4 October 2010

wide brown land :: Broken Hill edition

I took 598 photos last week. Please to enjoy the first instalment. (Feel free to tune in again in a month if photos of red desert dust doesn't do it for you. We spent a week camping in the Outback, stopping for a day in Broken Hill first).

At a rest stop on the way

Broken Hill

Broken Hill
beautiful old buildings abound in Broken Hill's town centre

Sunset, Broken Hill
Sunset over Broken Hill, from the Miners' Memorial

Miners' Memorial at sunset, Broken Hill
The Miners' Memorial

Pro Hart's Rolls Royce
Pro Hart's rolls royce

Not Pro Hart's rolls royce

Bearded dragon

biggest ant hole in the world
Biggest ant hole ever

Sturt Desert Pea
Sturt's Desert Pea. I have approximately 352 photos of wildflowers. After a once in a lifetime wet winter this year, the desert is ablaze with wildflowers right now.

Sculpture Symposium, Broken Hill
At the Sculpture Symposium

Sculpture Symposium, Broken Hill
Sculpture Symposium again

sunset at the Sculpture Symposium
And again. The Sculpture Symposium was a month long sculpture festival (in 1993) atop a hill outside the town where a dozen or so artists from around the world were invited to camp and make a sculpture each. The result is breathtaking and quite moving when you read the stories around them.

Many, many more pictures here, and more being added over the next few days. I haven't even started to upload the camping pictures yet.


peppermintpatcher said...

I had decided that the first photo was so incredibly beautiful that it was my favourite, then I saw the desert pea. Oh how I wish I could see one in person. It's just stunning. Thank you.

The Coffee Lady said...

I tried to think of things to say, but 'beautiful' was the only thing I could come up with.

Maybe speechless.

frog said...

I so want to go back to Broken Hill. We were there 4 years ago but it rained for three of the four days we were. It stopped long enough for me to take an amazing number of photos of Silverton.

Bec said...

Wow that desert sweet pea is amazing! What a wonderful experience.

Shammickite said...

The wild flower, the desert pea, is like a creature from outer space... I've never seen anything like it! Not that i know what creatures from outer space look like.... just a fugure of speech, y'know.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely, lovely. So different from my own landscape of autumn trees and yet the colours are so similar.

flowerpress said...

I vote you post all 500 photos! Beautiful. I'm jealous, must do that one day.

Stomper Girl said...

What Tracey (Peppermint Patcher) said.

I love Pro Hart's Rolls Royce too. "Oh Meester Harrrt!"

Tania said...

Wow. Just wow. Post all you like, lady. But you may need one more shot: the ‘after’ shot of those very sparkle-arkle-y, white-toed sneakers.

Elizabeth said...

Superb photos. I loved Not-pro-hart's-rolls-royce.

kt said...

Oh! We had the Sturt's peas when we lived in Phoenix! Our wonderful Desert Botanical Garden had some at one of the annual plant sales.

Your lovely photo of them made my girlie smile as she remembers them fondly.