5 October 2010

some more desert for you

Sturt Desert Pea
more desert peas because you liked them so much

more bearded dragons

Susan and Brendan, near Broken Hill

Sunset at the Sculpture Symposium, Broken Hill.
more sunset sculpture scenes areyouboredyet?

The Mad Max car
the vehicles from the 1979 film Mad Max, which was filmed out there (in Silverton)

stumpy tail lizard
on the road, a stumpy tail lizard with a deathwish. We saw lots of these, many of them flat

Church in Silverton
a church in Silverton. Silverton is now almost a ghost town but just scrapes a living from tourists and as a film set for (apart from Mad Max) tv commercials, films and American westerns

wide open road
wide open road. if you squint you can see a lone road sign far ahead. this was so exciting I had to take a photo

as we approached Silverton, a horse wandered out of the desert and crossed the road leisurely in front of us
just outside Silverton, this random horse (again with the deathwish) appeared out of nowhere and sauntered across the road in front of our car, which was more exciting than the road sign I tell you


more emus on the desert roads
this sight brought such great excitement that I had to stop the car and get out. Look! A bend in the road, a road sign and three emus, all together! I was quite overcome

Emu and nine chicks!
ack! our emu tally (41 by the end of the week) was significantly boosted by this once in a lifetime sighting of a male emu and his NINE chicks. I seriously haven't stopped talking about this to anyone who'll listen

decorated tree just outside Mutawintji National Park
just outside the entrance to our destination, the Mutawintji National Park, was a tree with stuff hanging from it. christmas baubles, a tv, a chair, a dvd player, a packet of mints

(closer look here)
decorated tree just outside the national park

Mutawintji National Park
into Mutawintji National Park

campsite at Mutawintji National Park
to find the perfect camping spot

River Redgum
close to the prime spot by the River Redgum but not so close that it drops it branches on us

Time to pitch the tent and get some sleep, for tomorrow we see some 80,000 year old rock art. Whoohoo!


ginevra / occasional glimpses said...

Loving the travelogue. And the emu chicks!

Koyuki Design said...

What amazing photos! Loved the one with the daddy emu and his chicks. So precious!

Badger said...

Someday I shall do a study of roadkill the world over. Around here it's all armadillos and white-tailed dear. Where I grew up, near the Great Lakes, it was toads and muskrats. But then our native lizards tend to be rather small.

I love times a million the emu chicks. And the long, flat roads.

peskypixies said...

I love the emu chicks!!!!

Kate said...

There was an emu just wandering down the road near here the other day but that male and the babies, oh my, no wonder you've been talking about it. I think I might too and I wansn't even there.

flowerpress said...

Yes, what Kate said, too sweet :-)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Suse -- your pictures are GORGEOUS! It looks like there was a TON of excitement out there in the desert. Love the picture of Papa Emu -- do they get mean and protective when their babies are around? And the tree is pretty funny -- it looks like a tornado went through and left the household goods hanging from the branches!

peppermintpatcher said...

Poor flat lizards, but more beautiful desert peas!

Shammickite said...

I wonder where Mama Enu was?
At the supermarket?

silverpebble said...

Emu babies emu babies emu babies! They have the same stripes as wild boar babies. Brilliant.

That fatty lizard is dead poisonous isn't it?

Genius pictures.

eurolush said...

Can't decide which is more adorable...the photo of the male emu and his nine chicks--OR--the photo of you and your husband. So difficult.

Amazing, amazing, amazing photos! I'm loving this.

blackbird said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen a tree with stuff hanging on it like that before...

Bec said...

Awesome photos!! Love the emu with his chicks, very cute!

Tracy said...

gorgeous! I haven't been to the outback since 1993. next trip I hope. this is a quickie - just sydney and wollongong to visit family. Thank for the welcome tho!

shula said...

Okay, the emu with the chick thing?

Is VERY impressive.

You can talk to me about that all you like.

froginthepond said...

Nope, not bored yet. I love the desert light.

Becky said...

It is one of the few areas of NSW I have not so much as driven through and I am itching to get out there. One day soon I hope :)

Stomper Girl said...

How did you know it was a male emu? Do they do all the childminding? (too lazy to look that up for myself)

They are a beautiful sight, those big chickies.

Also, I had no idea that desert peas were ground cover flowers, I thought they were a shrub. Your blog is so educational.

victoria said...

So so so cool. I love this post. Your trip is looking spectacular. My favorite things: the emu with his nine babies, the tree with hanging stuff, and the caption "WE ARE IN THE DESERT OMG"!

herhimnbryn said...

You and Mr Soup look very elegant

Jo Windmill said...

Oh you make me want to jump in the car and driiiiive!!
Feelin the spirit of the land from here!

fiveandtwo said...

I love the photos. Bring 'em on I say.

Stacey said...

My parents were in Silverton last week. I bet my Mum's pictures weren't nearly as good as yours.
Keep em coming, Suse!

kim at allconsuming said...

It was 1988 when I went to the outback and I can still remember the feeling of incredulity I had at seeing real life Sturt Desert Peas. Seeing them in that photo with your boys is just so memory inducing for me.

AND - it appears you were probably in Broken Hill at exactly the same time as my in-laws, who have just done Mungo NP, Menindi Lakes and Wilpena Pound.

kim at allconsuming said...

And they saw an emu with SIXTEEN chicks. SIXTEEN!

Elizabeth said...

What a great trip. I want to see the rest of the photos! I loved the stumpytail (@ silverpebble they are totally harmless) and the extraordinary colour of the Sturt's desert peas. The hands-down winner though is Emu Dad.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That was the next best thing to making the trip myself . Gorgeous photos , Thankyou !!
But I must know just one thing .... what did the road sign say ?

dillpickle said...

What a fantastic adventure! Those flowers (your timing must be impeccable)! Those emu chicks! The light! The dirt! I shall be adventuring vicariously through you for the next installments. Can't wait!

Kathy said...

WOW. I loved seeing all that!

judi said...

Emu Dad gets my vote for father of the year...great pics (and captions)
wonderful timing ....to see the flowering of the desert peas
we want more please!

BabelBabe said...

you and Mr Soup look like something out of a film. something akin to English patient (but happier).

also, those long-legged boys!!!

Shammickite said...

WOW I had no idea that daddy emus were so liberated.... or is it the mummy emus who are liberated? Thanks for enlightening me about emu family life.
Next time, I'm coming back as an emu.

Scarlett said...

What amazing photos!!

Serena said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. I enjoy your blog so much!

livyah said...

is that the real mad max car?