26 August 2010

Long time no blog.

Here, let me make it up to you with this tiny bouquet of daphne.

tiny daphne

I don't actually have anything of note to tell you, except for the goings on in my family.

These of late have featured:

a strings concert (Son #1 played violin beautifully in a string quartet);

a guitar concert (Son #1 played two [solo] pieces beautifully); and

two nights' worth of Twelfth Night pulled off by a bunch of exuberant and occasionally wildly talented fourteen year olds. Son #2, in a spectacular piece of typecasting (he is our token extrovert, inexplicably trapped in a family of introverts) played Sir Toby Belch, complete with a very impressive set of bushy muttonchops. His sword fight with Sebastian went on a trifle longer than expected due to the failure of Olivia to hear her cue, and the spectacle of two boys swinging swords at each other while simultaneously looking intently and meaningfully over their shoulders into the wings at the recalcitrant Olivia, was a sight to behold.

Son #3 hasn't done much I can tell you about except read voraciously, although hey what's new. Seriously, all our boys have gone through phases where you can barely prise a book out of their hands, but this child is unstoppable. He reads for hours and hours on end every single day. Currently he's re-reading the Harry Potter books for about the fourth time - he started last weekend and is on the fifth book already (which he picked up yesterday and is already halfway through, and you know how big the fifth book is). Edited to amend - I originally wrote Son #1 but it's the 11 year old who is the voracious reader at the moment.

What else? Oh yes, for those of you not of our shores, Australia had an election a week ago and we still have no idea, six days later, who will be running our country for the next three years. When it became clear a hung parliament was the outcome everyone was shocked and traumatised (and people such as myself were gobsmacked that Mr Rabbit actually got any votes because OMG how could anyone actually vote for someone who's blatantly sexist and racist not to mention a rabid twit ...) ... I wrote a huge ranty post about this a couple of days ago and deleted it, and do you know what? I'm feeling a whole lot calmer and more detached about things now; I am watching the two major parties' wooing of the independents with much amusement. It is passing extraordinary as the Tailor of Gloucester might say.

As for me, I'm kind of in limbo at the moment. I have spat the dummy with just about everything I'm knitting and haven't touched my needles in ages. I need to remedy this as Fathers Day approaches frighteningly fast, as do the arrival dates of several new babies over the next few months.

Bookwise, I have just read The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell and by golly you should too. Immediately. I haven't yet found a good replacement book so what with the lack of knitting and lack of reading and exhorbitant amounts of time watching my children on stage every evening and going to work and going to uni and driving children to soccer matches and parties and attempting to keep food in the house and a sore throat at bay, I've been busy but not actually achieving anything apart from half an hour's worth of weeding in the weak winter sunshine last Sunday.

And there endeth the blogpost.


Stomper Girl said...

I love daphne, so thanks for that. Is the Jacob de Zoet written by the guy who wrote Cloud Atlas? Or have I got my names mixed up?

The Coffee Lady said...

How wonderful to read like that when you're young. I am full of envy, both as a person and a parent.

We are a bit further on in our Hung Parliament Adventure here, and I am deleting rants on a daily basis.

Tania said...

Startlingly disappointed over the deletion of the Mr Rabbit rant - just goes to show I'm a lot less calm and detached as I thought.

Ali said...

Oh good, you're back! I got all interested in the political ins and outs when we got our hung parliament, but now, it all seems very much business as usual.

rachel said...

'busy but not actually achieving"?????? Dear me, woman, what else could you cram into your productive life?

Don't worry about your hung parliament; it all turns into farce eventually, just like our coalition is doing, and then you all get to vote again....

BabelBabe said...

Stomper - yes.
Suse - The Hunger Games. you're welcome.

herhimnbryn said...

Yes, you are bus.

Thankyou for the tiny bunch of daphne.....s'luffly.

Victoria said...

Thank you for the book recommendation! Oh how I miss those days of sitting, standing, eating, breathing with a book firmly in my hand! Medical school, sadly, no longer allows for such decadence. Now it is a stolen hour here or there when I am feeling irresponsible.

I'm bit shell shocked about the rise of Mr. A. also. I actually thought, well, that Gillard might be a stronger candidate than Rudd when it would come down to it. But then again, I also thought that no one would risk A. as a PM, ever, ever, ever. If he makes it, I guess I'm packing my bags, because as I dirty foreigner, I will not feel particularly welcome any longer.

Is it too early to think about Christmas knitting?

Homesteadgirl said...

You might enjoy "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" by Alan Bradley, if you haven't read it already...I adore the main character, a precocious, witty, and poison-and-chemistry-obsessed 11 year old girl...it's the first in a series but it's new to me! Fun read.

joke said...

I am deeply envious. I wish more countries had nobody running them. Just someone showing up once a week to give everything a slight dusting. (My ideal world is a cross between pure anarchy and a grandmothers' social club.)

Where was I going with this?

blackbird said...

Such news!
Your boys, the election - and the book. That very book was recommended to me, today, by an Art Director I know who has impeccable taste.
I suppose I'll HAVE to read it!

Kate said...

When you said that son #1 has not done much that you can tell us about, I pictured him getting up to all kinds of top-secret spy things that you were barred from blogging.

librarygirl said...

Your son sounds like a teen boy version of me!
Have Jacob on reerve at work - I am too cheap to buy many books.
Have just planted a daphne - hope this one lives!

Suse said...

Thanks for the book recommendations everyone.

Librarygirl, I put a copy on reserve the minute I heard it had been released, and got it quite quickly. Then the mister put it on hold too so we've had it here twice over. (I don't buy books either except from the op shop. Can't afford them at $35 a pop).

sueeeus said...

Is it lilac? You have such nice names for things! I love the smell. I used to have a lilac tree outside my window, growing up.

You say you're not achieving much, but my friend, you ARE!

You're amazing and fantastic. I so lurf you. :)

Suse said...

It's DAPHNE. Sheesh, pay attention.

(I lurv you too ;)


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Father's Day knitting ? Get the boys to do it this year . Then you can sink back down into your life of uninterrupted hedonistic leisure .

Suse said...

Smitonius (or is it Sonata?), you crack me up.

victoria said...

Strangely EVERY opshop I go into lately has a vase of daphne on the counter. It's wierd to smell that very wonderful smell mixed in with opshop smells.
Also, the last chai making photo is so beautiful.

Pom Pom said...

I'm so happy to hear that son #3 LOVES to read. I require my students to read thirty books per year and you'd think I was asking them to climb Mt. Everest.