13 August 2010

wine o'clock rambles

winter sunrise

Camping boy did return safe and sound eventually. They were delayed due to rain in the desert and the bus getting bogged so they spent the night in a Scout hall in some tiny unknown but clearly hospitable small town en route, arriving home at lunch time on Sunday. (They were told not to turn up to school on Monday, but to spend it showering and sleeping. Ours obeyed).

early morning mists

My subject this semester is a European cinema studies subject (I've run out of history subjects that don't bore me rigid fit in with my work schedule). Lots of Jean Renoir and Jacques Tati. I am enjoying it immensely needless to say. Please remind me I said that when I'm trying to juggle essay writing with work and life and holidays (yes) and laundry/bathroom renovations (yesss).

early winter morning

In a rush of blood to the head I have somehow booked myself two holidays. Outback camping with the family in the spring for a week, followed by a brief three days at home to download photos and catch up on my bloglines undertake lots of laundry and grovelling cooking and then a friend and I are heading off to Bali for five days to go to the Ubud Writers Festival.

Did you see how I so very maturely refrained from inserting an embarrassment of exclamation marks or juvenile Squees!? I'm saying them in my head, don't worry.

more sunrise shots from the back door

Son #1 has just completed what might possibly be the coolest Work Experience ever: a week at Triple R. He has had a ball, made a 40 minute radio show with the other work experience boy, eaten a lot of astronaut icecream (yeah, I don't know why either), met all sorts of amazing people and learned how to navigate Metlink's Journey Planner. (He punched in the addresses and announced faintly that the trip would involve a bus, train, bus, bus and tram. I stepped in, punched in the same addresses and narrowed it down to a mere one bus, train, then tram. Sheesh).

full moon

My father and my middle child are both performing in productions of Twelfth Night soon; almost simultaneously but in opposite ends of the country. Dad is playing Malvolio and Son #2 is Sir Toby Belch. (Dad was Sir Andrew Aguecheek in a production a decade or so ago, while Son #1 was Sebastian two years ago. This play is a recurring leitmotif in my life (I had to write an essay on it a few years ago, and also many decades ago while in high school) and I was hoping for some Beatrice and Benedick action this time, or even some Titania and Puck, but no luck.

the end of the rainbow

I see, clicking on the links in that previous para and getting all nostalgic like and in the interests of updating you all on essential life matters, that the cat was still alive then (well barely, what with the catching on fire bit), I still haven't finished the green vest or the granny blanket, that my boss and I have not been opshopping enough lately, and that two years on and at the tender age of sixteen, Sebastian and Viola are now Special Friends.

PS. BALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeee!


Frogdancer said...

I haven't finished my green vest either.

CCK said...

Ubud....aah, goosebumps all over. Lucky you!

gis said...

holidays: squeee, squeee and squeee!
Have fun, and continue to program beautiful things and book some more.

Apple Tree Dream said...

The maturity was lost on me as I added quite a large number of exclamation marks inside my head! :-) Enjoy and have tons of fun.

I have to admit that I never heard of Squee until today, but it's very fitting word.

zephyr said...

Ah, what that word conjures in my head. So excited for you/to read/see your report.

i commented on these spectacular photos over in flickr, fyi. just in case you didn't see. i forget what i said. i know i was enraptured.
hm. must correct myself.
they aren't really "spectacles"...no, far more full of wonder than that...i guess they are more heavenly stuff of dreams. What's the word that contains all that, i wonder?

zephyr aka vicki said...

Oh, yes, i see you did see my comment in flickr!
soon, i must pick a single name to use 'round the net neighborhood (now that it's not so scary as years ago when i first moved in)...feeling like a split personality

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Bali , sigh .... You are now envied web-wide !
By the way , I disagree that restraint is mature . It's surely teenagers who do the restrained-to-the-point-of-comatose bit ? Well , in adult company , anyway !
As your Shakespeare is Twelfth Night , mine is Midsummer Night's Dream , two daughters having been Puck and one wardrobing , each in a different country .
We could run a challenge to take an unstaged photo depicting a Shakespeare moment of your choice brought to life .A Flickr site .... Must think .....

k said...

bali??!!! sounds super exciting. love seeing the changing landscapes in this post - all so serene and beautiful.

Mary said...

Sublime photos - can't wait to see what you and your camera do with Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very excited for you about that bit of news..

peskypixies said...

how excitment!!!!!

Stomper Girl said...

ZOMG the 16yo has a GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!

shadygrey said...

Oh, Ubud, how wonderful for you! I was there last year, just before the writers festival, and I had the BEST TIME EVER...
I have finished the book you loaned me too, and enjoyed it, thank you. Will send it back this week via same courier service.

Tania said...

SQUEEEE! Indeed!

And no one has ever finished a granny blanket.

Sarah Louise said...

I will return and read this post, but for now, I will just say, wow. I keep forgetting about your views. So. Absolutely. Beautiful.


and i'm totally not kidding, my vw is redless (as in, I read less this time.)

katiecrackernuts said...

Shut. Up. You are not going to the Ubud Writers' Festival. Shut. Up. No, you Shut Up.

katiecrackernuts said...

Shut. Up.

softearthart said...

What beautiful photos, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

elizabeth said...

Amazing photos, wish I had your views. Four seasons in one day? And Ubud...we are all pea-green with envy I think.

Suse said...