24 September 2010

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the Show comes to town

Spinning and helter skeltering is going on a-plenty here.

There's been the ripping out of the hideous old chipboard and yolk yellow laminate laundry to make way for the installation of a new clean configuration of cupboards, shelves and drawers, complete with shiny taps that actually turn on (and off).

There's been the hurried purchase of tiles yesterday for collection today and installation next week, followed by the unpacking of the bathroom ready for it to be likewise transformed into something new and clean. O, royal blue laminate and faux [peeling] gold taps begone. Begone, I say!

There's been the traditional and vehement Cursing of the Tradesman who was supposed to phone on Wednesday turn up on Thursday no Friday ok Monday well 8.00 am Tuesday definitely promisetrulyswearpinkypromisedinkydi finally showing up at 10.15 am Tuesday. And as I type he is now two hours and ten minutes late for tonight's appointment in which we planned to go over some final bathroom related details.*

There's been the inventory of the family camping gear, ready for the upcoming outdoor desert experience.

There's been a spot of theatre (Bell Shakespeare's production of Twelfth Night, highly recommended and now on its way to Queensland for any readers up there).

There's been frenzied cello practise, both at the group lesson and a get together of the four of us after our teacher announced we will be performing at the school's Spring Fair in a few weeks time (having had a grand total of 8 lessons all up and not feeling terribly confident, and all) (oh and by the way I am totally the dunce of The Mighty Cellos, as the others can all read music and thus have a head start while my brain is still trying to compute what the little black dots mean and how that relates to the placement of my fingers on the cello - and being the dunce of a group is a confronting and uncomfortable experience I am discovering, no matter how understanding and supportive my fellow cellists are).

And there's been the cramming in of all sorts of errands and chores into my days off while simultaneously trying to give the boys some entertainment seeing as it's school holidays here. This means taking the car to be serviced at a garage that handily has a cinema two doors away, sending them in to watch a movie while I grab a haircut and do the grocery shopping before collecting kids and car and racing off to the next errand.

I tell you, my brain is spinning. And we're not even going to The Show this year. Just read about it from two years ago and pretend, ok?

(Photo is the next installment in my version of The Alice Project, and of course as is now revealed, is located at the Showgrounds).

* Ok, he's now two and a half hours late. Stoopid tradesman.


Di said...

Ahk- Hate unreliable tradesmen. Good luck with the current (hopefully short?) whirlwind of life (and the performance. Playing music in a group is such a rewarding experience).

Lynn said...

Just woke up...was heading down to breakfast...now too tired. Gah! Gah!

(Good luck with it all.)

Alby Mangroves said...

Slow the hell down lady, take a breath, make a cuppa, knit something, will ya? Jeez. It's like you're superhuman or something. And everyone knows tradespeople don't follow the general rules of the time/space continuum. If they did, I'm pretty sure the universe would implode with too many things all happening on time.

elizabeth said...

Alby is right, tradies are from another universe. Fncers are the worst, even other tradies look askance at them. BTW thanks for your comment, dunno blogging etiquette for thanks/reply so hope this will do!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Too exhausting . But if anyone can do it , you can . Just repeat Sleek And Stylish to yourself , mantra-like , till it's finished .
I do love that fairground shot . Your photos are always so crisp and the colours so true , and this one's particularly fabulous .

The Coffee Lady said...

I'm not going to tell you how long my Alice project lasted.

M said...

Glad to hear you liked twelfth night. We have tix for the Sydney shows. King Lear earlier in the year was DREARY. May be hard to get Firegazer back.

Julia said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I am intrigued by the fact that you are learning the cello. I played the violin when I was young and would love to take it up again.