17 July 2010

once upon a time on a quiet saturday afternoon

quilt top with succulent

still quilting

I filled the bird feeder this morning and have been enjoying the rosellas and lorikeets all afternoon

someone dumped a whole lot of chick flicks at the op shop - they were 50c each so I bought a few. watched Notting Hill a couple of nights ago (there is a distinct lack of chemistry between Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in that film. the best thing about the film is Gina whatsit from The Forstye Saga who plays the friend in the wheelchair) and Sliding Doors last night. why had I not noticed how misogynist that film is? (Although, John Hannah ...yum). You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle are up next. sap sap sap, I know. then back to the op shop they will go.

14 July

more lemon curd. the limes have finally finished and our poor sickly lemon tree only has 3 marble-sized lemons on it so I was forced to purchase lemons, but oh it was worth it.

the boys are all hiding in their bedrooms lest I make them do more chores. this morning I put them to work hanging out washing, doing dishes, vacuuming, collecting firewood and so on while I baked fruit cake and a batch of heathen Anzac biscuits (ie. chocolate flavoured). now we have a clean house and a pantry full of afternoon tea goodies. it feels good.

I'm knitting socks for my father's birthday (which was last week). Yesterday was my brother's birthday, and this coming week features the mister's birthday. I don't think he'll be getting socks somehow


the dog is limping

everyone around me (friends, work colleagues) is off somewhere exciting it seems. new york, helsinki, fiji, greece, italy, london, darwin. I'd settle for a long weekend in Dubbo right now

I cut the youngest and eldest children's hair during the week. the middle child who is a bit precious sometimes, won't let me near his with a barge pole

Son #1 after a few teenage years of dark and gruesome indie rock, has rediscovered his love of Bach and has spent many a happy hour downloading sheet music to learn various sonatas and partitas, and then the music for his iPod. together with his rediscovery of the joys of being part of a soccer team this year, he is finally off the couch and engaging in life again

our interwebs have been slowed to dial up speed with two weeks of our month left to go. I guess my watching the film of Far from the Madding Crowd on YouTube (in many many seven minute snippets) contributed. er, my bad

I haven't touched the spinning wheel in weeks, and my aeolian shawl is in the naughty corner after I mastered the nupps (insert skip of joy here) but then discovered the next section requires five separate charts for each row of lace. five. five!

the strings teacher at the youngest's primary school is offering a Saturday afternoon beginner's group class for any parents who want to learn violin, viola or cello. I am so in that. as an aside, said teacher is also a sock knitter. it's meant to be, right?

I could ramble on a bit more but next door's crazy dalmatian puppy is rampaging around our back garden which means any minute three small frantic girls are going to come tumbling down our steps looking for her. our own dog is sleeping through all this (greyhounds not being known for their watchdog attributes) and is now actually snoring. loudly.


kt said...
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kt said...

what a delightful, jumbled up, comfy post! feels like I'm sitting there, laughing with you, reaching to grab the knife to slurp traces of lemon curd.


word verification is "pilting". haven't yet tried pilting; I don't think we have enough toothpicks in the house....(?)

The Coffee Lady said...

What kt said about delightful.

I do like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks films. But John Hannah is starting to look a bit odd, as he ages. With his face kind of on one side.

It's a great shame.

simplelife said...

Thank you for this wonderful, and very real post. It was just what I needed on this meloncholy Saturday evening. Yep I would be right there with you at the music lesson, very lucky.

cheers Kate

peskypixies said...

fabulous post............except about the limping.

katiecrackernuts said...

Ah, sounds like life is good at your house. Can you send your lot around to do the chores at my place?

flowerpress said...

what a sweet little dog!

Sarah said...

What a great post. I would be so into trying the strings class too.

peppermintpatcher said...

I just don't get "you've got mail." I fail to see anything in it that allowed me to engage with the characters at all.

I hope the dog resumes four legged walking soon.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, it DOES sound like a lovely afternoon -- maybe not quiet with the dogs and girls, but so very lovely indeed. Your quilt looks beautiful!

Badger said...

A succulent in a teacup. I want one.

Janet said...

your quilt is looking lovely. as is your dog. can't wait until the girl can be very useful around the house although I did get her to help (she even put some things she was tired off in the opshop basket - most impressed) while I cleaned her room today.
dialup - appalling, but at least you got to enjoy the maximum usage.

herhimnbryn said...

Such good, homely, comforting stuff.

alice c said...

If my son suddenly started downloading Bach partitas instead of Indie Rock there would be two problems (a) I would be mighty suspicious that he had been abducted and replaced (b) we would not have anything to talk about.

Stomper Girl said...

Everyone I know is going to Port Douglas. I NEVER get to go to Port Douglas.

Did your boys think to pull out their homework as a last line of defence against chores? Or did they merely skulk out of your direct line of sight?

travellersyarn said...

The downloading sheet music (and other music) might have also contributed to the shaping... We were also shaped over the weekend, and I got a lot more knitting done!

You really don't want a weekend in Dubbo!

victoria said...

The quilt!!! So good!!!!!

Jen said...

May favorite parts of Notting Hill were the hilarious roommmate with his tee shirts, and the interview with Horse and Hound magazine.