsummer Night's Dream. Then it's a long drive to drop off the dog at Greyhound Holiday Camp, followed by frenzied packing and a plane ride at sparrow's fart on Christmas Eve.

Happy Christmas or Hannukah to you all (I can't bring myself to say "Happy Holidays!" - it sounds so sterile to me) and thanks once again for a lovely year of comments and friendship. I'll see you in 2010!

PS. Congratulations to Bells whose name popped out of the random number generator last night. (60 bids for the calendar - wow!) Bells, a calendar is winging its way to you - I hope it brings you much pleasure next year.


katiecrackernuts said...

Lovely. The tree is up, but I haven't got the nativity out this year. I do love the nativity scene, but it's felt a bit rushed this Christmas. No time to appreciate it. I will get it out and sit a bit ... soon.
Have a safe, happy Christmas. I have so enjoyed your blog this year. Thank you.

Janet said...

Happy Christmas! I'm rather enjoying your advent this year (even more so than usual) - could it be that new camera and the ever increasing lusciousness of your photos?

Thank you for your blog (I do so love to see pea soup pop up in my reader) and friendship this year Have a safe and have lovely, relaxing trip up north too. See you in the new year.

Ooops, is that the time? must get back to late night jam slavery, I mean making..

Mary said...

Have a beautiful Christmas Suse with your family - I too have loved your blog so much this year and even more valuable is our friendship

safe travels


Stomper Girl said...

I've got tomorrow earmarked for shortbread making for my neighbours!

Happy Christmas Suse and to your lovely boys as well. It's been a joy reading your blog these past few years and also spending time in person. Hope you all get spoiled at Christmas, see you on the other side. Cx

Bells said...

hooray for me! Thank you!

And I agree totally about Happy Holidays. I dislike it immensely.

Safe travels to you and your family. Have a lovely break!

Eleanor said...

Merry Christmas dear Suse!!
Enjoy the break, spoil yourself, and re-energise for the coming year...because I plan to have much more fun with you!!
All my love, Eleanor xxxx

froginthepond said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Suse. I've enjoyed your beautiful blog and being able to meet you this year.

leslie said...

merry christmas, suse! hope you and your family have a lovely and relaxing time : )

Isabelle said...

Very happy Christmas to you and yours, dear Suse. I do enjoy your blog even though I shall probably never get round to knitting again.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Have a lovely time !!

MsCellania said...

I envy your WARM Christmas. It's colder than a witch's teat here. Snowing. I could use a pair of those lovely artichoke socks in cashmere.

MsCellania said...


pinry said...

your festive plans sound wonderful (if initially exhausing)! have a wonderful christmas and enjoy your break. i look forward to more fresh pea soup in the new year. pinry xxx

craftapalooza said...

how about festivus? happy festivus ;) have a great one suse. x

sueeeus said...

Merry Christmas to you! And a proper new year. (Was wondering what that means --heard it from an Irish man). --hopefully it's a GOOD meaning! Because I certainly mean well. I wish you and your fine boys the best. :) Thinking of you often. Love your calendar, btw.

Shammickite said...

Wishing you a happy Christmas and may 2010 be good to you and your family.

zephyr said...

Happy, Happy Christmas to you...and all the year through, dear Suse!
When you find a moment, there's a card for you over in the garden where i'm finally digging around again!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Christmas and best wishes to you, Suse!

Libby Buttons said...

Wishing you a season of CoMfOrt & jOy
LiBBy BuTTons